Dr. C did miracle work!!! Made my dream come true :-)! Thank you Real Self for helping me find him!!

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Had my first appointment like a week ago to...

Had my first appointment like a week ago to discuss with Dr. Ciardullo that I wanted breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, he seems like an awesome guy, took so much time to explain everything. So I am 5'8, 150 pounds, and sometimes my weight fluctuates down to 135, I work out a lot and am a swimmer. I have one child who I breastfed. I am so excited to be getting breast augmentation as well as rhinoplasty, I have a horrible nose that makes my face look so manly, its literally a koala nose. On this review I will just post stuff about the breast augmentation.

I am going to use Dr Ciardullo in White Plains NY, and I hope it all turns out amazing! I want decent sized boobies, right now I am a B on a good day, but I have the deflation that comes with losing weight over time etc and I want like full sized knockers Lol but at the same time I dont want them to be an impediment on everyday life... So I brought up the idea of getting btw 450-475ccs and doc suggested 425 max, but then he seemed open to bigger sizes. So I said sure 425 to "be on the bigger side". Now I'm wondering if I should go for bigger like the 475 I thought. I'm not the doc, but he seemed open to it later on in the conversation. I have decent shoulders from swimming and I am not petite. So What do you girls think ?? I am just worried because I see on her girls that are like 5'4 getting 500ccs and Im worried with my height and weight that 425 cc is going to be wayy convservative and I dont plan to spend all this money for 'eh'. I mean its weird that I feel almost bad asking for a bigger size lol. I understand from reading stuff online that apparently 500cc can lead to complications so that is why I reasoned that 475 was better. My husband is gung ho about the whole thing. So maybe I will call the office tomorrow and let him know Im thinking I should go bigger. I am like 2 months away so I would think it would be fine to change. I will add a photo asap.

Ok, so the hubby took off today from work to meet...

Ok, so the hubby took off today from work to meet with the Dr today, and we decided on 450cc! Cannot wait to have my nose fixed and my boobs done, I seriously wish it was tomorrow :-) For the past two weeks I had been trying to convince myself that I didnt need surgery at all but deep down in my heart I have always hated my nose, my husband took a pic of me on his cell the other day just to show that I would immediately delete it. It will be nice when I do not have to do that anymore. I will just try to workout a lot before the surgery and eat healthy bc I know once its done I wont be able to workout for a while. I tried posting photos but it wont work for some reason! When I do please let me know anything that you ladies think!!

Hey girls, I am sure so many of you are excited...

Hey girls, I am sure so many of you are excited and cant wait for your big day!! I seriously wish it was tomorrow haha. I'm gonna workout now while my daughter takes a nap to keep my brain busy, otherwise I will be obsessively compulsively looking up photos of 450cc implant results and rhinoplasty results lol. My poor husband will have to hear about it for a few more weeks lol. I definitley have my emotional swings though of am I doing the right thing. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought was, I will soon be waking up with implants (will that feel really weird and unnatural??? not sure!) Oh well!!

Holy moly, so close now, two days! A month ago...

Holy moly, so close now, two days! A month ago when I had paid and booked the surgery, I had to literally forget I was getting this done or I would have driven myself mad with looking at boobs and reviews online :-). I am heading to my parents house tonight closer to where the surgery is happening and the husband has taken off work to take care of our daughter. Luckily tomorrow is my mothers birthday so I will be keeping myself busy by taking her out to lunch and picking out a present for her. :-) It will probably make me feel a bit better too since this whole operation is kindof selfish and expensive lol. Anyways, I will update everyone with a review of how it went, how the doctor was and nurse etc, and I wish everyone on this site goodluck with their doctor search or with their operations!! Thank you for all of the comments and support!

Oh and something funny I forgot to mention. For...

oh and something funny I forgot to mention. For some reason my boobs have literally gotten HUGE the past month, I dont know if Im holding water weight from stress for the upcoming surgery or whatever, but my bras that I had when I got pregant with my daughter and was breastfeeding are tight lol, so I am glad I am going with 450cc. Of course my boobs would decide to grow randomly at 28years old before surgery right? LOL

Just got bk from surgery, they didnt send my wife...

Just got bk from surgery, they didnt send my wife home with a surgical bra, should she put a front closing bra on tomorrow????? Bc she is sore right now and laying down now.

Hey Girls. Husband writing here. Wife was sent...

Hey Girls. Husband writing here. Wife was sent home without a surgical bra on. She is sore and laying down. should she put a bra on tomorrow?????

Hi girls, so today went fast, worst part was...

Hi girls, so today went fast, worst part was waking up from anesthesia but not really being able to totally wake up. Nose hurt a tiny bit but with vicodin and ice pack felt much better. Boobs swollen, and not perched up too high but hopefully all looks great, I thought they looked beautiful and natural. Nose I am excited to see, looks like it is better already! I posted three photos, please excuse my swollen and overall mess look haha. I will post more photos in the next days and next week when cast removed. Hope all keep well.

Doctor said not to wear bra for a weak, i have a...

doctor said not to wear bra for a weak, i have a bit of bruising today, face is so greasyy yuckkk! cant wait to get this cast off on thursday. gonna have my husband try to wash my hair later.

So ready to get this rhino cast off, yuck. i have...

So ready to get this rhino cast off, yuck. i have already trimmed the cotton coming out of my nose like twice and yesterday the one side of tape was like melting into my skin so i pealed part of it off, my skin was weeping underneath. so yeah I am ready! and its funny i guess my face must have been really swollen day of surgery bc the whole top part of the cast is not to my face anymore, so my nose has come down a lot in swellling I hope it all turns out well! It will be sooo weird to see myself with a differemt nose! I also hope to god its not too painful when he pulls the stuff out of my nose yikes I am such a baby. My boobs have turned out absolutley amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot rave enough and yes they are huge to me, so I'm glad I didnt go bigger than 450cc, I can always go bigger in a few years when the implants have to be changed etc. They look so natural. Tomorrow I will post new pics of the nose with cast off day one and new boob photos, each day they have looked more and more beautiful and natural and big :-). So far as boobs are concerned, Dr. C gets am excellent 10 out of 10.! My incision under the boob is barely noticeable, it also made me realize why would anyone want to go through the nipple. Ok talk soon girls!

Ok guys, so wow waited the whole week. And this is...

Ok guys, so wow waited the whole week. And this is my final review for a few months. If you need a nose job GO TO DR. C!!!! I really thought there was no way it could get any better after I saw how my boobs were shaping up, but then today i got my rhino cast off. Dr. C said well you didnt have a hump, so you will only notice a slight difference, and when he took the cast off my husband started almost crying. I saw in the mirror and so did I. I am so thankful that I read reviews on here about the doctor and went to him. I will post his before photos he gave me, and some from riding home from cast removal. In the photos I still have a lot of the surgery gunk on my face, my face was breaking out fom all of that, and a deep furrow line in my head has already started to dissapear, I think tomorrow I will brave enough to really wash my face well. I have been so paranoid. I know that every person needs to find that the doctor that works for them. I posted a lot of pics from today.

very happy with my results months later :-)

I will post some random photos so you guys can see how it turned out :-). some photos i may look a bit big bc we are expecting our second little one :-) very excited for you guys to see the difference in my nose, nobody even notices that i had anything done, bc it fits my face now and no longer sticks out as my bad feature! one of my photos will also be me in a bikini showing his great boob job pre me getting prego again haha. Hope these help!

recent pics :-) so its been more than a year

Love my results! but thinking of possibly getting an alar based reduction…I'll have to do a post asking if the Real Self Community plastic surgeons would recommend that next to get a more feminine front profile.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

on here! :-)

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