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I am so anxious to have this done. I have dreamt...

I am so anxious to have this done. I have dreamt of this for 20 years. I have always said that if I win the lottery my first phone call would be to a Plastic Surgeon! I have had 2 C-sections and they weren't that bad. So I am hoping that the recovery from this surgery is similar. Thankfully my husband is supportive.

Atlanta Plastic & wine

Watching Atlanta Plastic sipping on some Cabernet. Ugh! They show the incisions and lifting the skin up!!! I just can't watch that part!

Time is dragging!


My check in time was11:45 but the ps wasn't ready for me until 1:30! I was so thirsty! I never desired water so much! I have taken a nap and feel less groggy but when I get up to use the bathroom I still feel weak. I haven't been Ben looked yet! I want to see at least even with the binder. Maybe tomorrow!

Day 3

I got to shower today. Nice but tiring since I don't have a shower chair. Washed and conditioned my hair. Did 2 loads of laundry. Didn't take pics but so far so good. Tummy looks flat although I don't see a waist yet, I also don't see rolls. Yay!!

Day 5 post op

A lot of bruising from Lipo. Still tender to the touch. A little swollen. Standing pretty straight now.

Day 6 post op

First post op visit to my surgeon. Everything is healing well I knew protein was important for recovery but I didn't know that meant your drains too! So apparently 30-35grams of protein is not enough. I have to up my intake to 60. I am draining well but still draining too much. I don't know why I didn't realize they were so connected but they are. So protein here I come!!!!

Day 9 Post op

Last night around 12:30 am I woke to use the bathroom. I look down to see fresh blood. My left hip has opened in 2 spots and bleeding. I panicked. I packed gauze under the binder. Called surgeon first thing. He had me send pictures. He will see me first thing tomorrow morning. It has stopped bleeding and I am more calm. I just wish I knew how this happened. Don't know if I stretched in my sleep or because I sleep on my side or because I had started scar therapy already. It's frustrating not knowing because I have been doing so well.

Day 10 Post Op

My first day back to work. Not bad at all. I flashed them my drains and got tons of sympathy!! LOL I also had my follow up with my surgeon since the splitting of the scar this weekend. He says it happens. He said there is no damage. He cleaned it up and did some heavy duty sutures which will be removed in 10 days. He checked the rest of my incision and does not see any "weak" spots. He said this will not alter my result or the look of the scar. He reassured me that it was okay and reminded me that I have his personal cell phone number if something comes up again. I am very relieved!!!

Post Op Day 12

Remember when I was freaking out about my scar opening? Well now that is settled down and good, I HATE THESE DRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

PO Day 18

After the long weekend with a lot of out of town family that came to visit, returning to work is almost relaxing. I felt like I was overdoing it all weekend so I stayed home. It's good to listen to your body. I took 3 naps and still went to bed on time! All of that rest also helped my drainage output. So today I was able to have 1 drain pulled. It didn't hurt. Yay! Although as I lay there with my eyes squeezed shut, it was weird just knowing what the nurse was doing. I don't have the stomach for these things! I went right back to work. I can't wait to have the other drain pulled!

Post op day 20

Full day of work . A little swollen but still so much better than I was pre op! I might need a touch up on my back with Lipo but it's still soon. Even my back is better than before! Yay!

Day 23 post op

I found these 2 pieces that are comfortable and offer good compression. I am so sick of the binder plus the binder was not able to compress my hips. You can see that they are still swollen. Off to a wedding in a few hours!

Post Op Day 24

I email my doctor's assistant and ask her if I should be concerned about the fact that I was still draining 80 cc's per day. Also I wanted to know if he wanted to remove the stitches in case too much time had passed. We were all under the assumption that by last Friday or at the very least, today (monday) I would not be draining so much. He figured he would remove the drain and the stitches in the same visit. This is why I emailed her. He was in surgery and she said she would talk to him first thing this afternoon. She called me and said he wanted to see me at 4:00. Meanwhile I had discovered that the stitch holding the tube in place was gone and the tube was starting to slide out. I only figured that out after I noticed that the bulb would not stay compressed. So I push the tube back in and everything starts working again.

When i went to the doctor's office at 4:00, that's when I told the doctor about the tube sliding out. At that point he explained once it became dislodged, there runs a risk of getting an infection there. So the tube had to come out. YAY! I was concerned about developing a seroma but he told me to wear my binder - as tight as possible - for the next 3 days. And that the hole from the tube might leak for the next few days but that will be normal and just keep putting fresh gauze over the spot. He also removed the heavy duty stitches which I was glad about because they felt very stiff - almost wiry.

I thanked him and he left the room. As I was getting dressed, I realized I did not ask one more, very important question. So I stick my head out in the hall and holler "Doctor!" He comes back looking very worried. And I say, "when can I have sex again?" He laughed and said, "whenever you want but don't get crazy. And wait until tomorrow since I just pulled the tube today." Hallelujah!!!!!

Sunday Day 30 Post op

Well I had to have the 2nd drain removed on Monday since it had become dislodged and was now compromised. although I had hoped to avoid a Seroma, I knew that it was unlikely since my drain still had an output of 80 cc's per day. By Thursday evening, I confirmed that I had a Seroma by seeing the dreaded wave. Called my doctor's office on Friday morning and met with the nurse practitioner. She was great but apparently a little conservative in draining the Seroma. She got 170 cc's. My doctor wanted to see me today (Sunday) and check it out. I was ready for more drainage. He got 340 cc's! Yikes! I will see him again on Tuesday and hopefully the amount will be reduced compared today. So the lesson learned is that you cannot overdo it even though you feel good. Also, eat protein - LOTS of protein!! I initially took this advice lightly and now I have delayed my internal healing process. Just keeping it real...

Tuesday 32 Days PO

Had the Seroma drained today. 240 cc's. Less than Sunday but more than the doctor had hoped. I will go back Thursday. Meanwhile I ordered a compression garment that should be delivered today. I am thinking of wearing the binder on top of the CG to try and help close this pocket.

Day 34

Doctor drained 190 ccs from the Seroma today. It was less - yay! He also gave me a compression garment. I thought I would never get it on! yowser! we will see how this goes....

6 weeks + 4 days

Just an update on life with my crazy Seroma. I saw my doctor on Friday the 24th (6 weeks post op) and he drained 240 ccs. It had been 6 days since the last draining. That evening I went home and put on my second binder. I wore 2 binders all weekend and yesterday. I went in this morning (Tuesday) and he drained only 40 ccs! YAY! So wearing 2 binders (and having constant heartburn from the pressure) was worth it! I might see him again this Friday to see if there is anything to drain.

8 weeks!

It's been 8 weeks. Although I had my drains for 24 days, and developed a Seroma, I would do it again. But this time I wouldn't try to be Super Woman! That frame of mind is what slowed down my healing.

Last night I ordered a waist training corset from this website called Orchard Corset. They are very informative and have people to help you figure out which style will work best for your body type. I am not doing this to be like those people in the media who take it to extremes.

I have never been a true hourglass but I did have a waist. My tummy is nice and flat but I am not seeing a waist. That is what I am hoping for. Plus I had liposuction and those areas need a little nudging to shape up too. Besides I still feel the need for abdominal support and I am so sick of the binders!! I have bought multiple styles plus a bunch of spanx things. None of those are very comfortable nor did they help shape my new abdomen.

I am posting a pic taken tonight. You can tell I have some end of the day swelling but even in the morning I don't have a waist.

Lipo to the back

I originally thought I had back lipo when I got my tummy tuck. I was misinformed by one of his staff ( who is no longer working there now). I had asked about Back lipo and was told he automatically does it with a tuck. He lipos the flanks not the back. After much discussion, the doctor felt bad about the misunderstanding and is doing my back - tomorrow!! I am so excited and really hope he can work some miracles!

11 months later...

Well I am quite happy with the tummy tuck but I am beyond disgusted/disappointed with my lipo. Especially the back area. Some lipo was done the day of the TT. And then 4 months ago I went back just to have back lipo. And this is my final result! He says that's the best he can do GRRRRRR
Wichita Falls Plastic Surgeon

He was very nice and made me comfortable. His staff is so nice!

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