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First, I need to thank all people that shared...

First, I need to thank all people that shared their experience on this website -- it was so helpful to me. I would like to share my experience hoping that I will provide some useful information as well.

The reason why I opted for rhinoplasty is that I never liked my nose even though it does not have an egregious flaw. It just never felt right for my face: a small dorsal hump, a bit long, a bit wide in the tip but the worst part is how it looks when I smile – it will just change it’s shape, becomes droopy, with flared nostrils and the hump and the wide tip look even worse. This probably makes it sound worse than it is, I like how I look generally but I will just avoid smiling on pictures and as I got older ( I’m 35 now) the nose seems to grow and change for the worse so I decided that I will just fix it. What prompted my decision is the results I saw on this website of some revisions that resembled my case.

I live in NYC so I met a bunch of celebrity surgeons and I felt comfortable with most of them, I even scheduled a surgery with one, paid the deposit and then opted out which was not the smartest thing to do. The price I was quoted was anywhere between 13,500 to 18,000+ which I can afford but it still felt so expensive a price for my vanity…But I was sure that I want this, I just decide to wait and meet a few more surgeons before I made my decision.

Then I came across a few review of Dr. C and before I even met him I had a good feeling about him – so many genuine stellar reviews and such amazing results.
So when I called to schedule my consultation, I already scheduled my surgery date, this before I even met Dr. C. Anyway, I met him 2 weeks later and this was also my pre-op.
I felt so comfortable with him and his colleagues, I loved the results of the dozens before and after pictures that he showed me.

I initially wanted several changes on my nose but all of them subtle; since my flaws are kind of obvious, most surgeons recommend changes before I even try to explain what I want which does not bother me the least; Dr. C recommendations were quite appropriate, but more aggressive then what I originally planned but I decided to trust his taste and experience completely, I went for a change and I was prepared to see a different self after the surgery. Yet, I was hoping to be back to work in a week with nobody noticing.

The surgery, 2 weeks later went well, I went to the office early, I was not nervous at all. The nurse and the anesthesiologist made me feel so comfortable, 5 minutes later I was awake. I already had black eyes and swollen. I remained in the office a few hours before my husband came to pick me up as they would not let me go by myself. The doctor came out of surgery to say good bye and to tell me that the surgery went well and that he decide to ‘tuck in’ my nostrils which I hoped won’t be necessary as it leaves external scars (and I had a closed rhinoplasty otherwise).

I was very embarrassed to show up in my doorman building all in bandages and bloody (my nose was still dripping blood), but oh well, a small price to pay. Next few days were tough, I guess I had high expectations for the recovery but it was painful. I took painkillers non stop for the first 4 days and I spent them mostly in bed, icing. What I found indispensible, were the 4 ice gel packs that I ordered from Amazon. I also got the swiss therapy mask which was good but not as efficient as the ice gel packs as the relief will last only a few minutes. I also got the instant ice packs (24 for $15 also on amazon) as sometimes just didn’t feel well enough to got to the fridge and change the ice packs.
I abided by all recommendations, slept in a recliner, took arnica montana, vitamin C and bromelain, and iced constantly for the first 3 days. I had much more severe bruising and swelling than almost everybody that posted pictures on the website, but by the 6 day I looked much much better so I think all of the supplements helped.

The cast came off on the 7th day; the profile looked so nice (the change in the profile always looks good after the cast is off) but my front was too swollen, yet, I was very happy as the structure was there and I knew the swelling will subside soon.
But I was very scared when I looked in the mirror a few hours later: the swelling between the eye got worse to the extent I had a small ball there that made me look monstrous. It took 2 days to see this subside and the tip looked a bit thinner.

I am 12 days post surgery now and I am loving my results. I know that it will get better but I am happy even if it doesn’t. My nose still droops a bit when I smile but I don’t mind it anymore. Overall, a smaller nose, a nice profile curve, a much more refined tip and far less drooping when I smile. I love it! And it now looks so natural on my face. The tip is raised just a bit and I believe it makes me look younger. Today is my first day back to work and nobody noticed. I think the scars on the sides of my nostrils are visible but with make up you can hide them and I will deal with them later.

For confidentiality I will not post full pictures but I will post partial pictures tomorrow and I can email you more info if you are interested.

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

The swelling seem to have subsided except for the...

The swelling seem to have subsided except for the tip. The tip looks asymmetrical from the front, it's visible on the last picture; at this point I don't think it's the swelling...well I'm slightly worried, I hope I don't have to go through a revision.
Another problem - as I had external incisions to reduce the size of the nostrils, the wound on the right sight has not healed yet, I think there is an infection which I can not seem to fix with over the counter medicines...I'll have to go and see my doctor

The infection on the the external stitch on the...

The infection on the the external stitch on the side nostril has not been resolved. I saw my doctor a couple of days ago and he said that it's nothing, he checked for stitches but said that ne didn't see any. Anyway, the same problem persist. I'm so frustrated, I am going on a three week trip, will be mostly in remote places with no hospitals nearby...
I still think there is a stitch or something else causing the infection but it is probably deeper so I may need xray. I will not be able to fix this before my trip so I hope it doesn't get worse over next few weeks. I doubt that it will get resolved by itself as it has been a month since the operation now

It has been almost two months since my surgery. My...

It has been almost two months since my surgery. My nose is not numb any more, I hope that the tip will get a bit more refined with time but even if it doesn't I will not be too disappointed. What I am disappointed about is that tip dropped over the last three weeks and now it droops again when I smile.

Ok, today was my 2.5 month post-op with Dr. C....

Ok, today was my 2.5 month post-op with Dr. C. What I though was an infection was a stubborn disolvable stitch that took a while to fully disintegrate. My scars look much better, they are barely noticeable. My profile looks very nice. I have some slight asymmetry which Dr. C. will fix with fat if necessary after the sixth month post op. Still some swelling to go in the tip but the results should be close to final. I wish my tip remained more elevated as it were in the first 2 weeks but oh well, I remind myself I was not chasing perfection but a significant improvement which is what I got and I am enjoying my new nose.

Ok, it has been almost six months now and at this...

Ok, it has been almost six months now and at this point I only have good things to share. I had a closed rhinoplasty -- hump removal, bridge narrowing, tip narrowing and rotation as well as alar base adjustment. I liked my results all along, but there were aspects that I was worried about like some asymmetry in the upper part of the bridge, the scars around the nostrils were not healing properly and the tip was still a bit droopy. Over the last 6 months though, my nose continue to improved and i am surprised that some significant changes must have occurred in the last few weeks, my nose looks now better than ever. I am really happy and relieved that all of the above concerns do not apply to what I am seeing now. I guess I should not have dismissed the advice to be patient and wait long enough to see final results. I was not completely satisfied around month 2 and i was contemplating even a revision as I was thinking that the changes after the 2nd month should be too minor to make a difference but it turned out not to be the case -- subtle, yes, but definitely significant changes that make a difference will continue to take place between month 2 and 6...so be patient!
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ciardullo is very experienced. He has operated more than 3,000 noses and he has been voted top US surgeon many years in a row, yet he remains so modest. He doesn't advertise or write many publications, he didn't even had a website until last year but Dr. Ciardullo has built an incredibly successful practice just by word of mouth. This is what impressed me the most and made me feel comfortable that I am in good hands. His staff was very helpful and extremely supportive, they made the whole experience flawless. But at the end it's all about the results, and my results are amazing!

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