Major Dorsal Hump, May5th, Closed Rhinoplasty, 19 Year Old - White Plains, NY

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Like everyone else seeking rhinoplasty, I was very...

Like everyone else seeking rhinoplasty, I was very insecure about my nose. My main problem was my dorsal hump. This interfered with my social life and made me dread taking pictures. When I turned 18 I decided to wear big Ray Bans, not only because my bump was less visible but I had bad vision. Then the problem occurred where I didn't feel comfortable taking off my glasses at ALL. Especially because of the red marks that were on my bridge and would probably take over a week to go away. This is when I became obsessed with realself and when I came across Dr. Ciardullo he seemed to be very affordable for NY and he also specialized in noses. I wouldn't feel comfortable in going to surgeon who mainly does Butts or Boobs lol. Without even meeting him I knew he would be the one to do my surgery. I loved his before and after pictures and he has literally no bad reviews. I instantly started saving and booked a consultation. I had to wait a couple weeks before I got to talk to him but that's understandable since he's so busy. The day of the consultation I was anxious because I didn't know how soon my surgery would be. I wanted it as soon as possible because summer is coming and I know the nose takes forever to recover. When I entered his office, the first thing I noticed were all his awards he's received over the years, "Westchesters best doctor" etc... He asked me a few questions and then looked at my nose. He pointed out three changes he would make to my nose to compliment me. Dr. Ciardullo was spot on! He said he would shave my hump, refine my tip a tad, and narrow my bridge. Although my main insecurity was my hump, I wanted balance and I was all for improving other aspects of my nose. It is one price after all. He also answered most of my questions through his introduction. He showed me his operating room and showed me a nose he's done that's very similar to mine. It was a no brainer especially after he told me revision rhinoplasty is covered. But that's only if there's an actual problem that needs fixing. This wouldn't apply to a perfectionist who had a drastic improvement and still finds something insignificant to bother them. He told me the rhinoplasty would be 6,500$ and the anesthesia would be $700 it was around the price range I was expecting and I had the whole amount so I was thrilled. For those who don't have the amount right now, he offers financing through care credit and no interest is charged if paid within 6 months. I scheduled my rhinoplasty on the spot with the receptionist who was very nice as well. I told her ASAP and she scheduled my surgery in 2 weeks. I just had to get blood work done 1 week before. She printed out some pre op instructions for me. I started taking vitamin C with bioflavonoids 2 weeks before and arnica Montana tablets 2 days before. The day of my surgery was a breeze, I simply went in and changed, took some more before and after pictures, then I conversed with the kind staff before feeling the effects of anesthesia. Once I woke up I was in no pain, I remember the nurse saying she's calling my mom to pick me up now. Once my mom came, the nurse went over some instructions and guided me to the car. The only discomfort I felt was stuffiness and from swallowing. I pretty much just watched tv, read, ate, and slept on the recliner for my recovery. No painkillers needed, just a couch potatoes dream. My cast came off in ten days and I LOVED IT. Swollen and all, it was such a drastic improvement and my side profile was amazing! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

18 days post op , confident

Went to Chinatown today and felt so confident and beautiful taking photographs. Keep in mind it's only been 18 days !


These are some supplies that I suggest. I'll be posting 2 month post op pictures in two weeks :) stay tuned

Someone asked if I had a piggy phase, yessiree

This was the most piggish my nose ever looked. Probably post op day 3, don't get too discouraged if this happens to you. Once I took off my cast at day 10, it didn't look that way at all. So I was beyond relieved.

7 weeks post op

I wanted to wait a full two months but hey why not. I love how I can take so many side pictures now without a care in the world. I love how natural looking it is. When I went to the pharmacy two days ago, one of the teenage cashiers gaped at me, he could not recognize me. He said wow you look so different without glasses! You went from a 10 to a 20. That honestly made my day. I wouldn't dare walk out the house before without my glasses. I had some people say something is different about you but not be able to pinpoint it. When I asked my ex coworker what she means exactly and said "there's less going on" pointing at my face.

2 months post op- in love

Two months post op. I had a follow up with the Dr a couple days ago to take more pictures and address any concerns. I just love pictures now! My nose isn't perfect but it's a 95% improvement in my eyes. If that makes sense lol. I won't be posting much from this point since I don't imagine drastic changes. However I'll still be answering any questions you guys have.

7 month post op

The before picture was years ago & the after was taken a few weeks ago. I can't stress how important it is to be confident with your doctor. This isn't a tummy tuck where you can hide it under your shirt if your not content. Going to another country because it's cheaper was one of the thoughts I had but I'm so glad I stuck to my hometown. "Cheap work ain't good and good work ain't cheap" is one of my favorite sayings. Although their are wonderful surgeons abroad, being near you doctor if complications arise is the best bet.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

So skilled !! 30+ years and over 3,000 noses done. Thank you so much.

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