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I went to Dr Mordcai Blau for a consultation...

I went to Dr Mordcai Blau for a consultation regarding chest reconstruction as I am transgender Female to Male. The procedure will involve removing breast tissue and also liposuction to fill in a 'pigeon chest' issue. This is usually done with a double incision under the breasts but Dr Blau is hoping to do it with smaller incisions and less scaring.

Incredible Results!

Before I begin may I say that having officially transitioned from Female to Male several years ago I held off from surgery for many reasons one being financial but the others based on the surgeries I had seen. A high percentage of them leave horrible scars. The surgeons basically cut across the entire chest in a line and you are left with that scar for life. This technique also looks very severe to someone like me who had never had surgery before. The recovery process is also very lengthy.
However after a consultation with Dr Blau I felt brave enough to go for it as he is known for doing surgery without leaving visible scars.
In pre op Dr Blau made no huge promises of outcome as my age (51) may be against me in terms of skin elasticity. So I went in there just hoping for the best.
The procedure went very smoothly and with only about 45 minutes total operating time. A lot of guys I know had surgeries lasting at least 2 hours and some even 4 hours.
My friend saw the results before I was bandaged up and she was amazed at the job he had done. No scars and perfectly flat.

Now a little over two months since surgery (surgery was on Nov 18 2013) and I still can't quite believe that I did it - and honestly if it hadn't been for Dr Blau's manner, his supportive staff and the added support of my friend I doubt if I would have had the courage. The healing process was very fast, the bandages off at week one and I was back in the gym in just over three weeks with no loss of strength.
My chest looks amazing and much better than I could have anticipated. Everyone who has seen it so far is amazed by the way it is healing and how good it looks!!! This surgery has totally changed my life!

In closing I have to say that the whole experience was made so easy for me by Dr Blau his office staff. Maryann is amazing when it comes to making people feel welcome and keeping tabs on them before and after surgery to make sure they are doing alright. Also his anesthesiologist deserves great credit for putting me totally at ease! I had no nerves on the day whatsoever.

I would highly recommend Dr Blau to anyone seeking a skilled cosmetic surgery
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As his reputation in the field of gynocomastia is .second to none I felt very confident in my choice. Although my surgery is slightly more complex he left me feeling very positive about the expected outcome. I will update this after my surgery with details of my experience.

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