2 Days Post Op - White Plains, NY

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Hey Girls. I've been reading reviews on this site...

Hey Girls. I've been reading reviews on this site for months and finally decided to make one. I had my surgery yesterday, April 15th. I'm 22, 105 lbs, about 5'4. Decided to get 375 CC's, "Gummy Bear" silicone implants, High profile, sub muscular. After years of wanting them, I finally saved up enough and got it done. I'm really happy with the results. I have to say, after reading all the reviews, I'm really surprised that I have barely felt any pain since my surgery and have been pretty much able to do everything. This might be due to the strict diet I was on a month prior to surgery which might be helping me heal quickly. I was not given any type of bra to wear after surgery and I'm sure my doctor has a reason for this but I'm wondering if anyone knows why my surgeon wouldn't give me a compression bra. I was also wondering if any other girls who got 'gummy bears' has seen a significant drop, and if so, how long? Any answers/comments would be appreciated, thanks!

Day 3 Post-Op The day after surgery (yesterday)...

Day 3 Post-Op
The day after surgery (yesterday) was by far the worst in terms of soreness. Feeling much better today! So far, pain has been minimal, just hoping they drop soon, haven't seen the slightest difference even though its only been 3 days, im so impatient :p

So its been one week since my surgery. Starting to...

So its been one week since my surgery. Starting to love my new girls! Actually kind of mad that I didn't have this surgery sooner. Just been eating tons of pineapple for the bromelain in it which helps with inflammation. Still not able to sleep on my sides, never thought I would get used to sleeping on my back! My girls are still kind of hard/up high. Still have no feeling on the bottom half of my breasts, as well. I definitely see a difference every morning that I wake up, though. They drop more and more each day. My boyfriend is coming home from vacation tomorrow and is going to see them for the first time, should be interesting! :P

Almost two years later!

Hey girls! It has been a year and nine months since my breast augmentation. As you can see, they've dropped significantly and I am absolutely in love with them. Looking back on how nervous and apprehensive I was to get it done, I really can't imagine my life without them. It was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made that made such a huge difference in my life. I remember before I got my breasts done, I would scan this website for hours looking for pictures and testimonials to talk me out of it because I was so nervous about getting it done. Figured I'd come back a few years later and share my photos in the hopes that they would inspire or help someone else. Get them done! So worth it.

Almost 3 years post Op

Three years later. Look more natural every year. Cant even remember what it was like to be flat chested. Changed my life in so many positive ways and i am greatful everyday that i went through with it.

Four Years Post Op

I love coming back to this review and being able to contribute four years later. I know when I was first deciding whether or not to get implants, I spent hours on this website searching for updated profiles. Hope I can help! As you can see, my implants have significantly dropped and are doing better than ever!
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