Botox Administered Badly Can Ruin Your Day

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I opted for Botox because it is relatively...

I opted for Botox because it is relatively inexpensive, non-invasive and the results are immediate.

Although I like the injector's aesthetics -- I also had Perlane injection and am largely happy with the results -- I feel that she was less than honest in describing both products and their effects.

Ok, I made a mistake.If you read this, and you are...

Ok, I made a mistake.

If you read this, and you are smarter than I am, maybe you won't end up writing a review like this one. I did very little research before deciding to get injectibles. I didn't read through the bulletin boards. I simply trusted my esthetician and, because I didn't take the responsibility to educate myself, I didn't really know what to expect.

I had Botox injections administered by an RN who works in my esthetician's office. I had seen the results of her work, felt that her aesthetics  were in keeping with mine and she had extensive experience. I did not originally intend to get Botox but during the consultation, she said that Botox injections were the best product for the lines in my forehead and between my eyes. I knew that there were Botox horror stories out there but didn't really think anything bad would happen to me. I trusted her. It  was relatively inexpensive, virtually painfree, the results would appear in a day or two. Well, you know the punchline: She injected too close to my eyes. My forehead is frozen in time (BTW: it looks great) and my brows have dropped to somewhere around my knees. And like so many others on this chatboard, I'm whining now because I can't enjoy the beneficial results of the procedure because I look like a Neandrathal.

Now that I see what is actually involved and what can happen, I have decided that I would be happier seeing a reputable Certified Plastic Surgeon with a more extensive training in anatomy for all future appointments of this nature. Ialso intend to read everything I can find on this board about any cosmetic procedure so that I can make an informed choice about whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

I recently had my first experience with Botox, which was administered by an RN, and my eyebrows have dropped. Having gained a very quick education, I will go to reputable plastic surgeon in the future.

The RN is unaware that I have had a problem. If the eyebrow drop can be reduced by injecting the antagonistic muscle, should I approach her for a correction or is this better left to the doctor?

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