Post Op Week 5 - Before and After Pics! (TT (no MR) and lipo of flanks, hips, thighs inner and outer)

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I have had a "frowny face" belly button...

I have had a "frowny face" belly button since I can remember and I really dislike it. I also have a "bump" of fat that is above the belly button that does not go away regardless of my size. Since I have gotten older and controlled my weight with running and working out I have realized that I cannot change the shape of it and that bothers me. You can see it in all of my shirts and no matter how fit I am I look out of shape.

Its Tuesday and I had my pre-op appointment for my...

Its Tuesday and I had my pre-op appointment for my TT and Thigh lipo, scheduled for Friday, 13 April. (HA! Friday the 13th....geez, what was I thinking!) So I'm finally getting nervous about this whole thing and hope that I'm making the right decision. Everytime I get freaked out I just think about the stupid "bump" and my decision remains firm. I mostly get freaked out about being sedated. That really bothers me. I don't know that the pain is going to be all that bad....I had a hernia repair about 9 years ago and I remember being able to walk around fairly well at 4 days post op. I am only taking 10 days off of work so I hope that is enough....if not I'm sure my boss will let me take more....I just really don't want to. I told a co-worker about my surgery a few weeks ago and he stopped by my office today to tell me that I had a great body and that he didn't think I needed any work and that he just didn't want me to go into this thinking that I didn't already have a nice figure. That was sweet, it definitely made me feel good but also reassured me that Im doing this for me and not for anyone else. Getting a body that I feel comfortable with is the thing I want most.

I cannot wait any longer.....the anticipation is...

I cannot wait any longer.....the anticipation is killing me! I bought Arnica today. I forgot the Colace but will grab that tomorrow. Anything else I need to get?

Well my surgery is tomorrow morning and right now...

Well my surgery is tomorrow morning and right now I am supposed to be working but I can't concentrate. I just keep thinking about this tummy tuck and the lipo. My husband is getting home tonight....just in time to assist with everything. He is super excited for me and says that I have never sounded happier about a decision in my life. I hope he is right. I am starting to think that I should have spent more time in the gym over the last month or two but I have been very busy with work and kind of stopped going about 2 weeks ago. I know I can get right back into it but I am just feeling guilty. Oh well. Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

**Tonight I will post more before pictures and all of my measurements.

Breakdown of price is $6525 for the Tummy tuck and then I am paying $3055 for the lipo of the thighs (inner and outer). Total is $9580....gosh I hope it is worth it!!!!

Measurements as promised: Smallest part of...

Measurements as promised:

Smallest part of waist 32.5"
Umbilical 36.25"
Widest Hip 41"
Widest Around Thighs 39"
Individual Thighs 23.5" (each)

I cannot believe I am doing this tomorrow....I feel like backing out! I don't even care amount the money.....I am just concerned about the decision being right. My husband keeps reassuring me that I will be happy and that nerves are normal. I sure hope so. Lucky13 right!

Well it is Day 4 Post Op. I'm feeling fine. Mostly...

Well it is Day 4 Post Op. I'm feeling fine. Mostly deling with the emotions. I like the look of my stomach but then I think what have I done to myself? I don't know how to deal with these emotions. My husband just tells me to relax and in a few months I will be happy I did this. I truly hope that is the case. I will post pictures later today.

Ok so let me update how the last few days have...

Ok so let me update how the last few days have been:
PO Day 5 - I woke up and for the first time I actually felt decent! I was able to get up on my own and did feel a little hungry. I didn't sleep nearly as much today so I think things are finally looking up.
PO Day 6 - The hubster drove me 3.5 hours to see my doc today! I slept the whole way. The doc only removed the left drain and said the right one will come out in 4 days. (He told me that I have to have less than 30 cc's of fluid drained per day in order to have a drain removed. If he removes it too early then the fluid has to go somewhere and it will most likely fill in the pubic region until the body can reabsorb it. So I guess Monday will eventually come and I can get rid of that other drain and the BB stitches!)
PO Day 7 - My appetite is back with a vengeance!!!! I am also able to walk around pretty well. I think I will try leaving the house tomorrow. I am going stir crazy here.
PO Day 8 - I went to the mall today and got a complimentary scooter. I was able to buy shirts but there was no way that I could put on pants. Especially the ones that I need for work. But I did get 3 really nice work shirts. :) No worrying about what they will look like with my bump! - bc there is no bump.
PO Day 9 - I have to make the 3 hour drive today bc my doc appointment is tomorrow morning. Can't wait to get the other drain removed and my BB stitches out. I am finally finding peace with my decision to do the surgery. My husband says I look great and I am actually happy with the healing. The scar is still kind of scary but I know that it will fade and I am thankful to have no infections and no healing issues thus far.
Check out my new PICTURES!!! ***Big thank you to my husband who has been able to help me get through this process. His nursing abilities are great! I am so grateful.***

PO Day 10 - Had the other drain removed this...

PO Day 10 - Had the other drain removed this morning along with the stitches around my belly button. I am sooooo happy! I get to take a real shower today. I can actually walk around pretty well but my lower back is still killing me.

PO Day 11 - Went back to work today. I hate all the stupid questions and I can't hide from it because Im still hunched over and my steps are small. I feel pretty good though. Still taking Motrin regularly. And going out with friends tonight! Should be a great time.

PO Day 12 - Today wasn't so good at work. I had to drive to another city and along the way I had to slam the breaks to avoid an 80 yr old driver who crossed into my lane....from 75mph to a dead stop was hard on me. My stomach is now killing me...I think because the seatbelt pressed against me so hard and my lower back is on fire. I think I will go home early and rest.

PO Day 13 - Standing straight up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, the tiny milestones that change lives. Hopefully this weekend I can get out and do some shopping!

Post Op Day 15 - I feel great for the most part...

Post Op Day 15 - I feel great for the most part but I wake myself up multiple times during the night trying to flip over to sleep on my stomach. I have gotten to when I can put a pillow under my abdomen area and sleep on my stomach but every movement still wakes me up. Other than that I am excited that I can start going for long walks this week. I need to get back to exercising. Plus I have 11 lbs to lose. The goals never seem to end. Anyway, I took some pictues on Day 14 and wanted to show off the difference! I love my new body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and while trying on a new running outfit at the store I stepped out of the dressing room and the sales lady complimented me!!! Felt great! :)

PO Day 18 - I slept on my stomach last night...

PO Day 18 - I slept on my stomach last night without a pillow! I am still using my full body binder at night and spans during the day. Not the most comfortable things to be wearing in 100 degree heat but I want the best results possible so I'm going to put up with it. Everyday is truly better than the day before. I just hope that at 30 days my body is ready for a run because I miss the freedom of running!!!!! I need to get back to it....couch potatoe life is fun for about 5 mins or maybe an hour with a really good book. Lol. I'm already seeing the inches slim down. Can't wait to get to 3 mo post op to see the true results.

5 Weeks Post Op - I think things are going great. ...

5 Weeks Post Op - I think things are going great. I have not had any complications. I use mederma at least once a day but I try to use it twice a day. I heard about the scar gel stripes but Im not using them because my doctor said mederma is just as effective if you use it regularly and its easier to keep up with. I can't believe it has been 5 weeks already!!!! I'm actually going to hit the pool over Memorial Day weekend. Its sooooo exciting to be able to wear a bikini!!!!! I can't wait. Im posting some after pics in the same clothes as the before pics so you can see the difference -- they are from 4 weeks Post op.

Nearly 3 years post op

Getting the TT was still the best decision i have ever made. Hit me up if you have any questions.
Dr. Phillip J. Stephan

I had a great doc with a great staff. They have been so nice and helpful. They answered all my questions and took as much time with me as I needed. I never felt rushed with them.

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