28 Year Old Rhinoplasty 12/08/15 - White Plains, NY

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I've wanted a rhinoplasty ever since I can...

I've wanted a rhinoplasty ever since I can remember and I feel it's about time I get it done. I have done tons of research over the years and have relied heavily on pictures & past reviews in order to find the right doctor. I met with Dr Ciardullo back in June & my initial surgery was July 9th, however, seeing how I suffer from anemia I had to postpone the surgery for Oct 13 while I took some supplements to boost my iron levels. I really liked Dr Ciardullo from the get go. He is very professional and his knowledge specificly on rhinoplasty is excellent! ( Not to mention all the amazing results other patience of his have shared in this site). He was also very understanding & worked with me to try & reschedule my operation and told me exactly what supplements to take in order to improve my results! I used to be really scared of going through such a procedure, but he is such an excellent doctor that I am more excited than nervous. My blood work is scheduled for Oct 6 and I hope all goes well so I can proceed forward! I will update with info & pics since I too relied heavily on other peoples' info & pics!

Rhinoplasty december 8th

Finally set the date for my rhinoplasty, December 8th. If anyone has had rhinoplasty with Dr. C recently, I would love to hear about your results. Also pics would be nice, feel free to e-mail me in private miss_bunny81@hotmail.com

Rhinoplasty on 12/08

So I am just waiting for my rhinoplasty. I finally got medical clearance since I was suffering from anemia. I notice a lot of people take down their photos. If anyone has had rhinoplasty with Dr C I would love to hear about your results & if you could send pics that would be awsome! I hope my surgery goes well & m nose will look good!!!!


Need Feedback!!!!

I finally got medical clearance from my doctor, and I will have my rhinoplasty 12/08/15
I've read plenty of good reviews with Dr C. but his last review by samila1233 kind of scared me. The girl didn't post any pictures and I am a little hesitant. I don't want to F* up my face. If anyone else has had Rhinoplasty with Dr C. could send me pics, and also let me know if everything was ok, I would greatly appreciate it! I've been waiting for months to get medical clearance and I don't want to have to change doctors this late in the game. I haven't heard back from any of the girls on RealSelf who claim to have had rhinoplasty, nor from the girl who says her nose is F* up. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated from girls who have had Rhinoplasty specifically with Dr C.

Also feel free to e-mail me in private at miss_bunny81@hotmail.com
Thank you, and I hope to hear back from someone on this site SOOOON!!!

Good news

I finally got in touch with one of Dr C patients, & I am a little bit more relieved to talk to someone who has gone through the rhinoplasty & has had great results :) i will keep updating as much as possible till my op & after. Let the emotional rollercoaster begin lol

Less than a week

So I'm less than a week from my op. I was able to get in touch with a few patients of Dr Cs, old & new, and so far everyone I've talked too is very happy with the outcome (all rhinoplasty). I emailed with his former patients, even text messaged, and friended a few of the girls on fb & instagram, so I assume most of his good reviews are honest & real which has helped me be more confident about my decision to go through with the op. I've tried to get as much info as possible & make sure I fully research my doc before going through with the surgery. After all my research I am still confident enough to proceed, though I am still very nervous and hope for the best. No matter what doc you choose you will never be a 100% sure. I will post pics & keep updating after the op since I don't have much else to say.

Did it!

I finally did it! I just had my rhinoplasty this morning. I was super nervous about the op ( I haven't had surgery since I was really little, so this was basically my first experience) but everyone on staff was super friendly & extremly caring, making it a lot easier on me. Never realized how important it is to have such a caring surgical staff when you are super nervous & scared!! The nurse was one of the nicest ladies i've met, and she was very informative. DrC did one more pre op on me & then I went in to the back where I started talking to the anesthesiologist who was very easy to talk too. Before I knew it I woke up & everything was fine. Besides being a little sleepy & my throat being extremely dry, I had no pain, & I am still pain free a few hours later.

So far no swelling, but I heard that might change tomorrow. I'll keep icing & see how I feel tomorrow.

Overall a very good day! Im happy the surgery is over with & now I can relaxe as I heal. Hoping for a good looking nose :)

1st Day Post Op

So I did not experience any major swelling or bruising! I have been taking vitamin C & Arnica tablets pretty regularly, starting a few weeks back. I've also been sleeping upright & icing regularly which I'm sure helped too. My head feels a little puffy, and my nose feels tight/ sometimes I feel pressure & it's still leaking, but no pain. I posted a few pics before & after & I will post more once I get my cast off. There is a little pinching going on at the tip of my nose & my nostrils look long & a little uneven, but I'm hoping once the cast is removed & swelling goes down it will look more natural. I hope!!!

Cast Off

So yesterday I got my cast off. I was pretty much in shock, i didnt hate my nose but I didnt like it either. Under the cast the skin was all wierd so it made it worse. I had some swelling in my cheeks and forehead and my tip looked too projected... Maybe swelling even though it was taped up? I dunno. Getting the cast off also hurt more then I had expected.
At this point I don't know what to think about my nose.

Cast off pics

So after I left the office i took a few pics. Again i dont hate it but i am not happy about the results either. My front view looks wierd. It might be from the swelling in my tip, but i feel it is very bulbous looking. The nose itself isnt perfect but its the tip i really dont like and hope its swelling from the way it was taped with the cast. I really hope it drops and looks more natural. I never know what ppl mean when they say the tip dropped? I want mine to be at least at the same level as my nostrils. I dunno how long that will take or if it will happen??

Cast off end of day

So i took a lot of pics my first day because i new my nose would swell up. By the time i got home my nose already looks more swollen. Again, i don't hate it, but i don't feel like it suites my face very well. The profile i like, but the front looks very sculpted & the tip looks piggish. I don't know why my tip is so round looking?? I really hope eventually it will come down and blend in more with my nostrils and the rest of my nose. On the other hand, I am really happy healing wise everything has gone ok. I haven't had any complications yet and pray i don't get any!! I am able to breath through at least one nostril and sometimes two. I have been cleaning my nose with qtips & hydrogen peroxide since 2nd day post op, as well as using the ocean spray a few times a day.

So far getting used to my new nose has been extremely difficult for me. The fact that just in one day it went through so many changes i didn't even get a chance to really get used to any particular shape. Its been swelling & changing every time i look at it.

Swelling sucks

Yesterday & today have probably been the hardest days since starting this journey. I know ppl say its emotionally draining and boy i felt it. Cast off day wasn't too bad, like i said, im not thrilled yet about my new nose, but i don't hate it. I think if i hove it time i might start to get used to it & like it. Today however has been way worse. I woke up swollen, then somehow throughout the day the swelling went away, only to return even more!!! I was not even this swollen after the initial surgery, so i was in a bit of a shock when i saw my nose. And its not just the nose, but my cheeks & forehead are pretty swollen too. The swelling also makes my nose look super projected and pig-like. I was expecting this, and read others' reviews about this, but seeing my own face in this shape really freaked me out. I know it will go down, but i hope it goes down a lot and my face & nose will look more normal, & hopefully better then yesterday as well.

I will continue to post once the swelling goes down in a few days/weeks

Good news

Swelling has gone down a lot overnight and my nose is starting to look better 10 days post op. I feel i swell up when i am more active, cleaning, walking around too much, ect... I am starting to like the way it looks but i'm also really early in the process for any final conclusion. I'll post some pics once i start wearing some make up.

2 Weeks Post Op

So it's been 2 weeks & so far everything is good! I'm happy with my nose but I don't love it yet. That is not to say it's bad in anyway! I've deff gotten used to it on my face lol but iy still feels "big"though that might just be the swelling. The shape i've gottan used too & i like, & i think it looks way better then my old nose. The tip is still very round but again i think that is due to swelling. Breathing is still difficult.. Sometimes i can breath but moving around gets me all stuffy! And the nose is impossible to touch due to pain, and sometimes it feels itchy. I haven't tried to blow my nose yet but I do use the ocean spray A LOT!
I know I was initially freaked out after cast removal & I think everyone goes through that...or atleast a majority of ppl do... But you get used to your new nose once the swelling goes down, just gotta remember how bad it was before op. I think I'm starting to like my new nose & will like it more once its not so swollen! Hopefully the overall shape doesn't change too much & no conplications arise. Other then that, all is good!

3 Week Mark

So i'm pretty much used to my new nose& deff loving it! A lot of the swelling has gone down & its starting to look more natural! There is a slight bump on my bridge where i think a graft was placed but at this point its barely visible & i hope it clears with time. My face is not as stiff as it was the first 2 weeks & it doesn't hurt so much when I touch my nose, but I am still very gentle with it!!! The skin is still very flacky & my pores look horrible & oily but those are things that will resolve with time. If anyone has any good ideas what to do about the skin let me know! I use facewash with tea tree oil that is antbacterial so i hope it helps kill some of the dirt & then a light moisturizer for the flacky skin. At night I use coconut oil as well. My breathing is still iffy, but im still early in the healing process & dr said it could take a few months before I can breath normally. Ill continue posting pics & only update with significant changes!

3 Months Post Op

3 months post Op and my nose is looking pretty good. I am definitely liking it a lot and as time goes by I can see the swelling going down. My only issues thus far is my skin on my nose is still extremely oily and flaky, and I am still having issues breathing. I can breath through both nostrills on and off or one at a time, but for 80% of the time it's easier to breath through my mouth. I hope these issues will clear up as more time goes by. Other then that my nose looks pretty good. I think like most ppl I can still see a few things I would prefer to fix/ change but none major enough yet to warrant any drastic action.

10 Months Post Updated

Just wanted to do a brief updated. It's been 10 months since my rhinoplasty, and even though the beginning was rough and recovery immediately after was emotionally draining, I am happy to say I love my nose & I am so happy I went through with it! Healing takes time and the swelling really dose mess with your mind especially the first 4-6 months. I don't know if I will see any more changes going forward but right now I am very pleased with my result. My nose still gets oily... though way less then before and it is still tender.. Not painful in anyway but I am always super careful with it. Besides that my breathing is pretty much back to normal but I do find that my nose is a little more sensitive and can easily become congested when its dry outside. These are all minor issues that could be expected with any nose job. Enjoy the pics and wish you all beautiful results! And remember give yourself time to heal!

11 months - almost 1 year post

So it's been one year. I get lots of messages from girls who are also thinking of getting their nose done and are super nervous. The surgery is a piece of cake. DrC and his staff were excellent and it was easier then going to the dentist. What most ppl including myself go through post surgery is dealing with recovery. It's hard to adjust to a new face especially at the beginning when you are swollen. That being said, you also need to adjust your expectations. Surgery can only do so much. It will never be perfect and I don't know if any dr can give you perfect, but an improvement you will definitely get. 90% of recovery is mental. You have to accept your new nose and be happy with it which is harder said then done, which is why so many ppl including celebs continue to go under the knife multiple times, never satisfied. If you are a strong mental person you will get through it. But surgery is not for the weak willed.
That being said, I am happy with my results. My profile is perfect and my tip does not droop. From the front my nose isn't perfectly straight but it wasn't straight to begin with and its not so obvious now that the swelling is gone. It doesn't even show up in pictures (unless you look for it) and nobody seems to notice it except for me. My breathing has returned back to normal but took over 6 months. I still have oily skin but that too is starting to improve especially since using tea tree oil on my nose. Like I said my results aren't perfect but I love the way I look now compared to before so for me it was well worth it. All I can say is be positive and stay strong! Good luck ladies
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Had my rhinoplasty with DrC & everything went wonderully! The surgical process was far easier then I thought it would be. Dr C, the nurses, & the anesthesiologist were all extremly kind, caring, & attentive. I felt really comfortable and at ease even though I was super scared about the whole thing. Honestly happy with my decision to go with Dr C.

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