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Called Dr. Eric Pugash the first week of 2016....

Called Dr. Eric Pugash the first week of 2016. Initially they told me that they were fully booked till the end of this year. I told them if they had any cancellations, to give me a call (I'm from Toronto, only here for a few months). Had my consultation on Jan. 18th, my Pre-Op and booked my surgery date the same day. I am going with 400 cc HP, I initially chose 375cc but I don't want to regret it later wishing i had gone bigger.

I am super nervous. I'm flying back to Toronto to see my family for the Holidays, and Ill be back a couple days before surgery.

Pre Op, couple more days :D

Only a couple days left till my big day! Overall, I'm pretty excited.. I'm just packing/getting ready to leave tomorrow night and fly back to Van. It's pretty cold over here.. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning for my breasts, to make sure everything is A okay.

Today is the day! :D

It is currently 9:27am, laying in bed before I get ready to leave.. Have to be at the hospital around 1:30pm, surgery is at 3pm. As far as my sleep, I slept like a baby. I know most people have a hard time sleeping the night before. The trick is, not to think about it.. At this moment, I'm okay (emotionally/mentally). It probably won't hit me until I'm parking outside the hospital.

Will keep you guys updated.

Day of Surgery / Day One Post Op

Day of Surgery

We arrived at False Creek Health Care/Surgical Centre at 1PM, signed in and waited. Then the nurse came in (I believe her name was Helen), brought me into the waiting room. She asked me a few questions (if i ate, drank or smoke that day). I've been trying to quit smoking for the last few months (smoker since the age of 12), but after the surgery I haven't been getting any cravings. She told me to undress and gave me medicine. She reassured me that I'm in good hands, no one has ever waken up during the procedure. She left me in the room, waiting for Dr. Pugash to come in. He drew me up, and went over a few things with me. I should shower with surgical soap up until I heal properly, not to get the bandages went, or peel it off until the fifth day. I originally chose 375cc, my initial pre-op appointment. I later called in, told them that I wanted 400cc. Dr. Pugash said he will not go more than 400cc on me. I had to sign and date the paper, where it said I changed my implant size. The anesthesiologist came in (I forgot his name as well, I'm terrible at names) and took me step by step. Funny guy, made me laugh and put me at ease. He left the room, the nurse finally came and got me. It's TIME! First thing as I walked in, I noticed how cold the room was. Two other nurses were shocked how tiny I was (I'm 5'2, 105 pound). That didn't make me feel any better, I've been trying to gain weight for the last 7 years (no luck). As I'm laying on the operating table, the anesthesiologist and the nurse (Helen) were preparing me for surgery. Putting the IV in me, wrapping me up, put a blanket on top of me. Dr. Pugash walked in, the nurse was holding the gas mask on me. Told me to take three deep breaths, that's the last thing I remembered. Woke up around 4:45PM (surgery was at 3PM), I didn't feel any pain. I looked down I couldn't believe it, I have BOOBS! Words can't describe how ecstatic I am to finally have breasts. Helen was very nice, took care of me before and after surgery. She made sure I was comfortable and made sure I had everything. I was able to walk myself to the washroom, take a quick sneak peek at them. I was waiting for my boyfriend to come pick me up, (his truck got towed). He arrived around 5:30, I walked myself to the parking garage. I know most patients leave the center in a wheelchair, not me I was able to walk. I wanted to run around, I don't know how high the doses they gave me but I felt like I was on top of the world (lol). The drive was about an hour and fifteen minutes, wasn't the most comfortable ride. When I got home I took my antibiotics. Had oatmeal and chicken noodle soup, babe made me. The pain killers that the clinic gave me started to wear off, so I took the ones he prescribed me. I drank about 3 litres of water and 1 can of ginger ale last night. I hung out with my boyfriend for a couple of hours. I took my antibiotic and anti-inflammatory pills and put frozen peas on my girls for about 20-30 minutes. I fell asleep around 12:30AM, woke up at 4AM. Went to the washroom, took my surgical bra off to take a peek. My left breast is in so much pain, have a lump between my breast and my armpit. Right breast, the insicion bled a little you can see it on the bandages. Both sides have minimal bruising and ripples? The gap is raised off the chest wall, messaged a couple patients of his and they said they experienced the same thing and not to worry. Not sure if it's normal. I'm scared that I might have seroma, hermatoma, capsular contracture or symmastia. I was freaking out so I decided I called Dr. Pugash at 6AM. He said not to worry that it is completely normal. I went back to bed.

Day 1 Post Op

I Woke up at 8:30, took my antibiotics. The pressure and tightness is uncomfortable, it's a little painful to get on and off the recliner (that's where I slept last night). My boyfriend made me breakfast, and off to work. I am stuck at home alone with our cat George. Today the pain is 7/10, I took my painkillers and hoping that it's going to kick in soon. I feel like they're going to explode. Well I'm going to finish my breakfast and watch TV. Will keep you guys posted on my recovery!

Day Two Post Op

Slept on the couch (recliner) again. Woke up with mild pain and discomfort, today is definitely a lot better than yesterday. Took my antibiotics and pain killers just in case. My incisions are itchy and painful, not sure if that's normal? The only thing that is really bothering me, are my nipples. I feel like they're going to explode. I just want this week to be over with. Last night I took my first shower. kind of a fail? Still had soap residue all over me, my boyfriend was too scared to touch me because I was in so much pain. Glad I got to shower, the worst thing is not being able to shower when you're on your period (now that's disgusting). Yesterday I was in and out, kept dozing off. I can't wait to finish my antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.

My friend is a athletic therapist.
He recommended me to eat a healthy diet, eat regularly (do not skip meals). Once you start noticing loss of appetite, than you might be getting sick/might have an infection. Keep the swelling down, with ice packs. You can also use ice cold water with a towel and lay it on your chest. Drink lots of water, keep hydrated. Also keep an eye on your incisions, make sure it's not bright red, inflamed, have an odor or pus coming out. After your your incision heals, you can take vitamin C and E.. It helps improve your skin and you immune system as well.. What I do with scars, I break up a vitamin E pill and rub it on my scar.. Biotin is another pill you can take, it helps your hair loss, nail growth and skin improvement..

Any who, I'll be posting up pictures in the next day or so.

What to do with old bras?

So I must admit I had a problem.. A shopping problem. I tend to buy two of everything or similar things.. I buy them because I want them not because I need them. As you can tell in the picture above, that's a lot of bras (approximately 80 bras). I have all these bras (sizes 32A/30B), and I have no idea what to do with them? Are there any charities or ideas ?? What did you guys do with your old bras?

Day 5 / Post Op Appointment

Last night I slept in bed with my boyfriend for the first time since surgery, can I say that was a terrible idea. I woke up at 4AM, I couldn't get up without feeling excruciating pain in my right breast. I ended up sleeping on the recliner for the remaining night. George took up the bottom half, so I ended up sleeping curled up in a ball. I woke up a little sore, better than earlier. Initially the post op appointment was at 1PM, they called and asked to come in at 11:30AM.

My boyfriend drove me to the office in White Rock, saw Dr Pugash. He said it looked great, it's healing well. He took off the bandages, I'm able to wash my incisions (using surgical soap - Chlorhexidine) for one more week, go back to my normal body wash. Make sure that I cut the clear tape and not to peel it off (let it come off on its own). By the fourth week I should start using the scar cream and get sized! I know most girls love Victoria Secret and La Senza (Canadian lingerie store), but I'm going to follow his instructions and not wear those bras. The size I got is big for my frame, the last I need are my implants bottoming out or it sagging. I need great support for my girls, definitely didn't pay 9gs and not take care of it. He also showed me two ways to massage my girls. Pushing them together for a few seconds, on one breast use both hands, squeeze them do it all around and the other breast as well.

So right now, I still have to wear my surgical bra for four weeks, massage about ten times a day, wash my body with surgical soap for about a week and switch back, get sized at a recommended lingerie store, start using the scar treatment.

My recovery is going well, still not able to tie my hair or have my arm up for long. It still feels a little tight and heavy. When I don't have my surgical bra on, they feel like they're going to fall off. I try to walk with my chest sticking out, and not walk like I have a hunchback. Pain wise is 2/10, I'm still taking the prescribed pain killers with Advil, I'm on my last anti-inflammatory pill. I'm going to drink the detoxing tea (Dancers Dream), this tea is all natural and it does wonders. It flushes out your system, when you think your done, nope! If you take this tea make sure you take it the night before and nothing planned the next morning. You feel like you've lost 5-10 pounds. It's better than the stool softeners, any laxatives you buy from Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart.
My next post op appointment is on March 14th.

Post Op Day 5/6

Day 5 Post Op

Woke up with morning boob, the pain has gone down a lot. I get those burning stinging sensation in my right breast from time to time. When I start massaging them, it seems to go away for a couple of hours. I'm starting to get the hang of massaging them, if anything my boyfriend thinks I'm playing with them lol. I finally was able to wash my hair, with the help of my love. I nearly fainted in the shower.. These new breasts of mine seem quite heavy, still trying to adjust to them. I finally washed my surgical bra, that thing was drenched in sweat (ew!) Did laundry, cleaned a little, hung out for the rest of the day.

Day 6 Post Op

This was the first official night I slept in bed.. I was scared my boyfriend was going to hit me or push me off the bed (he tends to toss and turn a lot), but he was good. Woke up with morning boob, not as bad.. I massaged them for about 5 minutes.. Will be icing them in a bit. Today I have a busy day, have to bring my car in (money pit), go to the bank, buy sports bra. I'm glad that I'm starting to be more mobile, not having someone take care of me 24/7.. I don't do well with being taken care of.. I'm an Aries, if you're one or know one.. You know how we get.. Well I can't wait for my girls to settle in.. My birthday is about a month away.. Not sure what I'm doing for my birthday.. Maybe Florida like we talked about? But I don't think so.. I'm enrolled for school this April at CMU makeup arts and design. It's a private school for filming, theatrical and fashion makeup.. Quite expensive I must say, paid in full.. So I must really commit to this. Anyways.. Off topic.. Can't wait to go back home to Toronto, see my family and friends.. Two more months and I will be back just in time for spring/summer.. Cute dresses, backless shirts.. Ou I'm so excited.. I know it hasn't been a week yet, but this is probably the best decision I made for myself in a very long time.. Wish I did it sooner.. (Hopefully my recovery goes smoothly, no CC or any complications). I will be updating my profile.. So stay tuned :)

Day 6 Post Op

Got out the house today.. The drive was a bit uncomfortable.. Feels like I'm having muscle spasm.. A weird burning stinging feeling in my right breast still.. I went to the mall today and decided to get sized (was curious my approximate size).. 34C they measured.. So from 32A/30B to 34C.. I'm happy with that.. 6 months from now, my size will be different. Im excited to see my final results.. I went to La Senza and La Vie en Rose and tried on a few things :).. I can already feel it, my shopping addiction is kicking in.. Oh boy!

Day 7

So the last several days I've been getting/having these weird feelings in my right breast.. A burning, tingling sensation along the side of the breast.. I'm not sure if this is normal? My left breast is okay.. The only party that's uncomfortable on the left breast, are the incisions.. But it doesn't bother me much. For my right breast, no matter what I do, raise my arm, sneeze, cough, move, get up, etc., it hurts.. I feels like almost someone ripping through my insides. Has anyone else had this? Or know what this is? Is it nerve damage, is it going to get worse, will it go away, or is it something worse? Ugh, I'm starting to regret this..

PLEASE! I just want this to go away :(

Boob blues

So the last few days I've been looking in the mirror and noticed that my boobs are asymmetry.. Not even whatsoever... My nipples are way off.. My left breast is way bigger than my Right.. I don't know what to do.. I've been really sad for the last few days.. I'm trying not to over think it.. Maybe it will settle in the next several months.. I hate being patient.. That's the one quality I don't have.. I'm an Aries.. We don't have patience.. When we want something we want it right away.. Ugh.. Has anyone experienced this?


So Its been a little over two weeks now since my surgery. Overall, I feel better.. The discomfort comes and goes.. I don't have anymore shooting/burning pain. The bottom half of both my breasts are numb. My nipples, Oh my nipples are super sensitive.. I'm hoping that the calm down a little. I am still wearing my compression bra, and will be for another couple of weeks or so. I finally switched back to using my body wash instead of the surgical soap. My breasts are feeling softer, and I'm hoping it will continue to get softer. I am scared that I might have capsular contracture, the side along my right breasts feel harder than my left.. Time will tell I guess.. I'm trying so hard not to be negative nancy, but it is so hard!


18 Day Post Op

Still having boob blues, my (left) nipple faces down to the floor when I lift up my left arm.. But when I i raise my right arm, my boobs look okay. I have slight asymmetry and I'm okay with that. I knew that prior to surgery.. But I'm a little embarrassed to take pictures with my left hand.. My right breast is smaller than my left.. I'm hoping they'll start to even out once they're completely settled in.. Guess I'm just venting right now.. Either than that, its been healing well. My breasts are getting softer each day. I can't wait for the next several months to pass by.. I'm excited for this summer, more backless dresses and tops; and less bras!


It's been just over three weeks! Everything seem to be going well so far, just hoping it continues to get better (without any complications). I went shopping the other day, oh boy how it was hard to find anything that fit me properly. My implants still have a long way to go to settle in. I went to Pink and Forever 21, to find some sports bras. I fit in small/medium, I found a few things. Bought two white sports bras from Forever 21 and three from Pink. I tried on a few bikini tops, this has me itching to go on a vacation for my birthday! It's coming up this month! Guess we will see!

Haven't smoked since surgery, but I have been smoking shisha to stop the cravings (once a week, just a few tokes). My stitches haven't completely dissolved. I have a post op appointment coming up on the 14th of this month. Nothing really changed, they are getting softer and dropping SLOWLY. By next Thursday, I can finally say bye to the compression bra. The end of next week, I can go bra shopping! But only at the stores my PS recommends (Change, Forever Lingerie, etc.). Apparently, La Senza and VS bras do not give the right support for implants. To avoid any complications with implants (incorrect bra size, bottoming out, etc.), do not wear bras from those brands. But every PS is different, I will take his advice into consideration. I will not fight him on this, since I paid almost $9000 for these girls. Being patient is really killing me!

Almost one month!

So today I decided to go to the mall and try on some lingerie! Does La Senza ever have the cutest stuff?! I tried this bodysuit/teddy on.. And of course I had to buy this!

I have an appointment next Monday, I hope it's all good news! My right breast feels a little tight when I massage it. I hope it's nothing serious.. I also have this weird sensation on my left incision.. Will keep you guys posted!

Getting sized!

So my car is being shipped back to Toronto tomorrow and I won't have a vehicle. So I decided to take the trip to Langley and go get sized at one of the stores recommended by Dr Pugash. Guess what?! I'm a 28FF or 28G! That's crazy.. I tried on several bras.. Some of them didn't fit me properly. But since they're not completely settled in.. I only bought one, which was the black one.. I will go to Change sometime next week with my boyfriend (I'm a little scared of driving his pickup truck btw), and buy a few more bras.

I somehow ended up at Guildford mall, walked into La Senza AGAIN! They had only two sizes left (small and a x-large), and the small fit me perfectly! Of course, I bought it, (I have an obsession with bras and panties)!! I had to drive back to seven oaks to buy the matching bottoms, they had my size there... Anywho, I'm excited and a little scared.. Excited to buy sexy lingerie and scared that I'm going to be broke from my shopping addiction. At least 30% of my clothes are still brand new :/ . Someone please help me, my shopping addiction is getting out of hand!

Officially one month post op :)

Not much has changed.. Here's a photo of what my girls look like :)

I feel good :)

So I saw Dr Pugash on the 14th of March. He was so proud of his work! Said everything is looking amazing, and it will continue to look better and better as it drops and fluffs. I can say, the bra from Forever Yours Lingerie does give my girls amazing support. I didn't realize the difference it would make by wearing your correct bra size! But I think I will try the 30 band next time. The 28 band size is just perfect, but what I like to be able to adjust it from tight to loose.

I am loving my results, just waiting for them to drop even more! I have slight asymmetry, Dr Pugash told me prior to surgery. It doesn't bother me! I am excited for summer. I've been doing a lot of online shopping! Buying cute summer clothes and bathing suits! Forever 21 are starting to make cute swimwear pieces.. Get them while you can! All the cute ones go fast!

Anyways, I think that's it? Will keep you guys posted!

Happy healing dolls xx

40% Off at La Senza

I got a email from La Senza this morning, they are having a sale. Apparently, the sales are for email subscribers only. But I'm sure you don't need the email to get the discount! 20% off 50$ purchase, 30% off 75$ purchase and 40% off 100% purchase! I got a bra for 6 dollars! Bought a few lingerie pieces :) I'm a 32 DD, the obsession bra fits me quite well! Any who, just wanted to let you ladies know they're having a huge sale at La Senza :)

Two months post op

About a week ago, I saw my friend.. We were so excited to see each other, she completely forgot about my surgery. So we hugged and she lifted me, was that a bad idea! I felt a huge tear in my right breast.. I was sore for the last several days. I called Dr Pugash, he said that's normal.. But since then, my right has dropped more and become softer. Which is odd, but I'm not complaining.. I am pleased with my results for the most part. Do not get me wrong, I have my moments with them and wish I hadn't gotten them done.. But I LOVE THEM, and I'm glad I went through with this surgery.

My right has been dropping and fluffing.. It is more symetrical.. Trying to be more patient.. They key is to be patient! If you see the comparisons, my left was dropping a lot faster than my right.. So my advice is, wait till the 2/3 month post op before picking at every little thing. In the photos, there's a bar to show you the symmetry of my breasts and nipples. They're coming along.. I can't wear certain bras, they dig into my ribs.. Anywho, I think that's it.. Here are a few photos.

40% OFF + 10% OFF at LaSenza!

I went to La Senza today wanting to buy some cute lingerie pieces, ended up finding out that it was 40% off and an additional 10% off (club member)! I saved 50% off my entire purchase! Ever since Victoria Secret bought La Senza, they've been coming out with cute pieces! I got three bras/tops and 12 bottoms for 110 (includes tax)!!! You have to like their picture on Instagram to receive the 40% off..

4 Month Update

I haven't done an update in a couple months now. I thought I'd share some bikini tops I've accumulated over the last several months since my BA. I bought a lot when VS was having their 40% off their swimwear line. It's unfortunate that they're discontinuing their swimwear line. My tops are from VS, F21 and Garage. The sizes are different, depending on how they're made. The ones I ordered from VS, were slightly small.. but that's okay.. As long as my scars and nipples are covered, I will still wear them.

Quick update :)

So it's been roughly 9 months since surgery and I feel fantastic.. since they've had time to settle in, the size has gone down a little, I do wish I had gone slightly bigger., but I'm happy with them overall.. my left is still slightly harder than my right.. I have to make an appointment with Dr. P the next time I'm in BC.. here are a few photos..

Comparison photos:)

*UPDATE* 14 months :)

Here a couple photos! Nothing has changed.. except my left breast is slightly hard. I do have a follow up with Dr. Pugash tomorrow.
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