My CO2 Fractional Laser Treatmen for Deep Acne Scar- Cathy Valencia - White Plains, NY

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Good day! I just want to share my experience...

Good day!

I just want to share my experience regarding with this CO2 fractional laser wherein I've been reading articles and watching videos that this procedure will resolve the issues of deep acne scar. I've search different trusted clinics ( trusted clinics since this procedure is quite sensitive and dangerous if not practiced by licensed or professional ) but its too costy.

That is why when i found this offer from Cash Cash Pinoy that Cathy Valencia offered 6 sessions of CO2 fractional laser for P8000++. I immediately grabbed it since normal rate of such procedure cost like P5000++- to P10000++.It also includes free facial before undergoing to the procedure to ensure that your skin is clean enough before the laser light touches your skin.

During my first visit, I am quite comfortable enough since i don't know yet how the procedure looks like. So they cleanse my face through facial and after that they applied this cream to make my face numb which took me for about 40 minutes before they removed it from my face. And then they guided me to this room where the procedure will took place. At first the pain level is tolerable enough to handle, but as time goes by, you can feel that your skin is getting warmer as if your near a source of fire. Since I'm a guy, i do have some mustache and beards and I can smell a burnt scent whenever the laser touches them. My entire face were like sweating since the level of pain was not tolerable enough. I'm also catching up my breath and sometime I moaned because of the pain (* Note: I'm not saying this to make you scared enough and make you decide not to undergo with this procedure ). After the procedure, they applied this VS cream which as per them it will help to reduce the redness and avoid my skin to get darken due to UV rays.

They also recommend me to acquire this set of creams which consists of 6 different creams, 1 toner, 2 soaps, and 2 ointments for me to avoid breakout and acne which costs fro about P10,000++..

During that time I need to have my 2 days leave since my work schedule is from Mon-Sat and they have this schedule that during those days that you can avail/undergo with the procedure.That is why I intend to have such procedure during Thursday after work so that I can extend my house rehabilitation until Sunday. Why 3 days? I was not able to go to work since 1st day my skin was soooo red and flaky. 2nd day those burned skin turned into dry brown colored skin and then 3rd day it starts to peel off until 4th day morning which falls on Monday which is my first day of my work again for that week. I always used sunblock before going to work especially for the first two weeks since your skill will be sensitive enough due to peeling and will get easily damaged by the sun if not protected by sunblock. That is also the reason why I always took my 2 days leave for work after the procedure because my skin will be 2x or 3x sensitive after having the procedure.

After my first session, there is no significant difference with my skin except for a fact that it felt soft and smooth.

2nd session still deep scar were not resurfaced yet but some of my discoloration and impurities were minimized.

3rd session still and feeling hopeless, no changes in deep scar but my skin get fairer and clean looking.

4th session still and feeling hopeless again, no changes in deep scars but my skin looks glowing and dewy and moisturized.

I only have 2 sessions left and as of this moment I'm quite like having this feeling that I will go to my next and last session just for the sake that i will consumed what i pay for but not with the excitement of dreaming and hoping to have an even resurfaced skin. I am not actually targeting with the same level of actor/actress skin characteristic but what I just want is to eliminate these deep scar of mine.

But the doctor and staff assured me that after the 6th session I can expect and get my desired result since as per them their longest procedure that they experienced with this client of them took 6 session before they attained their desired result. I'm hoping that this will also happen to me. I don't even care how much extra money I can afford to spend with ( just an average amount of money suitable for an average office worker ) and the time when I was not able to work which those days were deducted to my salary and might affect my performance evaluation as long as it worth it. This is my biggest frustration of mine way back then that's why I ended up to really pursue this one. I hope the clinic will not disappoint me since I trusted them enough as for they are known and established and endorsed by stars just like for Belo and Calayan.

I will give you my update after my fifth session on Mid August 2013. thank you and wish me luck guys :(.... Ill just post my photo as well after my 5th session thanks!

Update with pic - Current Condition

Cathy Valencia White Plains

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