26 Years Old, 2 Kids Breastfed, Currently 34 Small B. Whitby, ON

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So I've had my consultation with Dr. Kara. I've...

So I've had my consultation with Dr. Kara. I've seen many reviews and known a few people that have had their ba done with him and nothing bad to say whatsoever. I'm very confident in his skills and not to mention his 24hr recovery breast augmentation!

So currently I'm sitting at a 34a.. but can wear a b sometimes too..I've had two kids, 6 & 4 and have been wanting this surgery since I was a teenager and never really got much boobs (my sister was so well endowed she got a breast reduction!), of course after breastfeeding both babes my boobs are now saggy and deflated.. paying for my new boobs by myself and in full up front. At my consultation I tried on 2 different sizers (325 cc and 400 cc ) I prefered the 400 cc! Going under the muscle with breast crease incision. Paid 50% deposit and go on the 18th to get my prescriptions! Pay remaining half on the 23rd (1 month before surgery!)

Has anyone else had the 24hr recovery ba?! Is it true? I'm getting it 2 days before Xmas and afraid I won't be able to do much! I'm excited but nervous for sure! Hopefully get on a computer to upload pics, seems I can't do it from my phone!?

Had my pre op!

So on Wednesday I had my pre op, signed all the papers, paid remaining half of procedure and tried on my sizers again. She also took my before pictures.. ugh can't wait for my afters! So I'm doing 375 cc on the right as it's a tiny bit larger than my left breast. And 400 cc on the left in hopes to balance it out. On suggestion of my pa. Only 33 days left!! *happy dance!* oh I got my prescriptions as well! Taking them to get filled tomorrow. Picked up cetaphil wash today and gravol that was on a list provided. I've already purchased two front close bras for after surgery. 2 different sizes, so we shall see! Cant wait!


so ive finally gotten around to getting my pictures off my phone and onto my computer to upload.. yay! I took some in the sports bra i was told to bring to the hospital, which is a lululemon front zip in a size 10 (burundy/wine coloured one)

nike sports bra!

i have always wanted to be able to wear this sports bra and actually have something to fill it! so i bought one and can not wait to try it post op!

sizers in clothes!

I also tried on a random shirt and they looked huge! was starting to doubt i was going big enough, then i saw this! lol hopefully they come out like this!

sizers at pre op!

second time trying on sizers at my ps office and loved them each time.. love that i cant see my belly button over them! hahaha


OMG i cant believe my op is 2 weeks away! the time has flown and i remember when i paid my deposit is was 50 days to go. getting nervous but excited! cant wait to get out of the itty bitty titty commitee for good! i wanna pick up some arnica as ive heard good things. been reading through my stuff like crazy so as not to forget anything.

So far i have:
stool softener
sports bras
front zip and button up clothes
antibacterial wash
bio oil

to get:

am i missing anything?!?!

Single digits!

9 days til the big day! Going crazy with excitement and hoping it all goes smoothly! Hope you're all healing nicely and good luck to those who go in soon!!

Its tomorrow!!!

OMG!! I can't believe in just over 12 hours I'll be arriving at the facility! Still doesn't seem real and I'm surprisingly calm.. I'm sure tomorrow on the drive there it'll be a different story.. drive normally takes 40 mins but it'll be during rush hour and will likely end up taking double that. Should be interesting.. at least the way home as long as there are no delays at the facility should be smooth sailing.. will update tomorrow when all is said and done!

On the other side!

Well ladies! I've officially resigned as a member of the itty bitty titty committee ! Everything went smooth this morning, arrived at the facility for 10 am.. started preop at 1030, went in for op at 1145, back in the real world an hour later and on our way home at 130. First thing I did when I woke up was grab my boob and I just remember hearing oh be careful and I was like what? Why? So I peeked down my gown and see boobs! I started crying happy tears and saying thank you lol.. pretty sore and very tight.. I'm home, have napped and just ate some cheese, crackers and kielbasa.. I did take one oxy she gave me after I woke up when the pain was about a 4-5. Ill try and get some pics once I shower which I'm supposed to do now.. won't be able to upload here til I get home at my computer... so happy right now! I was so nervous and I'm just glad instead of counting down I can now start counting up days I've had them! Onward and upward from here and can't wait to start adjusting to life with boobs! Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 3

Had surgery 2 days ago but technically it's the 3rd day... it's been a slow moving process.. first day wasn't bad at all.. rested, showered, saw the new star wars movie at night.. by the time I got home I was so done.. tired, sore.. slept well tho! Yesterday I had my post op appointment where she said my sports bra is too I tight and gave me another, which dug into my shoulders so when I got home from work (yes I worked yesterday!) I changed into a large sports bra that I bought for $10 and it has a lot of space for all my swelling. My side boob/under pits have been the worst pain wise and my bloated stomach is just awful.. I look pregnant! Cant wait for the first week to be over as I know it's the hardest part.. just want my belly back to normal! I napped yesterday and today when I felt I needed it and it's helped me feel tons better.. Christmas was great, Santa treated the kids well.. very happy overall.. must say my new boobs look great so far! Barely any upper swelling although they are hard as rocks and definitely get "morning boob" in a.m and throughout the day.. surviving off extra strength tylenol and ibuprofen through the day and one oxycodone through the night. My neck pillow has been a saviour!.. will try to upload some pics ASAP.. obviously been very busy with Christmas stuff! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

pre op pics

finally getting around to updating! havent had any time to get on the computer do it so here are some pre op pics! actually horrifying looking back at these.. so glad they are long gone!

day of surgery

first day wasnt too bad.. slept.. showered.. my bestie was really great through it all, made me food, reminded me to take meds. even went to see the new star wars movie! i kept falling asleep tho which had nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with being utterly exhausted! i went to wok the day after ad stayed 4 hours! worst part was def the bloating.. hurt so bad

1 week post op

bandages came off and i was terrifed to see incisions. thankfully they were nothing to be scared of! barely visible and couldn't see or feel any stitches. really happy with my doctors work!

2 weeks post op

getting a lot more comfortable having them. softening up a bit an falling more into place. had started my massages as per doctors orders at 1 week post op, pretty weird feeling at first!

3 weeks post op

had my 3 week post op appointment and got cleared to work out again and wear bras! most bras im sitting at a 34d but some are 34dd. super happy with my progress so far. still a little high and somewhat hard, but definitely softening up! doc said incisions look great!

4 weeks post/ 1 month!!

gah time is flying!! still no sensation in boobs so getting a little impatient there. overall loving my new additions!

implant card

got inspira allergan 400cc left, 375cc right
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Very nice! Soft spoken, knowledgeable and comforting.. will update as I learn more

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