Rhinoplasty - White Plains, NY: New Nose, New Me.

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Ever since I hit my teenage years I started...

Ever since I hit my teenage years I started getting teased about my nose. It was always something about my bump, or the way it doesn't fit my face. I honestly didn't notice my nose when I was 13. I had a nice straight nose in my childhood years & even until middle school. But once I began to become more aware of myself & the way I looked, other kids apparently began too as well. In 8th grade, while being more careful about my face & hair, & the clothes I would wear, girls started to tease me about my nose. I would be called "tucan Sam" by girls that developed a severe hatred towards me. At first I thought they were just jealous but once I really looked at my nose, I noticed the imperfection. Since then it's been the "elephant in the room" of my life. I felt like I was ugly, & that I had a huge manly feature that just did no justice to my small features. I've always been a tiny person. I knew that at some point in my life I wanted to change that, & it's time.

I am now 18, & there's no sign that my nose will change or revert itself into a more proper nose for my face. So I decided that I was going to start searching for the right doc, & the right place for this procedure. I want to put my nose in the hands of a proffesional, someone who most definitely knows what he's doing. So that's when I decided to go to Dr. C. On this site, is where I read all the lovely reviews & saw the most perfect results & I knew that this is the guy I can trust. So I went for a consult & he was so nice & proffessional. I loved the fact that they treated me with respect & were careful on making me feel as comfortable as possible.

We discussed the procedure & the date, & the cost. It was a bit more than I expected, but my dad & I felt like it was worth it. After my pre-op visit last week, I have officially been preparing myself for the surgery, that being on the 14th of June. This thursday will be the last day I will ever see my face with this nose & I am so excited to meet the new me. I started taking vitamin C, for a week now & tomorrow I will start taking the arnica, since it's reccomended to take 3 days before surgery. Gosh, I hope I don't get nervous.

Tomorrow's the big day. I guess I'm a bit nervous....

Tomorrow's the big day. I guess I'm a bit nervous.. but at the same time I feel so excited. It feels surreal, like if my life is going to change. I hope my confidence is repaired. It's not that I dislike my face, I just hate my profile. It makes me feel so uncomfortable around people. I know that after this, I will feel more comfortable turning my head & not feel the need to cover my nose. I really can't wait!

I did it! I went through my surgery & it was...

I did it! I went through my surgery & it was easier than I imagined. I showed up & immediately started preparing for the procedure. Everything & everyone was ready for me once I showed up & I couldn't have been anymore comfortable with the staff. They made me laugh & treated me so nice, I felt as if I had already met them before. After getting into the gown, Dr. C took some more pics & reviewed with me what he was going to do. He was going to remove my bump, & lift the tip a tiny bit. After that, he sent me to the operation room where I laid down on the bed & they injected me with a liquid, telling me it was gonna feel hot & itchy, it did lol. It wasn't bad though, just lasted a couple seconds. They put compressors on my legs, & put in the IV & honestly the next thing I know, I was in the little recovery room with an ice pack on my face & the splint & gauze covering my nostrils. It was the weirdest feeling, because I was so confused, thinking that it was all a dream. It only felt like reality once I really needed to use the bathroom lol, but I couldn't walk on my own. It seriously wasn't bad at all, after a half hour, I was completely back to my senses. The one thing I can really complain about was my extremely dry mouth & soar throat. I left the clinic around 1230 pm, it is now 1038 & my soar throat is slowly going away. I've been changing the gauze under my nostrils & taking the arnica, vitamin c & antibiotics. I've been icing on & off & sleeping here & there so far. To be completely honest, one thing is really bothering me. While changing the gauze, I saw my nose from the tip & it is slightly raised, tilted upward. I hate it, I don't want to jump to conclusions but I really hope it goes down. I hope that when they take off the splint & tape, my nose goes back down from the tip because I honestly never really had a problem with it. Only time could tell!

Day 2- So sleeping was definitely some sort of...

Day 2- So sleeping was definitely some sort of challenge last night. I like to sleep on my side, regularly, so sleeping on my back was a bit uncomfortable. Also, not being able to breath in through my nose in a comfortable way left me breathing in & out my mouth throughout the night, making me wake up a couple of times due to my dry tongue (lol). I woke up to find my eyes twice as swollen, & the pressure on my nose a little more precise. I'm not worried, I know these things are normal but I can honestly say they aren't fun to deal with. My mom has been caring for me (love her!), waiting on me every time I need something. Make sure to have someone by your side during recovery! It hasn't been easy today, but I know it'll get better. In terms of pain, I haven't felt much. Mostly pressure around my nose & on the bridge due to the splint. The only thing once again is the sore throat, that has been bothering me all day. The swollen-ness around my eyes has been quite annoying, but it's okay.

Day 3- Today has been hardest for me so far. My...

Day 3- Today has been hardest for me so far. My eyes are so swollen, I never thought I'd see my face this way. I have also had many headaches today. So I've been taking my prescription pain killer. I still feel lightheaded, sort of not myself. I have no sense of taste or smell (normal) & I called the doc but he told me it should get better soon. I'm honestly not even well enough to write more, so this feeling is pretty intolerable. I slept mostly the whole day, planning on doing the same tomorrow.

Day 4- The headaches are beginning to become...

Day 4- The headaches are beginning to become unbearable. But I slept & iced for half the day, so after taking my pain med, I felt a bit better. But now I'm dealing with nausea >.< the thought of eating grosses me out, & my head is swimming. This is getting pretty annoying.

It is now day 6, & I feel sooo much better! I...

It is now day 6, & I feel sooo much better! I haven't been following the rules of not leaning over or straining myself because I have a very active baby brother lol. But I'm not quite sure what the effects of that would be, either way I feel so much better! I finished taking my antibiotics, I haven't had the need to take my pain med anymore. I still haven't had the sense of taste or smell, I don't know when that will come back but it's fine for now. I get my occasional migraine still, but I imagine that's from all the pressure that my nose has been under. I'm nervous for my cast to come off because I'm afraid I won't be completely happy with the results because I feel like my face looks so different already.. But I'm gonna accept what I see & work with it! Thursday my cast comes off, & I'm so ready to feel free again!

One week post op- Got my cast removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

One week post op- Got my cast removed!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH. I have no idea why I was so worried about how it would look.. I'm so happy with the results, I can finally say I HATED my nose! I can finally say, my nose WAS big, & I LOOKED unattractive. So much confidence replaced my insecurities, I hope this makes me soo much more happier about life!! OKay, so the removing of the cast was such a quick process, Dr. C had just finished doing surgery on a patient so the process was very quick. He had a little pair of scissors & cut the tape that was holding the tip first, then cute the tape across my cheeks, & after that i felt him take off the splint & then him tug on the tape & I immediately felt the breeze on my new nose & it was such an amazing feeling. He handed me the 2 mirrors & I looked at my face & all the doubts about my nose went away.. I saw such a pretty girl in the mirror! My eyes look much bigger & brighter now, without the attention stealing nose on my face that i had before. My lips looked fuller & my smile was so genuine! I couldn't stop looking at what a difference it made from just the front! Then the moment of truth, my profile. I was nervous but impatient to look at my new profile & that's when i fell in love!!! OMG I couldn't believe that was my new profile! It's better than I thought it would be.. I imagined having a more attractive face but this was surreal. Maybe I'm exaggerating or just extremely pleased, but I did it guys! & it's the best decision I've ever made! :D

3 days after cast removal- I can definitely say...

3 days after cast removal- I can definitely say that things have been much easier now than the beginning of the week. I have been able to go for walks in the sun, & tidy up & today I actually sweeped, & mopped & vacuumed without feeling tired or weak. I feel so much better, but I do have the occasional sneezing & itchiness that bothers me. I also called Dr. C because I noticed that I had well pretty much mucus with blood & other nasty stuff, stuck to my stitches right at the opening of my nostrils.. I think you can actually see it in one of the pics I posted. Not only is it embarrassing cause it's right there where people can see, but it also doesn't really allow me to breath freely & it hurts when i try to remove it because its really caught in my stitches. He said that they come out on their own with time, most likely in the following week, but if it really bothers me to the point that I can't take it anymore, I should go see him. I imagined myself on the chair with him & a pair of tweezers pulling on my stitches & since it hurt trying to take them out on my own.. I decided to tough it out for a bit & if they don't come out eventually I'll go see him. For some lucky reason, I didn't get swollen from the tip as much as others usually do & I'm grateful for that, but I am really swollen from the inside! Washing my nose is a bit uncomfortable because it's very tender & a little delicate to scrub. But besides that I don't see any other reasons to complain, & even if my nose was extremely swollen, I wouldn't mind because it would STILL look better than my old nose! I am so confident now when people look at my profile & even though it's such a big difference to me, my acquaintances didn't even seem to notice hehe. I will never deny getting my nose done like celebrities do, I'm proud of my choice! & I'm not ashamed to say that I had a VERY unattractive nose.. (key word: HAD :D)

Tomorrow is a full week without my cast on & I...

Tomorrow is a full week without my cast on & I feel great! It's been very warm here in NY so I make sure to wear sunscreen when I'm out & about. I can't really say much has changed or gotten better because I feel like I'm recovering very nicely & actually not needing much meds or any of that sort. I haven't been tired or tense, I've actually been better than before the surgery so I guess that's a big plus! To be honest, I stopped taking arnica & I haven't even got around to putting arnica gel or anything on my nose for the swelling.. since I didn't get any drastic swelling, I'm just letting my body do it's thing. I hope it's not a bad move on my part because I've been a little careless.... but I don't feel like any of my post-op necessities are being needed & I hope many of you recover quickly as well! I am quite young & the doc said that the younger you are, the better you heal but it's not always entirely true so I'm hoping to see very happy people under those splints!!! Good luck to all & I'll be posting more pics as time goes on, even though there aren't any noticeable changes hehe :S

It's almost a whole month post op & I feel great!...

It's almost a whole month post op & I feel great! My nose recovered nicely & even though it's still swollen, I love it! I've bumped my nose dozens of times with my baby brother's wobbly head hitting me square in the nose but nothing really happened.. at least not on the outside o.O. But yes, I'm very happy with my results & it just keeps getting better & better!

It's been almost 11 months since my surgery & I am...

It's been almost 11 months since my surgery & I am completely healed! The swelling has gone away 100% & my nose feels normal & no longer stiff. A couple of months ago I actually happened to bump into my bathroom door (nose first) & it was an excruciating pain. Although that happened way after my surgery, it still felt very painful & it managed to give me a huge bump on the right side of my bridge.. I was so upset & in pain but immediately got some ice & iced my nose for a couple of hours. I was afraid that my nose was going to stay like that, I knew it wasn't broken but it felt so painful that I was considering calling the doc. But I remembered him telling me that he's gotten many phone calls about his patients getting hit square in the nose & being afraid that it might do drastic damage to their new nose. So I just calmed down & took a breather & iced & took a pain med & by next morning the swelling went down a bit but yes, I did have a little ball form at the right side of the bridge. Let me tell you, it's not noticeable at all but when you run your finger down the bridge of my nose there's an obvious little ball. I wasn't angry or displeased about the little bump, more angry at myself for not being careful. But up to this day it's still there & it's a part of my nose now I guess & I am okay with that. I'm still completely content with my results & so glad I made the decision to get surgery! Good luck to all of you who are considering & who are awaiting their big surgery days & remember to be careful & always keep your eyes open for evil open random bathroom doors :)
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Dr. Ciardullo, Bobbie, & the staff are just the nicest people. I would really reccomend him to anyone, in terms of comfort & experience. He KNOWS he does a great job, he isn't cocky about it, he's just so proud of his work & I am too! He deserves the best reviews! I am so proud of my choice & trust for him & so happy with the results! I hope I helped :)

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