Rhinoplasty- regret having it done by a doctor who did not have experience with short noses

I know this isn't technically a review but......

I know this isn't technically a review but... I figured I share my "before" experiences with you before going under the knife.

I am scheduled to have my rhinoplasty next week and I am very nervous about it. Below I provided a few photos of my current look. Basically I have wanted a more slender/aesthetically pleasing nose all my life. As a child, I was often called Miss Piggy because of my upturned, pudgy nose (as well as for my very full face which doesn't seem to be getting thinner as I age even though I am of normal weight!). Yes I know my nose isn't THAT bad but this is still something I've wanted for a very long time. I call it a "tweaking."

So the objectives of this surgery are to 1. slim my nose down (bridge and tip), 2. round out my bridge at it is completely flat (almost a square) since at a 3/4 view it will make my nose look like it has a bump when it doesn't! and 3. lower the tip as it is upturned a little too high.

I will reveal my doctor after the surgery... So wish me luck! Please positive comments as I am nervous enough as it is haha

Sorry for the circles over my eyes in the photos...

Sorry for the circles over my eyes in the photos but for now I am concerned with privacy issues! I didn't mean to make myself look so creepy haha but hopefully this way you can just take my nose as it is....

6.30.11 Ah I am done! Had to wait a looong time...


Ah I am done! Had to wait a looong time for my relative to pick me up but whoohew! I feel pretty great except for massive dry mouth... So realize when you come to you will be very raspy and craving water immediately. I was told my procedure went very well so I am hoping I will love my results!

Looking at my face now... I have prominent bruising under my eyes and the area between my eyes is so swollen that it's pushing against my eyes a little and making them look a little smaller... No biggie though. I attached a picture of myself in the car on the way home. Excuse my appearance. Thank goodness I have Arnica and my vitamin C at home waiting for me!

7.1.11 So this is my technically my "next day"...


So this is my technically my "next day" following surgery post. I feel fine. As said before, I do have prominent bruising under my eyes... like dark dark blue and purple. I hope it goes away within 10 days since I am going back to work on the 11th haha. I don't want to be asked questions!

As far as pain goes, I do not feel any. As a precaution I took a painkiller before bed last night to prevent any waking up at 3 am with a throbbing face. I have not felt a need to take anymore though yet. I am still oozing into the gauze under my nose a little but it's less bloody than it was right after surgery obviously. I can already see a difference though in my nose when I change my gauze out! It's definitely more slender. I can't wait to see it when the cast comes off even though I've heard it swells like crazy.

So I guess that's it for now! I am still taking my Vitamin C with bioflavinoids as often as I can as well as Arnica every few hours... and of course my antibiotics.

Wish me luck for a speedy recovery and for the results I want! Don't hesitate to ask questions either :)

Ok I caved and posted two pictures that were taken...

Ok I caved and posted two pictures that were taken 10 minutes following my cast removal.

As I said in a post earlier, it's hard to see a difference in my before and right-after-my-cast-was-removed pictures. I am told my nose looks very swollen at the moment and that it will take months before my final nose shows. I know people keep saying that... but I really hope so! As of now, I see small changes (all good but still small) so I'm holding out for now on making my decision on whether it was ultimately worth it or not (to spend the money really).

My nose didn't need a hump removed or to be shortened etc. so like I said it's hard to tell I had anything done. Both my BF and aunt said they couldn't see a difference as of yet but both said it's obvious to them that it is a little swollen. Still they see my face all the time and know what is different. I feel like my nose still looks big for my face haha but again I am told it is all swelling and it will get thinner. As of now that's hard to imagine since I just don't know how thin it can get! I'm wondering now if I didn't stress enough that I wanted it smaller too... I would have that thought that would have been implied but maybe not.

Anyways, that's my update for now on the situation. Now I'll just spend the next few months hoping it becomes smaller, slimmer and more angled! I will update with photos at each month interval. Hopefully I will be able to see a more significant progression this way. Wish me luck! :)

7.21.2011 Exactly 3 weeks post op. My bruising...


Exactly 3 weeks post op. My bruising is totally gone. Woohoo! As of now, still big and swollen and, of course, hoping it will get smaller and smaller day by day. I also hope the swelling is uneven because one side seems bigger than the other and it makes my nostrils look funky haha. Those in my family who know about the procedure are still saying it looks the same size as before... which can only mean it will get smaller as the swelling goes down, right? That's my reasoning.

Another observation.. My nose skin right now is really oily which sucks because I would love to use my Clarisonic device on it but was advised not to do so for at least a month. Using Biore nose strips seem to be helping. Darn black heads. Hopefully that will improve with time as well!

That's all for now. Please note that I am documenting my experience as it is happening so I can't really reflect back on this yet since I do not have my final results obviously! :)

Still disappointed and wished I would have gone to someone else who has experience with short noses...

Almost 3 years later and I'm still very disappointed with the outcome... I will have to have a revision to address my breathing concerns and the unevenness with my tip. Also hoping that the crookedness can be sort out plus lengthening as well since that's what I wanted in the first place. If anyone knows of a doctor with experience with lengthening short noses please let me know. I wish I had waited to go to an expert with short noses and I will have to pay the price with my impatience. Please do not make my mistake!

Very angry! Found out I have nasal obstruction and cartilage contraction because of shoddy primary with this man!!

Just saw a specialist about my nose Friday since I am tired of being unable to breathe or smell properly anymore. Lo and behold because of Dr. Ciardullo's horrible work I was confirmed to have nasal obstruction on both sides as well as cartilage contraction in my tip "due to lack of proper support that should have been addressed and taken care of in primary surgery." Oh plus my nose is crooked, uneven nostrils, bridge is scooped out like a ski slope...may I go on?

UGH. I'm so upset and angry about this. This doctor Ciardullo took a short nose and made it even SHORTER. You know what kills me? If I hadn't let this quack touch my face in the first place I could have gotten my congenital upturned tip corrected properly. Now I'm told that my nose will not have the ability to be lengthened at all due to the way my cartilage was brutally hacked by this man. My skin already has shrunken around the shorter structure and because of my lack of elasticity to stretch it back out, I'm screwed.

Stay away from this guy... He doesn't do 3D consults (at least he didn't when I went in 2011 and he said something along the lines that he "doesn't need those as they aren't always accurate "... Wtf what rhinoplasty surgeon says that?! You think your image and my image of how I want to look is the same in your head? That's why we need SIMULATIONS to discuss!) and honestly never trust a doctor who doesn't offer them.

I wish I had never gone to this man. It absolutely breaks my heart. I'm happy that insurance will cover most of my revision due to these problems but still... It's not worth it. I wish I had gone to a better surgeon. This man should have had the decency to tell me he couldn't handle my short nose case and instead, took my money and left me with a mutilated tip.

Thanks for nothing.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ciardullo in White Plains provided the surgery... and almost 3 years later, I will have to say I am still very disappointed in the outcome. Not only is my breathing still worse than before (everyone says I sound super nasal and it's hard to breathe out of my nose) but I have a lot of extreme unevenness in my tip cartilage and with the way he operated my nose looks more crooked... and fat at the tip since he narrowed my bridge but left the tip fat and gave me a noticeable ski slope with my profile. I will be looking to get a revision with a doctor who has actual experience with short noses.

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