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Being a first generation American, I generously...

Being a first generation American, I generously (sarcasm) inherited very Eastern European features. It also didn't help that I played lots of sports when I was a kid. I'm sure I've broken my nose and a few other bones at that (my family doesn't believe in going to doctors). Personally, my nose doesn't bother me to the point where I NEED this surgery - what bothers me is that people define me by my nose. I was hoping that eventually people will like me for me and all my wonderful qualities-unfortunately, in this day and age.... this will never be possible. I was made fun of severely as a child. Even as an adult, if someone needs to point me out in a crowd the description is "the girl with the big nose". So I held out on getting a rhinoplasty as long as I could. Now I'm 31 and I am ready for this change. I'm just super nervous because it's my face. I fear that I'll end up with a botched surgery and make my situation worse.

So, the surgery is getting closer. I'm excited,...

So, the surgery is getting closer. I'm excited, scared and anxious. :/ I'm not really worried about the pain. I'm more concerned about possibly making my face worse.

So tomorrow morning is the surgery. I feel like...

So tomorrow morning is the surgery. I feel like I'm going to lose a part of me which sounds absolutely crazy- almost like losing a best friend or a pet. This is all I know. I'm super anxious. I haven't really been sleeping well these last few nights :/ My friends have been super supportive and are telling me how wonderful I'm going to look. I just don't know. :( What if I don't like it?

Day of Surgery: So I am currently wide awake at...

Day of Surgery: So I am currently wide awake at 2am since I slept a whole bunch throughout the day. The surgery went well I believe. The nursing staff and the anesthesiologist were very lovely. I saw Dr. C briefly right before surgery for like a minute (which was a little disappointing). I felt like I had more one on one time with the anesthesiologist. I had to keep asking the nurse if the surgery went well since Dr. C was already in his next surgery. So honestly,... I'm just guessing it went well at this point? So, I definitely was groggy after the surgery. Very Disoriented. It took a while for the anesthesia to wear off. I feel asleep on the ride home and I passed out quickly when I got home sitting up like I was supposed to. At that time I was pretty miserable. A few hours later after being well rested I'm feeling great. I really have minimal swelling and bruising. I'm not going to lie. I went a little crazy with the arnica gel and pills pre-op. I even applied the gel to places I thought would produce swelling. I'm not sure if that is the reason or if it strictly depends on the person.... all I know is that I have been pretty lucky. I can't tell if my bump is gone with my cast. it feels like the cast is a bit raised off my nose and I really don't want to press down on it. I definitely think my tip is elevated. I do hope it fall slightly but not too much because I sort of like it. I'm super excited to see my nose when the cast comes off. I think since my nose was so huge- the differences will be more noticeable. Any nose will be better than the thing I had. So all in all- I'm pretty happy and glad I went through with it because I was definitely scared and anxious. Will continue to keep you posted. Please tell me if you think you see a different even with the cast?

I had my cast removed today. Sadly, I had to wait...

I had my cast removed today. Sadly, I had to wait 45 mins to get my cast removed and I couldn't get it removed until later on in the day (which was annoying because I wanted that thing off like crazy). During the time I had the cast on I had episodes of disorientation and high levels of pressure-not so much pain. It hurt a lot having him take it off (cast/splint) since it is mega swollen/tender.
I completely had a mini freak out in my head when he gave me the mirror. It is weird looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing someone else. I posted pictures on facebook for my friends to see - THEY ARE FREAKING OUT TOO. I think I received a billion phone calls from people telling me that I don't look like myself. I love my new profile but I didn't want to look like a completely different person. I have to get used to THAT. Apparently the swelling is going to be super bad tomorrow. I'm scared to touch it (It is tender to touch) and I can't smile. I don't look like me. I just met up with a friend and it freaked him out a bit too. I knew it was going to be a dramatic change but I never expected this.

Not only do i have to get used to it but so does everyone else! I really don't know how to take that. I just don't know. I love it but it is not me when I look in the mirror. It is confusing

Hey everyone, I'm a few days short of my 2 week...

Hey everyone, I'm a few days short of my 2 week mark. The swelling is slowly going down everyday. I can not emphasize enough the power of patience- even though it is easier said then done. Everyday I'm feeling more and more like myself. Everyday I like it more and it is becoming very natural looking. I will have a better idea of people's reaction in a few days when I get back to my daily life (been on vacation throughout this whole process). I'll let you know how that goes. My change is pretty dramatic so everyone knows I had it done- I wasn't going to pretend my nose just disappeared overnight. I'll keep you posted!

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op. Swelling has...

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op. Swelling has significantly decreased, especially these last few days. My tip is still swollen and super sensitive to touch. Putting on a shirt is painful or if I brush my nose against something. (Don't even think about making out with anyone for a while). I've bumped my nose a few times which would result in swelling. I get random tingling and pain sometimes..especially by the bridge area ( I believe it has something to do with the nerves regenerating.) I've received a lot of positive feedback- which has been nice. :) I do not regret this decision at all.

So it has been 8 months since the surgery

I'm overall happy. I wish he did a little more work on the tip but can't really complain since it looks so much better than before. The only issue I have now is the fact that I have difficulty breathing out of my left nostril. (Worse than before). I'm just happy I finally had it done

8 month other side view.

I'm so used to taking pictures on that one side - despite the new nose. Old habits are hard to change.

1 year

One year anniversary- final results! So happy I did this and only wished I did it sooner. This past year my nose went through so many transformations. If you take anything from my experience or anyone else's,...... It is definitely Patience


For the first time I can have bangs since I no longer have a big nose! Most wonderful feelings ever!
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I actually read reviews on this website. I also used to work at White Plains Hospital so I knew the location and felt safe knowing the hospital directly next to Dr. C's office was a good facility.

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