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Dr. C not only did my breast augmentation, but he...

Dr. C not only did my breast augmentation, but he did 3 of my girlfriends as well. All of our breasts are different sizes, but they look as natural as before we got them done. The biggest problem women have with implants is them being noticably fake. Dr. C has a way of positioning them, to perfectly suit your body type so you don't have this problem.

At the same time I had my breast augmentation, he re-did my ottoplasty. I had my ottoplasty done by a not so good surgeon and when it healed, it looked like I didn't get anything done. Not only did Dr. C, correct what this surgeon messed up, but my ears came out perfectly. Two years after that (3 months ago), I went back for the lipo, blepharoplasty, and botox.

Let me set the stage that I'm a petite girl and I was just going for lipo because regardless if I lost 10 lbs, I would still have a little extra fat in my abdomen area. It's only been a few months since the surgury, but what a difference. My stomach and sides are completely flat! Unlike other surgeons that just do the area that you pay for, Dr. C tapered off the lipo to my upper stomach, back, and sides, so it would look more natural (THIS IS KEY PEOPLE). My under eye surgury, is probably the BEST thing I invested in.

I'm in my late 20s, my lower eyes were getting very puffy. Over the course of a year, I went from having puffy eyes in the morning, to puffy eyes in the evening as well. Not only did he fix this problem entirely, but the bruising was minimal enough, that I went back to work after both 4 days later!

The last thing I will tell you about is my botox. I have very slight wrinkles on my forhead that I wanted to diminish. This was my first time getting botox, but of course it came out beautifully like the rest of Dr. C's work. Not too much, not too little, and it all came out very natural.

Having been to an average surgeon before I found Dr. C, I cannot tell you enough, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! If you can take one point away from all this, the best judge of a doctor is seeing his actual work. A lot of these younger guys are great salesman and great at advirtising and marketing themselves. DON'T FALL FOR IT. I highly recommend going with someone you can talk to their patients and see their work in person if you don't already know someone who's seen them. Best of Luck!

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This doctor is a miricle worker. I've gotten a breast augmentation, otoplasty (ears pulled back), liposuction in my lower abdomen and love handles, a lower lid blepharoplasty (fat taken out from under eye), and botox.

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