Septorhinoplasty and Chin Implant - White Plains, NY

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Hello Realself fam. First I'm sorry for my bad...

Hello Realself fam.
First I'm sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand me .
I feel so happy to find these website and see it's more ppl like me and help each other .
Where to start . When I was 8 years old the car where I was hit other . I didn't wear sit belt and I hit my face and I start bleeding by my nose ,it wasn't a serious problem we tought .
While I'm growing my nose too . In my new school at 10 years old some kids start to call me names ( big nose,etc) since then after school every single day I look in the mirror and I notice my nose it wasn't like the other girls , I start cry even with my big nose I was kind happy little girl smiling go everyone and defending myself from the ones who insult me day by day . I was very friendly almost every one like me for my personality .
Now hight school time it wasn't anymore the kids who insult me but new ppl start doing .All hight school wasn't really fun even in my neighborhood some teenageres and adults insult me . I been call so many bad names back there . Again those ppl never took again my smile outsite always happy and very friendly to everyone . That some of the cuties boy in high school like me ,I felt so pretty when I saw him look at me and even ask me to be his girlfriend . I said no to him bc I knew I was insecure and I didn't want a pretty boy be with an agly girl like me and I say to myself one day when I have the money I will fix my nose and no one ever will insult me ever again . I never told my mom ppl in school was insult me even some in the neighborhood . My mom always ask me why I look sad ,I never really answer her . Finally Hight School is over Yeah !! I felt so much freedom no one will insult me again ,maybe in school bc they were young . I move from neighborhood . Everything new :)
I did go to college for short time .No one ever insult me ,they just look at me and my insecurities were back again . I never really went out in my neighborhood . I stop going college bc I didn't have money . I start working , no one insult me even ppl start to say the I'm very pretty they like my smile ,I felt so weir to hear that . I didn't believe them .Until I met my fiancé . For me he is the more handsome men :) . And he like me too ,when he ask me to be his girlfriend I couldn't believe the guy like him want to be with me . All my memories from my past come but I said to myself try why not ?right ?
I told him yes ,since then we're together 7 years .He make me feel pretty for first time . I start to feel confident happy really happy .but inside me always when I look in the mirror I see an agly nose . I never told him . Him never even notice my giant hump . I'm very pretty for him :) . Even ppl start saying I look good . I said maybe bc my outfit or makeup lol .
Even ppl that know me from school said wow you change you look good .I said thank you . But I know it must be the make up or outfit .
But everything change almost two years ago . When I heard some of the fam . Of my fiancé talking about "my nose" I hear them laughing about .it broke my heart ,I felt so much pain . I cried so much .my fiancé saw me cry like I never did . He ask me why ? What happend ? I never want him know about my insecurities about my nose . But I was so hurt . I told him everything all my pain every since 10 years old .All those memories back again noooo . He look at me and said .Baby I never really notice for me you are very pretty and good person don't let anyone to see you sad . I love you how you are . I'm sorry my fam. Bring all those memories . But I love you .
Later I got a new job . Even there some ppl start to insult me again even in the parking shouting hey big nose . It was a nightmare I'm feeling I'm in school again :( .
I'm 30 years old I tought I forgot about my nose but it wasn't my insecurity still there ,I told my mom about my nose how painful was school and that's why she saw me sad at home back then .
For first time almost 2 years ago I start looking about rhinoplasty . And talking to my fiancé every single day I don't like my nose . Last year I got hit on my nose . I couldn't believe I got hit in my nose . I thought it was a ponish from God bc I don't accept myself . It didn't broke just my nose blend . I said now I really need to fix before a giant hump now my septum isn't straight and I breathing my mouth at nights.
Now my fiancé say ok baby now it's a problem to your breathing and I see for almost 2 years you been looking every day about rhinoplasty if you really want ,go for it ,I'm with you . I want to see you happy .Dont cry anymore .

First consultation

After I find this website and reading a lot of your reviews . I find Dr. Naderi in Virginia . I make an Appoinment with him . $100 for consultation the later if you decide to go with him $100 like credit . I though he can be the right doctor . Later they call me to cancel my Appoinment bc of the weather . I though the mean something and maybe Dr. Naderi is not the doctor for me . I ended cancel of course I got my $100 back .
I keep reading and I find Dr. Ciardullo . I really love all those great results . Even it's in white plains NY I want to meet him . I make my Appoinment in February . Free consultation . My fiancé drove almost 5 hours . Even the consultation was free all those tolls was like paying for the consultation and gas lol .
Dr. Ciardullo office was old style and the receptionist was friendly . While we're waiting with other lady . He finish his preview consultation and true he come to greeting with a big smile .
I couldn't believe the actually I was there . I was so nervous :/ . He call my name . Time for consultation I reading to him all my question that I brought with me . He answer all .He told me what he can do for my nose and I agree with his opinion . He look my nostrils and yes I have a deviated septum bc he put a giant q-tip in my nose .it did hurt ouch!! He show me the operation room ,recovery place next door . And I ask him .if he does computer image . And he say No he doesn't like to do that bc you can be so good in show a nice picture by computer but maybe you are not good in a surgery and even me I can draw myself with the app simulation and I can do a good job on it .But that doesn't mean I can do a surgery Right ? That's true he have a point . I felt a little sad bc I will actually like to see myself with the simulation . Then he show me a giant album with tons of pictures . Some the look like mine and some the recently he did . He was so happy with his results . It was some time the consultation and bc I come so far away I want to make sure I ask him all my doubts . He give me secure ghetto everything will be ok ! And next building is a hospital in case something is not ok . I hope that doesn't happen . He said he never send to anyone to the hospital while surgery go . That's a relive :)
He also mention he done over 3000 nose surgeries and he does like 3 surgeries in one day Wow!! I was OMG the many . I ask him if he can give any of his patient number and he didn't have a problem he give me her number . Apparently everything look he is the right doctor . But always a but I'm feeling sooo scared for the anesthesia ,results ,etc . I'm really wishing all those feeling go away so I can do this . I really hope !! Thanks for reading !! Take care :)

Chin implant or Genioplasty

I forgot . Dr .Ciardullo also told me I need a chin implant to give balance my profile :/ I never thought I will need it ,I told him I don't really want a chin implant . I went home thinking maybe I need a chin implant that's why now I'm looking about chin implant . Btw I'm getting braces soon I asked to my orthodoncy what does she think about my chin ? She agree ,she said my chin is weak and I can get a Genioplasty ??? I was ahh what ?? She explain me what it is now I'm really confuse what is the best a Genioplasty Or a chin implant . I'm thinking in getting my septorhinoplasty no sure about chin implant as well .Sooo many things to think about it .

Noses I like :)

I been looking noses to go with my ethnicity ,the shape of my face is oval . Like I told you my chin is weak ,I'm considering have a small chin implant bc I like the shape of my face in the front so I don't want make a big change in the shape ,but from profile my chin doesn't look good .thats why maybe a small chin implant (any suggestions plz)
All these pictures I like hot narrow look from the front site and straight from the profile . What do you think . Thank you !!


After all my doubts and thinking and over thinking Finally I took the decision to get my septorhinoplasty and leave all my fears away and be happy . I was pretty sure when to get my Septorhinoplasty . The month I was thinking in June . This week I suppose to get the Appoinment even I been eating very healthy to prepare my body . But couples days ago I got a really bad news :( the now the money I been saving for my surgery need to go to others things . Practically I have to take the decision surgery vs family . Obviously I want my family be ok. I don't know why those things happens NOW :'( I believe things happens for a reason maybe is not the time yet to have the surgery . Also I start going to the dentist /orthodoncy and I getting braces soon . I have to finish my teeth bc already I start to put some money on it . Like I say I had the money for my teeth and my surgery . But after all these things I have to use the surgery money for the family . I really hope everything be ok . And hopefully this year get my surgery . Mean while I keep reading all your reviews specially from the doctor I think is good for my septorhinoplasty . Thank you for all your information is helping a lot . Take care !!

Soon septorhinoplasty

Hi . Realseft family .
It's been a while I didn't post anything .
I got my braces ,my teeth looking better .
Finally after working hard for the last couples years .
I save the money for the surgery .
Last week I visit Dr. Ciardullo again , he explain what's things need to be done .
Uff many things , apparently I hav a bone broke BC I got push many years ago ,
I need to tak X-ray to confirm .
Of course my nose isn't straight . , giant bump .
After few years pass the cost increase
Before was $7.700
Now $8.800
Surgery and anesthesia included.

Others cost like X-ray , test before surgery , medicine to tak , separe cost .

While I was in his office I decide to schedule my surgery day .
It's going to be the first week of January .
Honestly I'm feeling more and more anxious, nervous, all mix feelings .
Soon I moving to start new life , having a family and I want to start fresh , happy .
No insecurities about my look .
I want to feel secure about myself .
I want to smile happy with out hidding on my glasses so no one can see my giant bump .
Of course safety first .
Guys really I worked sooo hard to safe every single dollar for this surgery .
I don't want to regret this desicion for my life .

I been reading his reviews some are good others no .
Those negative reviews make me wonder if I'm chossing the right doctor or even I need to put myself on risk just too look pretty .

Plz share your thought about doctor Ciardullo in white plain NY .. or your actually experience with rhinoplasty.
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