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Ever since I was in high-school, I had issues with...

Ever since I was in high-school, I had issues with my appearance. I started working out and swimming/running to improve my appearance. This had a great affect on my body, but my nose always brought my confidence back down.

I would also try to avoid my friends taking pictures and hated the way my face looked from certain angles. I would even avoid looking at my shadow because my nose was so pointy. Everything looked great from the front and when I looked to my right, but when I looked to my left and directly at my profile from either side, the hump was clearly visible and the tip drooped when I smiled.

I had my consultation with Robert Ciardullo on 7/29. The office is like a blast from the past and his operating room is not very modern, but he and his receptionist, Bobbie, were very friendly.

Mr. Ciardullo started by telling me what he thinks I should have done to my nose. Our agreement was mutual over the hump removal and raising the tip, but he also suggested possibly having my nostrils reduced. After going over the cost, I scheduled the operation for 8/29 (today.)

I could not eat or drink anything after midnight on the 28th. On the 29th, I was nervous but anxious to get the surgery over with. I went to his office and first met with the nurse, Eileen, and the anesthesiologist (I forget his name.) I read many reviews on here about how nice and friendly this team was which made me skeptical, but I can truly say they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Eileen and the anesthesiologist joked about how they were going to adopt me because I was so handsome haha; it felt like we were one big family. I can definitely say that these two helped calm me down and made me feel at ease with the procedure.

Eileen had me change into a gown (I got to keep my shorts on but had to take my shirt off) and Robert took before photos of me. We went over what he was going to do and asked me about the nostril tuck. I never had an issue with my nostrils and I did not want them to be too small. He told me I could skip it and do it at a later time if I would like. He looked at my nose one last time from above (I leaned my head back) and he noticed that my nose was actually crooked! It veered to the left and my friend confirmed this. (This could be why I felt like two different people from two different angles. Time for surgery...

Eileen and the anesthesiologist made me very comfortable with small talk before the anesthesiologist put the IV in my arm. He gave me a tiny bit as a "test" and the next thing I remember, I am in the recovery room with my best friend. I couldn't tell if the surgery already happened, but I assumed so. I was very dazed and needed to urinate right away, so another nurse (can't remember her name; Eileen was helping another patient in the operating room.) helped me walk to the bathroom. After resting for another 30 minutes, I was ready to leave.

Eileen told me she would call me a couple hours after the surgery to see how I was feeling and she did, but I missed the call. My nose felt very clogged/stuffy and I had to change the mesh under my nose a few times due to bleeding. I took the mesh out from under my nose so I could breathe through my nose and taste food; I will put a new one on before bed so I do not get blood on the sheets. My throat was also very sore; I believe they had a tube down it so I could breathe. Swallowing food was hard a few hours after surgery, but it is starting to feel better already. I am going to post a few pics; some of how I looked before and my current state with the cast. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I will post more photos once I have the cast removed and the swelling goes down.

I put my "Was it worth it?" rating as Not Sure since the cast is still on and I have not seen the final product.

Thanks for reading!

Post-Op Day 2

I am posting a photo I took yesterday (about six hours after the surgery.) I'm already happy seeing the tip raised a bit. I can't wait to see the bridge once the cast comes off.

Surprisingly I have had no pain yet and I have not touched the pain meds, but I am definitely taking the antibiotics. My nose was very stuffy last night and I cleaned it out a bit with a Q-Tip. You're not supposed to touch it, but I feel like I'm suffocating if I can't breathe through my nose. My eyes are getting a bit blacker so hopefully they lighten up within the next few days. My throat is also still a bit sore from the breathing tube, but the recovery is going much better than I thought it would.

Day 2 Photo

Here's a photo from tonight. Bruising is starting to set in.

Day 3

Today I'm feeling great. Nose is still a bit stuffy. I live in the city so I walk to get everywhere. Kind of embarrassing walking around with this cast on my face, but Thursday it comes off.

Day 5

I slept great yesterday and I have been going outside more often. Some people stare but I just stare back haha. I can breathe through my nose perfectly since I cleaned it out myself with a Q-Tip and hydrogen peroxide, but it's still a little stuffy. Looking forward to the cast coming off on Thursday. I still have not had one ounce of pain in my nose since the operation.

Cast Off

The cast was really bugging me tonight so I carefully took it off myself. I do not recommend doing this yourself though. Here's a quick pic I took. The tip is swollen, but I'm happy so far!

Day 6

Here's another photo with the cast off. The swelling on the bridge is almost completely gone. The tip is still swollen a bit. As I've said earlier, I decided to take the cast off myself since it was loose and I heal quickly; however, I do NOT recommend doing it yourself.

Day 7

Tomorrow morning I am seeing Dr. Ciardullo. It is crazy how much your face swells after the cast comes off. If you ever get a rhinoplasty, make sure you take a good look at your face RIGHT AFTER the cast comes off. Your nose will look great compared to what it's going to look like when your whole face starts to swell. Seriously, I look like something out of The Grinch. I feel kind of depressed, but I know once the swelling goes away, everything will look great.

Day 8

I saw Dr. Ciardullo today and he said everything looks good. I am going back in a few months for another check up. I decided I'm not going to post anymore pics until the swelling goes down since I don't want to scare anyone. I will take photos and post them together with photos of my new nose with minimal swelling so you can compare the difference seeing them together. This will be my last post for awhile so feel free to message me if you have any questions.

2 weeks post-op

My facial swelling has gone down a lot. My nose is still a bit swollen, but that can take up to a year to go down. Bruising is completely gone.

1 month post-op

So it's been a month since the surgery and I decided to upload a couple pics. The tip is still a bit swollen, but I'm in love. My bridge looks just the way I wanted it to and I'm looking forward to seeing the final result once the tip swelling subsides.

1 month post-op before/afters

I'm uploading two actual before/after pics so it's easier to compare without having to open pics separately.

Another post op pic. 1 month.

5 months post-op

Happy new year! I took a quick pic after the gym. Nose doesn't look much different. I gained 10lb since my last update, a combo of muscle and fat haha. I will tone up by the spring/summer.

Two years post-op

I got a random email from the site today so I decided to upload a new pic. Nose feels and looks great. It's been about two years since I had the procedure.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ciardullo, Eileen the nurse, Bobbi the receptionist, and the anesthesiologist were awesome. I don't think I could have been in better hands.

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