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So excited to finally be taking this journey I...

So excited to finally be taking this journey I have been thinking about it for a long time, my breast size has been one of the only things I have ever complained about my body. I have my initial consultation with Dr.Conrad in Wichita Kansas on sept 4th, can't hardly wait!! I will have a rather long wait after my consult I have to wait till November till I have enough vacation again ???????? wish I could do it right away but good things come to those that wait, right? I posted some pics of me before I have anything done and some wish pics any input would be help and much appreciated


So I could use some advise on how all you ladies broke the news to your families (ie: parents, in-laws etc) I have really religious in laws and I'm not quite sure how to tell them that I am going to be going in for this operation. I don't want them to look down on me for doing this but I am also going to have to tell them at some point. My family should be no big deal my mom had one done back in the early 90's so I don't think that will be a problem just envious about telling them. Any advice ?

Rice sizer fun!!

Made so rice dozers last night to play around and see how they looked. The hubby and I really had fun doing it I think it has got him really excited about me having it done. We tried the 400cc first, they were okay but I can get that with my vs bombshell bra we decided if we were gonna spent the money we might as well go big or go home so to speak. So the next size we did was 520cc they were closer to what I'm looking for I think. Sorry if they look lopsided lol it's hard to get the rice to form just right. I did wear the 520cc around the house a big last night, they didn't feel awkward or in the way or anything. I think they would work good. I'll just have to see how big he'll let me go once we go to the consult.

Consultation done!!

Went and had my consultation on Friday September 4th and met with Dr. Conrad and his staff. They were all very nice and very helpful. My blood pressure was a little high but Angie the patient coordinator said that was normal most people are a little nervous lol first off his office is really nice and in a very nice area, the staff was all helpful and friendly. I only had to wait in the waiting room a few minutes ( I was the 8am appt) went to an exam room Angie went over my medical history info, if you went online and entered in your history ahead of time they waived the consultation fee. Then the doctor comes in and meets with you goes over history more in depth and explains about the process. They then leave the room and I had to change into a paper top, the doctor and Angie come back in take some measurements do a breast exam. Doctor leaves Angie to take pictures and varies angles, she leaves and I can get dressed again. Doctor comes back in and says that I am an excellent candidate for augmentation YAY!! then he went over all kinds of other information about the implants the surgery the recovery you name it he went over it. When I left I didn't have any questions he had answered them all. Although I did come up with a few when I got home I've been writing them down so I remember to ask them. All in all appt was good put down my deposit and scheduled my surgery for November 19th super excited. I have to get my blood work down the last week of October and then pre op appt on November 6th. I can hardly wait it can't get here soon enough at this point.

Waiting is killing me

So I have been and had my consultation and now I'm still 45 days out from surgery. My pre-op appt is on Nov. 6th and at this point it can't get here fast enough. I'm all but $775 away from being paid in full and the only thing keeping me from scheduling sooner is lack of vacation time at work :( Been looking through pics that doctor asked me to look through and it's getting me pumped to get it done. Surgery is scheduled for Nov. 19th so I'll have a couple extra days off from work due to the holiday...but going to have to avoid family that doesn't know lol which might be hard to do with the holiday. I posted a pic of what I think I want 385cc

Boobies paid off!!

Just called and made my final payment today. I am getting super excited I'm down to 37 days now, but the nerves are starting to set in also. Am I making the right choice, am I gonna like them, are they gonna be to big, to small, will I have any complications. I'm sure it's the typical thing that everyone goes through during this process. I more or less feel a bit guilty about spending so much on just me i wish my surgery was closer so I'd quit dwelling on it. Hurry up November.

OMG 25 days till!!

Nervousness is really starting to set in, I've only got 25 days left till surgery date. I think i have gotten everything rounded up that I am gonna need except whatever he tells me I need when I voting pre op on Nov 6 th. I have to go have my blood work done sometime next week, wish me luck because I hate needles

Ready for pre op

I have my preppy appt first thing 8 am in the morning and it is currently midnight and I can't sleep. My dad got admitted to the ICU unit last week and I'm taking my turn staying with him tonight to give my mom a break. I haven't even really had a chance to be excited the closer it has gotten because I've been so worried about my dad but it has made the time fly by. My husband really wanted to go to my appt with me in the morning but because I am staying at the hospital tonight he's not going to get to???? So I guess it's all up to me to pick out the size and such....hope I make the right choice. Now to try to get some rest with all these beepers and people and lights and such going on. Everyone wish me luck

Pre op done!!

Went to my pre op appt this morning with dr. Conrad everything went really smoothly I am getting 400cc round smooth implants. Should I worry that this will be too big? He determined the size by my measurements and wish pics. All his before and after pics look fantastic so I should probably trust his judgement. He didn't want to go any larger due to the lack of breast tissue that I have, which is fine cuz I still want them to look nice when they are done. Should end up at a D cup maybe a little larger he wasn't sure what final cup size would be. But I think I am happy that was right I the size range I was thinking about when I was looking at pictures. Have to go by in a bit to pick up my prescriptions some Celebrex and some sort of compounded cream for nausea but that's it no pain meds...800 mg ibuprofen every 4 hrs for 5 days if needed or not to reduce inflammation and for pain relief. Surgery is scheduled at 8 am I have to be there at 7 am and wash with a special soap before I go.But I was told I will be doing arm exercises before I leave the surgery center and can go home take a 2 hr nap no longer then get up and eat something and shower. So now I just have to wait for another 14 days ????

T-minus 34 hrs 19mins!!!!

I am a mess I'm not sure weather to be excited or nervous or both! With health issues going on with my dad I haven't really had time to think about it much which is probably a good thing. I would have driven myself nuts. We are almost down to the final 24 hrs!! I have gotten the house cleaned, gone grocery shopping, reviewed my instructions from the doctor, gotten together my pillows, blanket, bucket ( in case I get sick on the way home), and meds to take with me ( they prescribed Celebrex)for the morning of surgery. All that is gathered up to take to the car tomorrow night for in the morning, we have to leave our house at 6 am as we live an hour away, hopefully the ride home won't be to brutal. Surgery is at 8 am but we have to be there an hour beforehand. I am uploading some before pics so I have them to compare the same tops after ????

1 more sleep!!

One more sleep is all I have to wait now!! I already got the call confirming my surgery time for in the morning...can't wait. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. I'll see you all in the morning??????????????

I have crossed to the other side ( . )( . )????

Went in at 7:15 this morning and was in surgery by 8:08am. It took me an hour and 15 mins to wake up after the surgery. When I woke up they gave me some water and applesauce to eat and let my husband come back. I got sick once there they gave me more anti nauesa medication and then once again on the way out to the car and they gave me more anti nausea meds. Once in the car e had about a 45 min ride home and I slept the whole ride home. Since I hadn't woken up from the anesthesia as soon as they had liked I only got to take an hour nap once I arrived home. Once I woke up from my nap I drank something with sugar ( they suggested Coke or Sprite) and ate something, then took 800mg of Motrin. I then was told to take a 20 min shower to loosen the muscles and then did my arm stretches, I supposed to reach above my head and touch the backs of my hands together 5 times every hour that I'm awake. I will admit that these are moderately uncomfortable but not unbearable. Everyone at the surgery center was awesome and dr Conrad did an exceptional job!! So far I am excited to see were they end up on their finally journey once they D & F ???? But right now I am in love with them ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I will post pics later tonight or tomorrow

Post op pics day 2!!

So it is day 2, and I had heard a lot of people in here say that day 2 is the worst but so far not too bad. I've had some breakfast took more Motrin and had a shower did my makeup and hair, I'm a little worn out but we are going to go out for a bit and then I allowed a small nap. All in all not a bad day so far...I took a few pre op pics that i am posting so all you lovely ladies can see the transformation. One is in the mereana surgical bra that I was provided when I left surgery. It's okay but it is running in some weird spots, I have to wear it for a week till my post op appt, then I'm released to wear a sports bra or anything without underwire and no push up for 6 weeks. I know that this site helped me a bunch and answered a ton of questions about the procedure itself and what questions I needed to be asking. So i wanted to follow through in case someone else needs Aguilar or has questions I might be able to answer

Day 3 post op photos

Just some day 3 photos, I can already tell the swelling is going down some I'm able to do a few things I couldn't do yesterday, like button my jeans lol took some pics in swimsuit tops that I had taken before pics in for comparison...prolly gonna have to get a few bigger tops lol

Squishy noises when I am doing my arm exercises

How long will the squishy noise last? I know that there can be air in there causing the noise, just not sure how long it's supposed to last? It's kinda weird when I do my exercises. Any input would be appreciated.

Squishy noises gone?

Today I was doing my arm exercises and the squishy noise seems to have disappeared? Weird that it's just gone like that, but relieved at the same time, it was kinda freaking me out a bit lol

Merry Christmas ?????????

Hopefully all you ladies have had a wonderful Christmas. Just poring an update with some pics. It is amazing how much they have changed in just a few weeks. I have my 6 week post op appt on1/4 and then I can start to wear an actual bra again yay. Really looking forward to that its really hard to find something nice to wear during the holiday and having to wear a sports bra. I did get a bra and it's a 34 D never in my life thought I would be wearing that size ????
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Conrad and his staff were beyond amazing!! Their bedside manner is awesome I had some trouble waking up from anesthesia but they were great and made sure that I was okay before I left they didn't try to rush me out. They have called several times to check in on me. All and all a great experience, plus he delivered beautiful results!!!

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