29Yrs Old with 7 Children Much Need TT (Mommy Makeover in the Making) - Aventura, FL

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Well where do I start, I am 29yrs with 7 children....

Well where do I start, I am 29yrs with 7 children. I have been researching Tummy Tucks, breast aug/lifts, BBLs thoroughly for about 3.5yrs now. I am finally scheduled for a TT in Aventura Fl with DR. Salama in Jan of 2015. The surgery is almost paid for just have 600 left to pay, then the rental home for 10days, gas, food, etc. I am in search of a rental place for about 2weeks and we are driving down there and back, much cheaper. Plan on taking kids to DW while I am there a day or so before surgery so that they can enjoy fl too. I don't want to be away from them too long so we decided to make a vacation out of it. I will be going back to fl in July of 2015 for my BBL surgery and we will make another Vacation out of it for the kiddos too, plan on swimming with the dolphins before the BBL surgery in July. Anyways, I have been fighting with the selfish vain issues with myself and husband. he is supportive don't get my wrong he is very supportive but he thinks sometimes that I might be a little vain and selfish. Perhaps I am, I am entitled to be a little selfish FINALLY after taking care of all those kids and him, now its my turn. I am scared of the procedure and going under big time! I have crazy dreams, I die during and I have had one that I made it out but ended up with a clot that traveled to my lungs and I was crying that it wasn't worth dying over and leaving my kids with no mother , that one got to me big time. I hope all goes well with the travel, recovery, and surgery.

Changed my Date

HI everyone,
I was originally scheduled for Jan 13th of 2015 for my TT but I did reschedule it to FEB 10 of 2015 only a month later.i had to I was having trouble finding a place for 13nights, they are booked! so I had to change it which would work out great cuz of TAXES!!!! so this should be fun and more exciting without pinching too many pennies!!! Its still on!! I will post some before pics around October of this year before my surgery.

Pre op Pics

I decided to post the pre op pics. I am currently still losing weight from my 7th child that I had (9months ago) I currently still have a thyroid issue due to my body trying to get back to normal but it does make it harder.. Also pics were taken while on my period so I get extremely bloated and I always seem to gain 10lbs every time my friend comes. Anyways, sorry about the dirty mirror I have 7 kiddos and a husband and it gets dirty at least 5 Times a day. It took me a lot to post these pics. Still a work in progress I work out 5-6days a week.

Wish Pics

I wanted to post some wish pics of Tummy and a couple with boob wish pics. I am posting a pic of what I look like from behind now. I think I look great lying down from behind but the front has got to go! lol! Surgery is set for Feb 10th 2015 in Aventura Fl with Dr. Salama for my TT, August 20th 2015 for my BBL which I will post some wish pics of the booty when it comes time for that.

plastic surgery simulator

I wanted to post a butt pic/tt of a plastic surgery simulator on my ipad of myself. This is what I could look like with a TT and a BBL getting done,

boob wish pics

just boob wish pic

More wish pics of booties mainly but 1 with some boobs

Just wanted to add some more wish pics to my profile of some booties and one of boobies.

Wish pic of booty

another wish pic of a booty.

some more wish pics of boobs

posting more boob pics that I like

After surgery hiw many post op appt is needed???Vacation rentals Ahhh

I have been searching and inquiring for vacation rentals in and around the area if aventura and urs slim pickings. I had found 2 really good prices houses and when I went to reserve the price sky rocketed on one and another lied about it not being available any longer come to find out he just didn't want to give ur to me at the price agreed upon. So I'm on the verge of looking some more. I have been Thinking of getting one by Orlando which is a 3 some hour drive and with a TT I'm not do sure but it might be my last resort. Does anyone know how often salama likes to see his PT after surgery??? Thanks

The day is coming soon, lbs are not coming off

hi ladies,
I hope all is well.my surgery day is soon approaching and I am having difficulty losing these last 28lbs for surgery. My thyroid is extremely bad, my hair is falling out hair is so thin, I lost feeling in two of my toes (not sure why yet). so I figured I should by some B vitamins to help regulate the thyroid naturally and go on a all natural food base plan, I am not for thyroid meds just yet. I seriously want to try the natural remedies first. I am starting all this tomorrow and ill give it about a month to see if any progress has been made. I hope so , I would hate to go into surgery with a thyroid issue. ill post more pre op pics ill try to do some fully naked to give everyone a jist of what I am working with here lol. Good luck and prayers be with ones going into surgery and the ones healing from surgery.

Before pics

I had taken more pics of the sides front And back. Lost 11.3 lbs so I thought shit why not take some more pre op pics. Then I become Debbie the downer, oh boy this body looks so bad. I'm extremely active but just can't seem to loose those saddle bags, "back boobs", jiggly thighs, that tummy isn't going anywhere with loose muscles, no matter how much I workout. But nonetheless here they r.

Well here are some before pics...7weeks 4days til SURGERY!

I tried to do this once before via cell phone with before naked pics of myself( for one off my period) but it appears that they didn't upload and I actually deleted them from my phone after uploading( I just realized today they didn't upload) . However, I had found some pics I had taken on a "skinny" day. Count down is on and I'm obviously nervous, scared, and excited! I just pray that everything goes well and I make it out ALIVE!

dreams about surgery

Starting to have more and more dreams about surgery, the more I dream the more I get freaked out!
I have a tendency to get in my own head and freak me out. I am excited about this journey in mylife, still having mega issues with losing the 29lbs(now it was 21) I keep losing and gaining the same 10lbs for the last 6months. I have no idea what else to do, in the past I would just stop eating and I would lose mega lbs but that's not healthy. I am trying to lose it the healthy way not resort back to my unhealthy ways of dropping weight fast. nervous, scared, excited, happy,etc. I have a lot of emotions going through me at this point in time. I just gotta make sure I keep my juevos for surgery time. Well to all the ladies going in good luck and may prayers be with you! happy recovery!

Waiting on my pkg from Dr. Salama's Office

So I received my call from Dr. Salama's office from a Zuny about my surgery, just going over a few things. I still have no place to hold up for the 2 weeks that I am supposed to be there for. And still owe 600 left on my surgery, which I was supposed to pay with this last check but of course my job messed that up and now I have no idea when they are correcting that pay. I have to have the 600 paid 3 weeks b4 surgery day! Plus I was just accepted for a job in the hospital , awesome opportunity but afraid to ask for those 2 weeks for surgery, I did let the hiring manager know about my feb surgery, she had said that was not a problem. Just seems as if a lot of the signs point not to do this right now. I have been waiting on my bonus and we were told that bonuses would be given out until the end of feb which sucks cuz I was going to use that money for the damn trip, now I have no idea. I did email Cynthia about changing for a march apt but have not heard anything yet, ill email once again to her tomorrow morning to see what magic she can work out for me. Maybe this is just a sign not to do this, perhaps its just my way of making excuses lol... I am looking forward to this surgery in hopes everything goes well of course. ill update again once I hear something back from miss Cynthia.

Surgery was changed yet again

Hello ladies,
I hope all is well. Originally my surgery for my TT was going to be in Feb but taxes took forever to come so I had to change my date. So I changed my date to June 17th. But since AlOT has happened since I changed my date. Became unemployed, had to move still homeless and jobless at the moment. Currently living off of my taxes. I'm hoping something comes up for my husband and I soon. I have had a few job offers but I can't just accept anything. It has to be a good fit( pay, hours, type of employment) job hopping is not good, so I am trying to minimize that as much as possible. My husband had interviewed with Kraft just waiting for an offer of compensation. He technically has a note รป job but that new position he was hired for has not started yet. We have interviews the rest of this week in FL( I'm hoping he gets the one being a marine biologist data entry specialist that one pays the best) I have 2 this week as well and one of which I really want ( OBGYN facility) I'm staying positive and hoping for the best! A lot of things are in the air right now , something's gotta give, right? They say everything happens for a reason, let just hope that reasoning is for something bigger and better than what we had. Before we were barely making it, I was working 3 jobs husband was looking for work for almost a year( around the area we were, really racist place) while he was attending college to obtain his degree, I had put my degree on hold to let him get his. Which I actually have to go back this fall., just depends which college. Anyways, staying positive and focused is key. I hope y'all are doing great! Next time I get on too update it will be a super positive one!

Good news!

Hello ladies, i hope this finds everyone doing well. My husband and i have received some good news today, he got the job as the marine biologist data entry specialist. Hooray!!!! This job is located in Fort Lauderdale, so now the other task is finding a place to live. So we still are camping out in the car and occasionally the campground (but that gets expensive just for camping). We are searching in the Ft Lauderdale area, Hollywood, and Miami areas, but we have had no luck in that as of yet. So if we find a place to live then my surgery is still on! Fingers Crossed!

Tca peel 12.5% please help!!!

I did a peel on Friday at home on Sunday evening my neck started to breakout in a rash. I took some benedryl and anti itch cream. I keep anti bacteriL cream and aquaphor on to keep it moist. Yesterday was more red patches on my face that r itchy. So I too my allergy medicine and topical creams. This morning I woke up with my face swollen ! The skin in warn/hot to touch and bumpy red. Has anyone else had this happen? In at the er now waiting to be seen. I've been icing my face , maybe that's y it feels a little burning . That and it's dry

Adding a wish pic

I just wanted to update with anoher wish pic of boobs not the waist. I think her breast look amazing from this view , And I thought, " I would love to have mine look that way". I've been struggling with my weight yet again. I've bene knocking it out at the gym 6 days a week hard core. I'm hoping when I weigh in I would at least lose 10lbs. I'm trying to loose at least 30lbs before surgery. If I can't then I have to reschedule yet again. I've been debating if I should get saddlebag lipo( outer thigh) or inner thigh lipo with the tummy tuck. I've been on this site for 4yrs, 3 of which were researching docotrs and profiles. And I have to say this site is not what it used to be, that is very disappointing . Hope all is well with the ones going in and the ones in recovery.
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