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Well I’m a 24-year-old female (going on 25 in 3...

Well I’m a 24-year-old female (going on 25 in 3 days). As the story goes I’ve wanted this since I was a teenager, however my mother was not going to let me have surgery. Years went by and it stayed in the back of my mind. I have worn glasses since I was 12 so my dorsal hump was pretty much unnoticeable. However I was very insecure especially when I started to wear contacts and when I started college. As the years went by I my nose just seems to have gotten bigger and bigger. I promised my self I would have the surgery when it was feasible for me. After I graduated and got a job the first thing I saved for was this. So earlier this year I realized I’m turning 25 I can either spend my vacation from work going to the jungles of Costa Rica, or on a Mediterranean cruise which was the next 2 vacations I had planned with my sister and mom OR I would do something for me.
Guess what I’ve decided! As I became more vocal about it I don’t think my family believe me. But I did some research, stumble upon this website read 1-2 reviews (there wasn’t much I could fine) and really appreciated their results, first hand accounts, and what they really thought of the doctor. I scheduled a consultation for February, I believe but I couldn’t get the day off eventually rescheduled for April while putting in vacation for the end of July. I was either going to spend my vacay vacationing or recovering! After meeting him during the consultation I made the decision right away! (I know what am I thinking right?? I guess I’m a gut feeling type of person). I expressed all my concerns especially when he brought up my tip I made it clear no piggy nose for me I do not want to see my nostrils!!!! He said a raise would be more pleasing (I believed him more and more in the coming weeks). All the while telling him I do not want to see my nostrils!! Also we’ve been discussing a nostril tuck… I think that’s what it’s called…
Now for the good stuff:

Thursday July 26: Day of surgery: I did not eat anything the night before even though worked until 11:30pm so it was hard since I’m accustomed to stacking when I get home. But I was too concerned about complications like aspirations etc so NO EATING I had to remind my self constantly. I arrived at the office on time met with the nurse and got all my do’s and don’ts of post op. Meet with Dr. C once again we talked about the nostril tuck I left that in his hands if he think I REALLY needed it.

All I remember was the IV being placed in the back of my hand because they couldn’t find my veins higher up. The anesthesiologist injected something and I was OUT. Everything was successful I would say: well I woke up right I was thankful for that lol even though I wasn’t too much worried of that. I remember waking up for anesthesia I immediately sat up and was disoriented for a second and it was worst because I had no contacts on (for those of you who wear glasses you would understand what it’s like waking up groggy with everything blurry= annoying). The first thing I asked was to see how I looked. Anyways I was feeling uncomfortable and I guess I said pain so they gave me a pain medication, nurse helped me to the potty room – still dazed but I had to go. Had a can of soda, which I wasn’t too happy about, but instant sugar was what I need. She escorted to the car and they I was on my way home feeling ok. I remember Dr. C telling me he did the nostril tuck, he thought I need it. That night I was feeling good except obvious pressure on my nose and soreness under my tongue, eventually when the haze went away I look at it in the mirror and was pissed that my lingual frenulum was ripped… soo soo pissed. I called the office got an operator person left a message Dr. C was prompt and called back, he said it happens during surgery but it will heal by itself. Really it happens?? I wish they were careful about that; there is no need for it to happen if you know it can right?? As soon as I get back to work I need to talk to some respiratory therapist about how to prevent that. Anyways I’m glad it will heal spontaneously. I changed the mustache gauzed and went to sleep in my 45-degree angle with a bottle of water. I don’t remember taking any painkillers. As figured that night sleep was terrible I woke up every 2 hours due to a dry mouth.
Also earlier that evening I think I was standing for too long and nearly passed out I became very dizzy with an overwhelming nauseous feeling, immediately sat down and stayed down!

Day 1 after surgery Friday July 27: Sorry guys seems like I’m writing a short story ?. Bruising under my eyes mostly left.. I wonder why? (More red at this stage) yes! Swelling yes! Nothing I couldn’t handle. The IV site was also incredibly bruised and painful I wished my veins were easier to find a bigger vein than the one on the back of my hand would have been more suffice for sure a potent med. But that was the least of my worries, I keep looking at my tip and it seemed very high exactly what I didn’t want I see my nostrils sooo clearly it’s like all I can look at of course there’s tape holding it up but is it really holding it up of just taped that way. I was sad and disappointed. I tried a Q-Tip way to sensitive even though I wanted to clean my nose I was no masochist, so I decided to leave it be. I also have another terrible dizzy spell. I called the office but it was too late I spoke to the receptionist, she said I just had surgery don’t judge, positive thoughts, and rest. Great advise I rested but still worried about my tip! Took a painkiller and slept well. Also late afternoon my nose was no longer leaking so I did not replace the gauze after taking the one I place in the morning on.
Day 2 Saturday July 28: Had my nephews over they weren’t as scared of me as I thought they would be, terrible I couldn’t hold the 6 month old but this smile helped get my mind off of my nose. Good day overall, bruise was turning blue but ok. Realized I should laugh not too pleasant! Took my meds had my contacts on, no pain med. Not a bad day at all. Slept fairly well that night. I tried the nasal spray today (I couldn’t do it had my mom) it was not so bad but my nose was still sensitive especially inside.

Day 3 Sunday July 29: I’m tired of sleeping at this angle having pain in my back ugh! But I don’t want swelling so I will continue in that sleeping position maybe try sleeping on my side a this angle but ice pack, stretching or heating pads didn’t help and I don’t want to take a vicodin it will just mask the pain, 2 tylenol and a different sleeping position that will have to do! (Still worried about my tip).

Day 4 Monday July 30: I think it worked pain in back = minimal. Most importantly I called Dr. C he confirmed that the tip does drop (I’m still so nervous. I spent all day trying to clean everything out he said to try some Vaseline but that was not good idk if the blood is dried onto stitches or onto hair but it hurts a lot including the stitches by my nostrils that kept hooking on the stands of the Q-Tip and pulling OMG PAIN! By the end of the day I gave up, I will try oceans spray no more peroxide. I want more than anything for it to be clean!!! But I’ve had enough of the pain. Sleep was terrible Monday night! Maybe the Vaseline sealed my nostrils, maybe that was a bad idea! Antibiotic therapy finished today 12 pill 3xper day = 4 days.

Day 5 Tuesday July 31: Tried some sprays, gentle with the Q-Tip but took it easy I will clean when the cast and the stitches are off! 2 Tylenols again I didn’t want to take a vicodin I wanted the pain gone, stretching, heating pad, nothing worked.

Day 6 Wednesday August 1: the waiting game. No more pain on my stitches, mostly bruising gone, I can move my lip a bit more... I just want my cast off, stitches out, and tip to drop… Patience Patience Patience I need to remember that this year. I’m soo excited for the cast to come off; I want to take a proper shower and to wash my entire face with lots of water!! Tip: if you don’t do baths extendable shower heads are great, especially when washing hair too!.

Day 7 Thursday August 2: I got my cast off today...

Day 7 Thursday August 2: I got my cast off today ?!!! Super exciting day. Before I got the cast taken off I had to sit and prepare myself by asking Dr. C all my questions (yes I wrote questions down it’s very helpful actually I did it during the Pre Op appointment also). The two most important questions: Q: How long will it take my tip to drop? A: Weeks (vague but I get it: Patience). He was very confident about the tip dropping. Q: Is it possible for the tip to appear even more upturned after the cast is removed. A: Yes! This is because of swelling at the base of the nostrils where the nose connect to the upper lip/mustache area I’m not sure what you call that. This meant I needed to continue my pineapples, start the papayas & take arnica more often!
The actually removal of the stitches was not painful but I was still flinching and the cast I couldn’t contain myself. It felt as if he was ripping off something that was stuck to my skin for too long. Even though I know he was being gentle and my sister confirmed the sensation of having the cast removed that was compressing my nose it was definitely not pleasant but eventually it was off. The results were beautiful! My nose felt delicate, tip numb and definitely looks and felt swollen, also bruising is still apparent but nothing I can’t manage. Right now almost the end of the day it is less delicate but I am being very careful with it, still swollen and numb. The columella has drop this could be because the tape was holding it up before and/or maybe because that is just the structure of my nose but if it is any indication of how far the tip will drop I’m excited!
***Note: Putting make up on the nose is a major fail!! No matter how much I wash the nose is very oily and the tip feels very rough. Even my sunscreen and moisturize would not rub in. My suggestion was as much as you can use astringent on a cotton pad and wipe & minimal amounts of moisturizer/sunscreen making sure to let it dissolve into the skin. Also, minimal makeup on the nose itself and close by it. Eventually I used just foundation and a tad concealer around the nostril to cover the line where the reduction was made; it wasn’t perfect but good enough for me to have a normal day doing little errands.

Oct 12: WOW my original review is very...

Oct 12: WOW my original review is very long!!
Update: For the most part love it!! My nose gets extra runny when I cry (no more sad movies for me!!) But it is nothing I can't handle. I am worried about the cold months though. The tip of my nose is still very hard but I have gotten used to it.
Also if you look at the after pic my columella is still very prominent but I have already discussed that with Dr. C & I want to wait until I meet that 1 Year mark before I make any further decisions.
Bottom line: Love it & Happy I went through with it.
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I've found this provider through this website and find that it is only fair to add my review also. The after care I wanted to rate as 4 stars only because I don't remember seeing him for long, just long enough for him to tell me he had to do the nostril tuck, but the nurse at the beside was very comforting, she gets 5 stars. Of course it is a doctor's office so wait is always expected to be some time lots of magazine and a few brochures to help the time go by if you need sometime. I would love to put up pictures but i'm not sure how to keep them private!

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