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I read a lot of reviews on this site prior to...

I read a lot of reviews on this site prior to making my official decision to have the surgery so I wanted to share my experience with others, and have a place to ask questions and get support if needed! I've wanted implants since I was 18. All through high school I kept wondering when MY boobs would grow, and they just never did. I currently a 34A, not even sure I fill that. I wear what's considered a double push up made by blackheart or I feel really crummy about my chest. I decided I'm 100% ready to make this chance. My mom had a BA in 2006 and said she would have done it sooner if she had choice. She's very supportive of my decision and I'm going to the same surgeon she used. My pre op appointment was today at 9:30 and I left there feeling giddy! I'm scheduled to have my BA on the 18th! I was so happy that he was available to do it so soon. I filled out general forms at the office, got in a gown, and the surgeon came in to see me. I told him I wanted a C cup even though I know you aren't supposed to go off cup size. I showed him a few pictures and told him I wanted silicone. He is very into making enhancements fit your body type and look natural which is exactly what I want. He shower me some sizers after looking at my chest and told me he recommended a 275cc. He said that would be the biggest that would still look natural and give me a good B cup to a C. That made me a little nervous since I think I want a C cup, but I trust his judgment. I looked over some photos and felt great after seeing a few of women about my size and how there enhancements turned out. I asked him all the questions I had come up with and I'm feeling pretty confident with my choice. I'm mostly just super excited. I'm still a little nervous about the size. I would love to hear from anyone that is about my stats, 5'6" 132lbs and got enhancements close to 275cc. I also would like to hear from anyone that had the surgery and had a little one to take care if. I am the nanny for my 9 month old nephew. He's 20lbs and not walking yet. I told my surgeon I would like to return to work the Monday after surgery (5 days) with a little help from my step sister and he said I should be fine. Just curious if anyone else did something similar and how it went! I already heard from the hospital today too, and provided all my info, they'll call me again the day before the surgery and I can't use any aspirin etc for this week but aside from that I'm ready to go! Thanks in advance for any feedback! 10 days and counting!

Im a little insecure about posting my before pics, so I'm saving them for now. I am posting what they look like with my "double" push up bra on tho

So many typos and no sleep last night

Sooooo I just read my review, I'm embarrassed by all the typos! Sorry, I am typing everything on my phone and was watching my nephew while writing that review as well! My update for today is that I am so over excited that is spent all night dreaming about my surgery....I woke up 15 different times at least. I'm hoping to have a better night tonight. I'm really excited that my review posted since my surgery is so soon, I would love to hear from anyone/everybody. I also decided to take more pictures and post them because my double push up does not give a real idea of my size. I was also sitting down in the first ones and these are me standing. I can not wait to have my surgery and feel what it's like to have breasts that I feel good about.

Rice test!

I stopped at the store this morning and got rice and fruit/veggie bags thanks to A2Cs suggestion. I really wanted to try this right away to get a reasonable idea of how my implants will look with my body type. I measured out to equal my 275cc and put the rice in the bags, and since my natural boobs are so small I actually don't even own a sports bra! Rather then wasting money on one I decided to use a cami with a built in bra, which worked fairly well, just didn't get to try on other shirts with it since they don't stay in place that well. I'm really glad I did it. At first I was almost thinking they might be to small but after walking around a bit and checking myself out a ton, I started to think "wow this will be my boobs without any push up... Considering I wear a double push up now that change is huge! I think the size looks really natural and I think they would look incredible in a push up if I chose to wear them. I'm posting pictures to so if anyone wants to give feedback on the size please do :)

Also, I called my surgeons office with a few more questions yesterday. His staff is the best. I asked about restrictions on sex after the procedure and she said it's whenever I feel up for it, that my bf just can't be pushing on my breasts or anything. I also asked if I needed to purchase a special bra and she told me that they will give me one when I come in the day after surgery since I'll go home wrapped up the first day which is awesome. I can't believe 1 week from today I'll have my surgery! This site is the only thing keeping me sane. I really needed some where I could openly talk about all of this and keep mind occupied.

One more pic

Is it Wednesday yet?!

I can not stop thinking about my surgery. I'm just trying to focus on each day at a time but it's SO hard. I realized today that for the first time I'm not obsessing over what shirt I wear out at night or to a party. It's like, because I know that I will never have another weekend after this one where I have to stress about finding a shirt that's tight enough to make my boobs look big (with my double push up bra) yet loose enough not to smash my sides out, I find myself not caring. Knowing that it will be different so soon has taken this self conscious weight off my shoulders. It's a nice feeling and I can't even imagine how amazing it's going to feel once my surgery is done. Just for comparison after my surgery I'm adding another before photo. I can't wait to be able to add my after photos!!!!

Quick update

The anticipation is killing me!!! Each day I find myself googling things or looking at tons of before and after pics and trying to be sure I'm going with the right size. I'm insanely excited but my main fear right now is frankenboob! I'm trying not to think about it but I know I'm going to be upset if it happens. That's all for now, 3 more days!!!

Holy cow it's Monday!!!

I can't believe my surgery is in 2 days! I'm going crazy with anticipation. After bouncing around and becoming nervous about what could go wrong and frantically searching through pictures and googling every question I had, I decided to take a step back and just be positive. I want this BA so bad and I trust my surgeon. I'm just going to have a optimistic outlook and hope everything will go great and that I will love my new boobs and I'll heal quickly. Stressing isn't going to change anything. As for what's new with preparations, I decided to take more before photos in my bikinis and in a few shirts that I hope to be able to fill out after surgery. Once I'm up to it after surgery I plan to put the sake stuff on and then post before and after shots. I called my doctors office this morning and asked when I will be given my prescriptions since I read about a lot of women getting them in advance. They told me the doctor will give me the first one at he hospital and then I can either pick the prescription up at my normal pharmacy, which doesn't sound fun after surgery, or get them from the walgreens that is in the hospital, which sounds like the best option to me. I'll send my bf to get them while I'm in surgery.

Also, had a vivid dream that I had the surgery and was thrilled with the results when they took my bandages off. I hope they look as good as they did in my dream!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Today is my last day with my small boobies woohoo!! I'm posting a picture of what should be my last day wearing a double push up, next time I wear this shirt my implants should fill it out instead of padding!! I'm SO excited and for some reason not at all nervous. Mostly just anxious for the hospital to call with my official surgery time and directions for when to stop eating. Can't wait for my new boobs! Less then 24 hours!!!

Hospital called

Got my directions, can eat or drink anything up to midnight, can have water until 5am, after that nothing not even gum which should be just fine since I'm supposed to arrive at 9am and the surgery is scheduled for 10:30am!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!

Its done!!

I'm exhausted so just going to post a few pics, more info later

Going pretty well so far

Just woke up after a 2 hour snooze. I'm propped up and slept fine. My bf has been an amazing help. Since I'm awake for a bit figured I'd post a quick update before my Norco kicks in. The staff at the hospital and my surgeon were all amazing! We arrived at 9, registered, waiting less then 5 min and I was brought bask. Changed into a gown and tried to give a urine sample but couldn't, luckily I just got off my period yesterday so they let me sign a waiver. They started the IV with fluids to try and help me pee but no luck. They also gave Tylenol through the IV prior to surgery and it seemed to work very well. They let my bf come back by me right after I changed into the gown so that was nice. I'd never had a IV before bit it was nothing. Little pinch and some pinching for the next few min but not bad. I felt really warm after and the nurse said that was normal. I pulled the blanket back and felt better right away. Next my surgeon came in and was very friendly, marked me up, and I laid back down. The anesthesiologist came in and went over a few things, I got a patch put behind my ear to help with nausea and it can stay on anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days. Next thing I knew they sent my bf out, I gave him a kiss goodbye and they wheeled me away. They started meds in the IV that they said would make me relax, I remember watching them prepping for only a minute and after getting the mask put on I was out. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hall and putting my hand on my chest and the new girls were there!! I felt a small amount of pressure and pain bit rated it as a 4. I was very coherent right away. They brought me to my room, helped me into a recliner, I had water and saltines and didn't have any issue with nausea, was just tired. They let my bf come back again, made sure I was going well, removed my IV, and let me get dressed. I brought a loose pair or sleep pants and my BF's shirt and didn't even need help getting dressed. They sent my bf out to go get our car, and then brought me a wheel chair and wheeled me out to him. They gave him all the care directions so I didn't have to worry about anything. I got in the car, we stopped at the walgreens at the hospital, he was able to park by the door and pick up my prescription in like 2 min. The drive home was fine, not much pain from bumps, just hurt when I stupidly tried to reach across and roll up the drivers side window when he was in Walgreens because it's partially broken and only I "have the magic touch" since it's my car. I didn't even come close to reaching it before the pain hit. Got home, walked upstairs, had my bf fix my pillows so I'm nice and propped up and fell right to sleep after my last update. Woke up in some pain but only had to wait 15 min before I was allowed to take a pill. I called my bf since he was in the basement and he came right up, waited while I used the bathroom which I was able to do all on my own. I can't reach my arm backward to my nightstand without a lot of pain so he put my water I between pillows next to me on my bed. I took my Norco and had apple sauce and now I'm ready to go back to sleep!

More pics

Can't wait to see these babies!!

Day after surgery!

I slept most of the day yesterday and slept well last night. I woke up a few times to use the bathroom, the nurse warned me that I may be peeing like crazy. I took half a Norco in the middle of the night and the other half at about 7:20 when I woke up. I've definitely been more sore today but no longer nauseous at all (I tried to eat a waffle last night and was barely able to have a bite before feeling queasy. ) I was able to walk downstairs by myself right away and make a bagel and eat with no problem. I spent the morning relaxing in the basement with my bf and was in some pain but nothing unbearable. Just a warning, laughing does hurt! So laugh lightly if you can control it! We also went and picked up portillos together, the bumps in the road hurt a bit but not to bad. I was able to eat soup and a chicken sandwich with no irritation so I seem to have my apatite back. At 12:30 my bf drove me to my post op appt and it went GREAT! The nurse removed my bra and dressing (and asked how I managed to get my semi tight shirt on, I just laughed because it was a challenge!) I got to check our my new girls in the mirror when waiting for the surgeon to come in. They look way better then I expected! They are riding high and definitely swollen in the middle but my surgeon said when that swelling goes down I should have some good cleavage. He took the band aids off my incision points and said everything is looking great! I go back next week. The nurse came back in and gave me a much more comfortable sports bra! My bf and I left with smiles on our faces. The appt was quick and easy and I'm feeling great. It's strange feeling my boobs bounce when I walk since they've never been big enough for me to feel that. I keep holding them in the bra and thinking "this is all me?! No padding??" We stopped for slurpees on the way home and I changed back into more comfortable clothes. Before that I had my bf help me undo my bra and take pics which was fun for both of us. It's been great having him support me and it helps me feel good about my new boobs even while they are swollen!

First morning home alone

My bf had to go back to work today so it's my first morning on my own. Been a little rough because of our 7 month old dog. He seems to know I can grab him or lift him like normal so he's bring pretty naughty!

I'm not in to much pain today, I'm taking only Motrin and slept fine last night. I didn't take anything in the middle of the night either. I did call my dr this morning because the bra they gave me was pushing down so hard it was leaving marks and the band was resting on my incisions. He told me that I can buy a different bra so I'm just leaving it off for now. When my bf gets home he's going to help me shower, and then I'll put my bra back on and we'll go shop for a different more comfortable sports bra!

1 more pic

Removed pics

Sorry for my posts that say added pics and there aren't any. My bf got pretty unnerved when I told him id posted on here so I removed them. Don't want him to he uncomfortable when he's been so supportive

4 days post!

Things are going great. I limit my activity but have been able to spend my weekend somewhat functional. Yesterday was mine and my BF's 7 year anniversary and I felt good enough to go out to Olive Garden. I switched to Tylenol and it was wearing off near the end so i was a little uncomfortable near the end but nothing awful. I've been needing to take a hour nap everyday around 3:30 to reboot. I think it's because I'm not sleeping very well at night. I normally sleep on my side so sleeping propped up on my back sucks. Mostly my back hurts more then my boobs. I'm having more pain in my left boob then my right but nothing to bad. Just some pulling from the muscle stretching and tightness. My boobs feel really heavy when I walk around for to long. I was cleared to buy a looser sports bra since the one they gave me was hurting my incisions. So I found a two pack of fruit of the loom at Walmart with front clasps that are almost identical to the bra they gave me just more comfortable, and I bought a Danskin 38C with a zip front that is pretty comfortable. It was crazy buying a bra that size for myself and having it fit. The girls are still riding high and definitely feeling tight but I absolutely love them, and it doesn't hurt that my bf seems to love them just as much. I've been able to take showers every day, with only a little help. I'm supposed to be watching my nephew for the first time again tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. My step sister will be there to help so that makes me feel better! That's about it for now, I'll be adding some pics as well

2nd post op was today!

I had my second post op appt today and it went great! I learned massage techniques which I'm very happy about since I have heard how helpful it is. It was also nice knowing the you can push things around. I was afraid to do anything but after watching my surgeon push and lift them it put me at ease. He said everything is looking great. He cleared me to lift and care got my 9 month old nephew as long as I'm wearing my sports bra. I told him I had started watching him yesterday but with help and he was fine with what I've been doing. I'm also super happy because he said I can start sleeping on my side!!!! I tried laying on my side earlier today and can do it comfortably so I'm looking forward to having my first good nights sleep since the surgery. I also found out I'll be able to wear a normal bra without underwire by the end of next week! Yay!!! He seemed very happy with my progress so far and I woke up today feeling the best yet. I didn't have that heavy painful feeling in my chest when I got out of bed and even waited almost 2 hours to take Tylenol after waking up. He said I'm still swollen in the middle so the girls should continue moving closer together! Come on cleavage! I'm just feeling great about my breasts. I'm constantly checking myself out and taking photos. Not feeling any boob greed or concern about size. They're going to keep changing for the better and I already love them. I won't need to go back again for 3 weeks either which is nice. Today was my second day driving and it was easier and more comfortable then yesterday. Also, for anyone that experienced more pain in one boob then the other, tightness, pressure, heaviness, or a spot that feels tender, like a bruise, on the inside of there breast by the cleavage, all of that is completely normal. He told me it's nothing to worry about which was definitely reassuring! That's all for now, I'll continue to update with any progress or changes.

Getting better and better

Woke up feeling tired but great today! I slept on my side and flat for the first time last night. A little awkward getting into comfortable positions but once I did it felt wonderful. I can tell my breasts are getting closer together and dropping so they look more round. I'm so happy with my decision to do this. Honestly the hardest part is that I can't go on my BF's harley with him. It's beautiful out and he's gone without me a few nights. I just get jealous and sick of being at home. However, with how good I'm feeling, my PS had said to wait 2 weeks, but I am going to have him take me around the block the next time he wants to go out, just to see how it feels. Bumps when driving no longer hurt at all so I figure it's fine to go on a trial run. I wouldn't dream of driving a motorcycle this soon but just sitting on the back feels plausible. Taking care of my nephew hasn't caused me any real pain, a couple of moments of pressure and some back aching but nothing I feel the next day. When I get up in the morning I haven't felt that initial heaviness the last 2 days which has been great. I even held off taking Tylenol until after I drove to my sisters just to see how it felt and it was fine. I'm still checking myself out constantly. I'm really happy with how things are progressing. I can't wait to wear a normal bra and be able to show these babies off! I know that sounds weird but I have waited since I was 14 to be able to have actual cleavage and just wear a v neck! Ironically I'n going with my bf to visit my mom in michigan on the 4th of July and that's the first day I'm allowed to switch from a sports bra to a normal bra without underwire. I'm stoked! I wore a fitted shirt for the first time today and although some girls might be disappointed in the size, I'm ecstatic that my boobs in a tight sports bra look the same in this shirt as they used to with a double push up. It's awesome to know it's actual breasts filling it out and not padding. And I can only imagine how good they will look once I can wear normal bras. Wearing this shirt with a push up I can hardly imagine, they'll probably look huge! That's all for now. Hope everyone else who has recently had surgery is healing well and feeling great!

Morning boobs...

So today I woke up with morning boob. I thought I had felt it before, I was wrong. Instead of the normal heavy feeling that I previously felt when getting out of bed, it was like someone was pushing down on my breasts. Everything felt compressed and it didn't go away quickly. I showered and got dressed, and did my normal morning routine, it wasn't until I was in the car that it started to fade. It took almost 2 hours! Definitely not a pleasant feeling. Aside from that I'm still having pain on the inside of my left breast, by my cleavage, and I weird pain/tightness that feels deep in my chest when I laugh to hard or cough. Nothing that's unbearable just uncomfortable. I slept a lot better last night, but now I'm pretty sure I caught my nephews cold, I have a sore throat. I'm really hoping it doesn't get worse! I've been massaging a few times a day and it definitely seems to help relieve pressure. It's also nice to just move them around so they don't seem so stiff. They're starting to feel a little bit softer too. Anyway, I took some pictures in a cami with a built in bra just like I did before my surgery. I'm pretty happy with how it looks but I know it will look a lot better once they drop. It's funny, in certain shirts they look the same size with the sports bra as they did with my double push up, so it's kind of nice. It won't be nearly as obvious since I was wearing those all the time!


Soooo I know I shouldn't compare myself to others since every person is different, but after browsing the site I'm becoming afraid that I went to small. They look great when I'm naked but my goal with this was to be able to fill out a v neck and low cut shirts with nice cleavage. I look at girls who got my size implants and they had beautiful cleavage by day 8. Mine is nearly non existent. I certainly wouldn't go out wearing my sports bra with a low cut shirt, there's not enough there. Is it going to fill in? All the women that got my size seem to be 5' 2" and I'm 5' 6" and they are super thin and although I'm working on being back to 120 I weigh 130. I'm just scared that fully healed I won't fill out a top. I know I said I'm glad it isn't noticeable, and I am, but if this size implant was too small to give me cleavage, I'm going to be really disappointed. I still love my boobs compared to what they were, and my PS told me this was the biggest I could go anyway, but still. I'm just feeling a bit frustrated. It's probably partially because my Bf made me feel really insecure last night because he didn't want to massage them. I no it's because he's afraid to hurt me but it made me feel like it was because they look bad. Hopefully I'm just having a weird moment. :(


Just to show what I'm talking about

Can't resist

Ok, I have to post some before and afters of my whole breasts. I know my BF wouldn't be thrilled but I'm doing this because I know how much it helped me looking at before and afters, and covered by bras and shirts just isn't the same!! Besides, it's not like I'm posting these for men to look at, it's for other women who had or want a BA.

Motorcycle ride as passenger is a GO!

So let me start off by saying I'm feeling much better today. Largely in part to some of the super sweet ladies on here, so again, thank you! I just need to stay positive and be grateful for how well my recovery is going. I'm antsy to show of my new assets yes, but everything will come in good time. I'm only a little over a week post op and not even out of a sports bra yet, I need to relax! Anyway, Ive been keeping on massaging multiple times a day and it really helps. I always make sure to do it before I go to sleep and when I wake up and it seems to help a lot. No case of morning boobs today either so that was a relief. What I'm most excited to talk about is that I got back on the back of my BF's Harley Superglide for the first time last night and it went really well!! Wed been going a ton prior to my surgery and I was really missing it. There's no sissy bar on his bike because he's offered in the past and frankly, the bike just looks way nicer without it, and I'm perfectly comfortable without it. Last night was the first time I wouldn't have minded having one so that I could relax a bit since my back is sore. I really need to start working on my posture and stop hunching! Anyway, the only uncomfortable part was getting on the bike since it uses some still tender muscles. We went for a short ride first just to test it and by keeping my hands low around his waste there was no pulling or pressure. After that we went out for a little over an hour with a friend of ours. We hit a decent bump going 50 and I felt that in my chest so I asked him to take it a little easier from that point on. I expected the rest of the bumps and even the vibration to hurt or feel awkward but honestly it just bounced my breasts around a bit (the sports bra holds them pretty tight) but I felt like it was good for the muscles to be loosened up a bit, not bad. Overall it was just great to be back with my bf and enjoying the ride and the weather.

Just wanna add

I should note, the push bra in that pic is not the style bra I was wearing pre surgery. I was wearing blackheart double push up 34A and I can't even put one of those on now! I am glad I had been wearing those though because it makes it easy to hide my surgery should I go somewhere and feel weird about people knowing. I keep having to remind myself it's all me filling out my shirts now, not loads of padding! Something funny I've noticed, my arms graze the side of my boobs all the time now. Something I had never experienced before! It also seems to make me sweat a bit more under my arms. Always wondered why I never seemed to sweat much, now I know! I'll be keeping a mini deodorant in my purse now! Hehe

So excited!

I just called my PS because it occurred to me that I never asked him if I HAVE to wear a sports bra at night still. I just assumed I did because of what I have read. However, he has given me different instructions then a lot of things I've read. I think it's very true that ever surgeon is different and so is ever patient. My PS has been doing this for over 20 years so he's not nearly as strict about timelines and I know it's not because he doesn't care, it's because he's been doing this long enough to know what is safe and appropriate after surgery. Anywayyyyy I don't have to wear a bra to bed anymore!! YES!!!! this might be TMI but I always sleep nude and this bra thing has been driving me insane at night. AND he cleared me to wear any sports bra I want as long as it gives support and doesn't need to be tight unless I'm doing a rigorous activity, like caring for my nephew or going on the motorcycle. Guess who's going shopping tomorrow?!? I'm really excited, and having a different sports bra might make it easier to find an outfit for thr pig roast I'm going to tomorrow too. Woot! I'll post pics as soon as I buy my new stuff :)

Weekend update!!

Sorry I didn't end up posting pics right away, but I did end up going shopping!! I didn't go crazy, only bought two bras but had fun trying stuff on. I'll start at the beginning though, we went out on the bike again Friday night. Things were mostly ok but we hit a really bad bump that didn't so much as hurt as just felt weird. I was kind of freaking out about it when we stopped but after looking things over I realized, if everything still looks the same, and feels the same, no pain, then everything is fine!! I felt bad I even got my bf worried over nothing. We just realized he needs to let me know there is a bump if he can't avoid it and I pay more attention so I can lift myself up a bit to avoid any hard hits while I'm still recovering. By the end of the night my back was pretty sore and I was fighting a cold so I was definitely ready to go home. Woke up Saturday feeling great though so no harm done. Sleeping without a bra on is heavenly!! I'm able to sleep on my side again like I used to and adjusting myself no longer hurts at all. I can reach for my water on the night stand as long as I do it right which is so nice, no more sitting up and scooting around in the middle of the night. Saturday morning I went to target and tried on sports bras which I needed and ended up buying two (buy 1 get 1 half off) of the champion brand. And I tried on two swimsuits as well as regular wireless bras. I didn't know my size so that didn't go very well. I want to go to VS and get measured but I know it's to early. Anyway, I'll be posting pics of some of that. I absolutely love my new sports bras. They are comfortable and sit in a position where I actually feel good wearing then with a tank top! They also keep things nice and secure so they cover all the bases. I wore one of them out Saturday, we took the bike and met up with a friend, made a few stops, dropped his gf off at work, and went to a pigroast/graduation. I felt great the entire time, partially thanks to my new bra. We stayed at the party all day and went back out on the bikes to get our friends gf, and I felt fine still. We drank at the party, no problems with my breasts during or after got anyone wondering. I felt so good actually that at the end of the party we all wanted to go in the bounce house and I got half way in before going "wait, I'm not allowed to bounce in this!" In a way it made me feel great because it's a sign I'm starting to feel normal again. Still a bit more top heavy but getting better every day. I've still been taking Tylenol and Motrin throughout the day when needed but not at night any more. Yesterday was just a relaxing day at home so it was my first day taking no meds! I even did the dishes, some laundry, and played pool (we have a table at home) with no pain. It was great. I've been making sure to keep up on massages too. The only funny thing I learned this weekend that I still can't do, is shave my arm pits!! It's physically impossible. My arms just do not extend all the way up. I thought I was just not trying to extend so it didn't hurt, didn't realize things are still so tight that u can see the muscle in front of my shoulder sticking forward when I try to lift my arm all the way up. I did what I could but there's no way to get all the way in there without a flat surface. My bf had a good laugh over watching me try hehe. That's my update for now! Hope everyone is doing well!

Few more pics

Forgot a couple!

Quick update

Woke up feeling really happy with how my boobs look today! Not sure if they changed as much as I think or if it's just my attitude but either way it's good. They are getting WAY softer and seek to be getting more round, yay! Tried on some regular wireless bras and hated them all, but it was target and I never buy bras from there so maybe I'll have better luck elsewhere. Just trying to go cheap since it probably won't fit right in a month. I tried on push up bras for fun too but wasn't really a fan. Girls are still sitting to high and I don't really know my size. I was a 34A and the 34C seems to fit but not quite right and a 34B cup doesn't fit around my breast. I really don't know enough about sizes so I'm struggling but don't want to get measured until things settle more! I did buy a medium bralette because it was cute, super comfy, and I'm allowed to wear normal wireless stuff on Friday. That's all for now!


I update a lot....

I guess I either have to much time on my hands (oh updates while my nephew naps, how I love you) or I'm just obsessed with my new boobs. Oh well, it's both really. Anyway, thoughts for today, my incisions feel really hard, mostly around them, so I've been trying to lightly massage but they're covered with steri strips so I can only do so much. Probably good they're staying covered because it forces me not to mess with them! I've definitely been having a lot of back pain still but almost none in my boobs. When we go out some nights I practically forget I have implants so that's a really good sign. I can't believe I'm at the 2 week mark! Yay!! Also, I'm posting more pics today because I know pics help me most and also because I made some before and afters as a way to tell my brain to shut up when I think they're to small! It's such a drastic difference it helps me put it in perspective and realize how great they look! I am able to push them together now and although they are still riding high I can get a decent idea of some soon to be cleavage! My friend pointed out something that I found funny. I had a lower cut tee on and she was like "you know you could pull it down more right?" I looked at her shirt and realized...it you want that good cleavage and to show a little skin, you have to pull your shirt way down..hello!! I spent so many years pulling them up and trying to make my pretend cleavage look good that I had no idea I was just wearing shirts wrong! I also took pics today in the same shirt I wore the day before my surgery and took pics in a shirt with no bra. I have to remind myself I put a lot of effort into making my boobs look big, I almost forget they weren't actually that size pre surgery. So anyway, on to the fun stuff, pics!

Back to reality

My oh my do I have a lot to update on! Went to michigan to visit my mom for 4th of July weekend. We had a great time and it was so nice to just relax for 4 days and not have my back hurt!! I definitely think my boobs did some changing over the weekend and can't believe I'm already almost to the 3 week mark! When I was in Michigan we drove around on the kaboda they have and my boobs didn't hurt at all, it's nice to start feeling normal again. However, I did catch my nephews cold so that hasn't been fun. Thank goodness sneezing stopped hurting before I got it. My mom gave me a 36C soma bra that she bought that doesn't fit her quite right. It's a push up so I'm not allowed to wear it yet but I tried it on and it actually gave me some good shape! First push up I've liked yet. It's a little big for the band but the cup size seems perfect which is exciting. I also took off my steri strips because they were hanging off and driving me crazy. They came off pretty easy actually so that was nice. My right breast incision is healing a lot faster, the left looks a lot worse and I think I can see stitches?? Not sure. I can definitely feel the internal ones that are super hard so I'm glad I'm seeing my PS this week so I can make sure everything is okay. Overall though things seem to be healing really well. Vacation was wonderful but our return home was not good. We not home Saturday night around 8:30. Unpacked, sat down, popped open a beer and started watching Americas got talent, and I got a text from our good friends gf who I've mentioned. She said he had got into an accident on the motorcycle and she was at the ER. They had very few details except that his leg was broken so we rushed over. Thankfully, he is going to be ok, but he slid out in the rain and was hit by a oncoming car and thrown. His leg was broken pretty badly, they did surgery that night and put a steal rod in it, and he dislocated his shoulder and partially tore his rotator cuff. When we saw him Saturday night he was in really rough shape and we all cried. It sucked and was so scary. Luckily we went back on Sunday and rode the bike for him, he was in better spirits. They fixed him up and no permant damage so that's what's important. It's more that he is sad and so are we because we have all been enjoying going out riding soooo much. He and my bf rode dirt bikes since they were kids and now after only 2 weeks of having his license it's over, at least for quite some time. His bike is totaled and he won't be able to work. Plus if they give him a ticket he'll lose his license for up to 2 years because of some previous car accidents and suspensions. I feel horrible for him and he's like a brother to me. Hearing him say his upset he was to be hurt and in the hospital yet again made me feel bad for just having a surgery that I wanted and now he was forced to have one that he certainly didn't want. Now today I'm back watching my nephew which is great but is a huge reminder that I'm not fully healed. Even in a more supportive bra I still feel tugs and slight pain when I do certain things with him and definitely can't throw him around yet how I used to. So after 4 days without any pain killers I'm back to my Tylenol extra strength. Speaking of more supportive bras, I did wear my new bralette 2 days and it felt amazing to be in something so loose and comfortable and not feel like my boobs were super heavy. Definitely getting there! I want to start walking my dog again this week but I'm going to have to be careful, when he tugs on his leash I definitely feel it. Anyway, I'm sure I'm forgetting things but I'll come back and add stuff if I think of it. Hope everyone had a great weekend! And huge congrats to all you ladies who had your surgery over the last few days!!

Might be TMI

For those of you who are uncomfortable talking about sex, skip this update. I just wanted to mention this because I knew I forgot something and I feel it's important. Ever since my boob job,my bf of 7 years, who never complained about my old boobs, has been obsessed with the new girls. He is constantly pulling down my top to peek, and gently squeezing and making comments about me having big boobs. Let me tell you, it makes me feel fantastic. They have a long way to go but knowing he loves them as much as I do helps me feel like I made the right choice. While we were on vacation we had sex in the morning and he was grabbing and squeezing them and really enjoying them. Later that night he says while pulling my shirt down a bit " I really liked them this morning" I just grinned and said "I could tell!" I just want to share this because I know some women have positive reactions and some negative from significant others so I wanted to share my experience with it as well.

So worth it

I just want to share that at day 20, I am so incredibly happy I did this. I hope everyone who is hesitating can come to this site and see how many women are happy that they got a BA and just go for it. It's been such a positive experience for me overall. It's true I'm still healing, yes my back hurts some times, yes I sometimes think "should i have gone bigger?" But then I just look at my new girls and realize how good I feel about my body compared to how I used to. You could say it's vain, but I would disagree. It's about boosting confidence and feeling happy when you get undressed and dressed every day. Yes I could've gone the rest of my life with my old boobs but I'm so grateful I don't have to. It was something I was upset over almost every day. It made me insecure no matter what anyone else said to me, no matter how big of a padded bra I had, I knew when I took it off i would be flat and I wanted to feel like a real woman. It's such a great feeling to go home and take my bra off and my boobs are still there. It's nice to know the next time I go swimming I won't have to take my cover off and jump in the pool as fast as possible to hide my small boobs. This whole process is so awesome to experience and I'm so glad I've had the support of others! You all helped me realize the size I got is exactly what I wanted. Boob greed is real people! Just remember to look at your before and after photos and to remind yourself of what your goals were. I wanted a natural look that was proportionate to my body, I wanted a c cup, and I didn't want boobs that entered the room before I did and that is exactly what I got! Hope everyone else is enjoying there enhancement as much a I am and having a great day!


I am going to see my PS Thursday but while I wait I'm curious to know if anyone else experienced this, as I mentioned I took off my steri strips 4 days ago. Even after cleaning the residue off I noticed I have a spot that is sharp. Almost as if a piece of steri strip is poking out from my scab. It's hard to explain but if I'm not wearing a bra and lean a certain way, it pokes me and hurts like being poked by a pin. It's really odd. I can't see it very well and pictures aren't clear enough to tell but I will post one anyway. I tried to pull at it a little but it hurt and I certainly don't want to open anything up or cause more scarring! Thanks in advance to anyone who has thoughts on this

Better picture

Strange how my right breast is healing faster and so is the scar, but it's sitting slightly higher then the left. Interesting how different each side heals

Boobs boobs boobs!!

Man, I thought my boob brain would get better after I got my surgery, HA! I'm constantly looking at my boobs in and out of clothes and still just as obsessed with this site! That's mostly because you ladies are so awesome though! And also because I like being able to give my feedback to others who are earlier in the process since it meant so much to me. I have my third post op appt in an hour and I'm excited to fine out when I can wear underwire bras (and if I can cheat and wear one for my birthday tomorrow!!!!) and to see what the deal is with my scars. I started walking my dog again yesterday, felt some tightness yesterday but almost none today. I figure the more I use the muscles the quicker I'll be back to normal. Also, went out last night and felt awesome in a tighter t-shirt, even with my sports bra. It seems they are definitely dropping and getting more round so the difference is much more noticeable to me lately which is fun. Anyway, gotta head to my appt and then watch my nephew, will try to update later!

After post op appt 3

Yay so glad I have time to update while my nephew naps. Thank goodness I moved my appointment up a week. Turns out that mysterious pointy thing I was talking about? Yea, that was a dissolvable stitch that had found it's way out. The nurse snipped it off for me and all I felt was a little pinch. Just glad I don't have to deal with it another week. Phew!

So my PS said everything is looking good, was glad I don't have any firmness and that I've been doing my massages. He said I can pretty much resume all activities now, and working out is just do what feels comfortable so that was great news. I feel like I officially have the go ahead so I don't have to worry now. He said another week or two and I can wear whatever bra I want. When doing activities still wear a sports bra for now but I should switch into a wireless when I'm not (like at night when I'm done watching my nephew) that way they can continue to drop. He and the nurse both said they will drop more so even though I love them already they'll just keep getting better. Woot! I wonder how much natural cleavage I'll end up with. They already sit only 1 finger width apart even with no bra on. Pretty much perfect for me so I'm happy either way. I also asked about any creams for scars when the scabs are gone and the nurse gave me samples and a full size tube of mederma. I was really happy about that. It's nice that they provided that to me at no extra cost. They also confirmed that the hard feeling around my incisions is scar tissue and it will soften, so that's reassuring. On a random note, my dad watched my nephew while I was at my appointment and we're going to have lunch when he comes back from mowing the lawn at his house and he gave me a early bday gift, a super awesome Blackhawks scarf!! I love it.

Birthday weekend update! 34D at VS?!?!

My oh my so much to talk about! I hope my nephew takes his full morning nap, then I'll have time to give a full update on all things boobs! And maybe a bit about my bday weekend ;) ok so my bday was great, spent the day with my nephew as always and had lunch with my sis who got me a VS gift card (how did she know? Lol) then I spent the night with my bf, stopped at our friends house (the one who got into an accident) and then my BF's dad met us and we went to the bar and d

Last update posted on it's own before I was done..,

Anywayyyyyy, we went to the bar and then a few other stops. Oh and duh! I meant to say, I changed my outfit before we went out. Since we were going on the bike I needed to wear a sports bra but wore a tight shirt and felt great! I felt like my boobs looked huge in it! It was nice going out and feeling good about myself. Then Saturday we went to the mall. I went to hot topic and found a super cute bralette from blackheart (the brand I used to wear) it was nothing but fabric and size large. It was on clearance for $5. Before I never would've even looked at it, but now, I was able to go try it on and it fit great! It's crazy being able to fill it out. My bf bought it for me (we were shopping for my bday) and then we went to VS and I asked about wireless bras. She showed me the sexy tee wireless and then body wireless. I really like the look of the body and she said everyone likes that one. I asked about sizing and she said it took a second to measure. Asked what kind of bra I had on and I told her sports bra, she asked what size I normally wear so I told her I just got them done so I honestly don't know, just that I used to be a 34A. She was really nice and asked if that's why I wanted wireless. I told her yea and she said she'd had a lot of women buy the body bra after surgery. She measured me then and said even in a sports bra I was a 34D! I about fell over. I joke they size up (that's what everyone says) but I did used to wear a 34A from VS so to me that means I'm up 3 cup sizes and that's amazing. I went and tried on the bra thinking it looked so big and omg it fit me like a glove!! So soft and comfortable and it sat perfectly over my boobs! I'll even wear it when I'm allowed to wear underwire, that's how great it is. I came out of the changing room grinning and walked up to my bf and he just goes "34D?!" He was as surprised as me hehe but certainly happy! I bought just 1 even though I wanted to buy a few, just because I know I'll favor underwire once I'm allowed to wear them and don't want to waste money since VS is so expensive. We got the bra and some yoga pants, and then went to hot rags and he got me a v neck SOA shirt that I can wear to the concert next week! I think I'm going to go back to the mall for a push up to wear at the concert.

So, I felt great Friday and Saturday and then Sunday we went on a nice ride and went to check out the old Joliet prison since brad passes when he drives for deliveries for work and we watched prison break which it's featured in. Again I had to wear a sports bra since we were on the bike and I was wearing a tank top. I felt pretty good about how it looked bit a little disappointed because I kept picturing how it would look with a push up bra. So we go the bar and there's this waitress who was in great shape and wearing a low v neck. Her boobs looked amazing. I kept thinking, god I hope when my boobs drop and fluff will they look that amazing when I push them up? They looked about the same size as mine. I started feeling insecure about my top but told myself I was being silly. I kept reminding myself my boobs have the potential to look that way they just don't yet. So then, we leave and ended up stopping at another bar later. Well this time the waitress is wearing a tank top like me and I felt SO silly in mine. She had great cleavage and they were probably a smidge bigger then mine overall but looked SO much better. I started thinking my bf was probably wondering why mine don't look like hers but I was just being stupid. He hardly noticed her. So as I look at her and then back to myself I had that old feeling I used to get when my boobs were smaller. Like I was inferior or something. I had a shirt open over my tank and I buttoned it all the way up. It was strange how stupid I felt. After we left I started feeling better again and thinking positive and about my new bras and how happy I was the day before. It's just crazy because it makes me realize how much of a roller coaster this continues to be. I have to continue to stay positive, I didn't realize I would still have moments of doubt. I'm betting the alcohol didn't help though.

Today, I feel good again. My bf has been requesting all sorts or boob play and is always grabbing and squeezing them at random. I wore my new VS bra today. I know in order for them to drop I have to stop wearing the sports bra so much. I got used to how comfy they were. I'm testing it to see if it offers enough support while I watch my nephew. Hopefully it does so I can start wearing it all the time. I love how it looks and it really is comfortable! Except for where the straps lean on my sunburn from yesterday. Oops. It also looks really good under clothes. I'm wearing a new medium shirt my step sis got me. I used to hate mediums because they made my boobs look tiny. Now they fill it out just fine! Now, on to the pics!

Fun with comparison shots

Decided it was time to do some more side by sides since they always make me feel good about my new boobs. I'm quite glad I always wear my necklace because it's awesome to see how it hangs between my cleavage and it never used to since I didn't have any. Id say this is the first week to week comparison where I don't see much difference. Not worried though, things are leveling off and just take time from here. I've switched to no underwire which should help them drop more and plus I was pmsing these last few days so I'm sure that has some effect on how they look. May even effect healing who knows since my hormones get all wonky.

Quick update

Yesterday went great with my wireless bra, so hopefully that will help my boobs D&F faster then if I was wearing a sports bra. I think I'm going to VS again this week to buy a push up so I can show these babies off at the concert I'm going to Saturday. It will have been over a month and I'm ready! Other then that wanted to just post some pics of my body because I feel great today, things are so much more proportional!! Still want to lose a little of the weight I gained so I can take these shots without clothes, but this is nice for now!

Holy crap it's been a month!!!!!

So so so crazy to me that it's been a month already! I'm going to a concert tomorrow and when I scheduled my surgery I had this concert in mind. I had to make sure I'd be healed enough in time. Well here we are and me and the girls are SO ready. It's true I still get the occasional zing or throb and they obviously have more settling and softening to do but overall they feel great! I have zero concern about going which is so nice. I even bought myself my first VS push up bra, a vneck shirt and some cute shorts to match. Woohoo!!! Time to dress up! Well, concert style anyway. Was quite interesting trying on push ups, they do finally fit the right way. However, my boobs are so used to being put in sports bras and bralettes that when I first put them on I was like "how did I used to wear these every day??" I appear to still be a 34D. I asked the girl working there and she gave me a 36C to try and it was loose in all the wrong places. I tried on a few styles including one that was a double push up, and my gosh did it look silly. I haven't dropped and fluffed enough to fit into it properly so my boobs basically say on top of that one and looked enormous. I finally settled on the fabulous. I've never owned one before but it was comfortable and I was happy with how it looked. I figure, new boobs, new styles of bras! Interestingly after leaving VS my bf turns to me and says "so, I don't understand" I said "understand what?" And he proceeded to say something along the lines of "before your surgery you wore push ups to make your boobs look bigger, but now you had surgery and your boobs are big, but you still want to wear a push up? You said you didn't want them to look ridiculous (meaning porn star big) but now you do?" It was hard for me at first because my brain was like "he thinks you look ridiculous in your new bra?!?! What an ass!!" But I took a breath and explained that I wanted to create cleavage, that even after surgery they don't yet look how id like them to in a vneck. They're much bigger but a bit far apart, and that lots of women wear push ups with big boobs for certain styles of shirts (is this accurate? I thought so but now I'm not sure?) I then said "you think I look ridiculous in that push up?" He told me no, that I don't look ridiculous but was concerned I was trying to make my boobs look massive. He didn't say he didn't like them looking massive but I assume that was what he was getting at. Anyone else experience this with there SO? I mean, my bf LOVES the new girls and did play with them in my new bra when we got home, was just interesting hearing his feedback and concerns.

The only other new update is that I appear to have a mondors chord! *gasp* strange because I was so scared of having them and now I'm pretty sure I've had it over a week and just never noticed. I had felt some extra tightness and pulling when I held my nephew wrong on my right side starting last week and today I was getting dressed and thought, maybe that pain is a mondors chord? I stretched my arm up and there it was! Honestly, it is pretty much invisible unless stretching and doesn't hurt unless I pull it the wrong way which is rare. So, all that stress was for nothing go figure.

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

Life is back to normal

Sorry that I disappeared, seems a lot of women do that after a month or two. It's amazing, I still love my boobs, but I don't obsess over them like I used too. It's good though, it just makes me see how comfortable and normal they seem already. As far as changes go, they seem to slowly be dropping and fluffing. My guess is I won't fully D&F for 6 months. Insane that I'm coming up on 3 months already though. They continue to get softer but I hope they continue. Some days I think they might be a tad small but most days I think they're perfect. The mondors cords are long gone. I discovered a need a large size bikini top which is crazy to me and very fun. No pain these days although I do feel a tug every once in a while if I stretch the muscle to hard. My scars are fading slowly but still pretty pink. I'm trying to think of anything else major but that's about it. Oh, I still can't consistently wear push ups, my boobs feel sore after wearing one for an entire day. The nice part is I really have no desire to wear them daily. I wear them on nights out but mostly love my VS wireless bra and my sports bras on occasion. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Few more pics

My right boob is definitely starting to D&F unfortunately my left is lagging behind but I expected that because it's been behind this whole process. I don't like that they're currently uneven, but with clothes you can't tell, and I really like how my right is starting to loom so I'm excited about how they'll both look soon!

More pics and pulled muscle

So I keep forgetting to mention that last Tuesday I was turning into a BK drive threw and because I always drive with 1 hand, I turned the wheel sharply left then right and felt a sharp pain in the bottom of my left boob. It's still sore today and hurts a bit by the end of the day but I'm pretty confident it's just a pulled muscle. As crazy as it seems I have my 3 month appt. on oct 7th so if it still hurts by then I'll ask about it. As I expected my right is doing awesome, and my left is lagging behind, and sore, and my stitch that had been sticking out and cut had a tiny piece left so it left a small bump in my scar which I hope goes away. My right is starting to feel really natural and soft and is not at all resistant to push up bras. However I'm staying away from them because my left needs to catch up!! I took a few pics of the cleavage I have in a sports bra and tank now which I think looks way more natural now, more of a slope then round on top which is what I had wanted. I'm so happy with my results so far!

So, someone knew my boobs were fake!

Yea, went to a pigroast this weekend at my BF's dads house and afterword I noticed my bf grinning all goofy at me when we got home. Granted, we were drunk and I had decided to wear a vneck that was pretty revealing for the first time since surgery so he's been grinning at me a lot anyway, so I look at him and go "what?" And he proceeds to tell me that our friend had gone up to him and said "so I've been dying to ask you, are your gfs tits real? They're too perfect!" Brad said he laughed and told him no, I'd just had them done a few months ago. And he said our friend just was smiling the whole time. My bf asked if he noticed today (because of my shirt) but he said no, which was good, I guess he'd just thought of it over time. What's funny is, it didn't upset me at all that he could tell. First off, they're still new and haven't fully settled yet, but mostly I thought, he said they're too perfect. How can that be a bad thing? My bf raves about them all the time and joked that the guy would probably ask his wife to get implants now! It's just funny. All the fuss about fake or real looking and the truth is, if I have boobs I feel good about and others think look good, who cares that they're fake?! The other reason it didn't bother me is because he asked my bf hours after last speaking to me, so to me that means my "too perfect" boobs left an impression on him. How could that be bad? It helped reassure my bf too I think, to see it wasn't a big deal. Plus he enjoys when I remind him that no matter what anyone says, nobody but him gets to see all of them, or touch them. Anywho, that's all for now! Gotta wake up my nephew

A few pics

The bralette I bought shortly after surgery still fits, and I noticed how much different it looks now then it used to. I guess the changes are so gradual these days it's hard to tell until you compare to old pics!


Just wanted to post a photo of some progress pics. All the changes are amazing. My right had been ahead for ages but looks like my left is finally catching up! They have started to point a little more outward then i would like, but my natural breasts did so I'm not surprised. They're still changing too so it's possible that they'll come back in. I love them either way though. In the last pic you might see a small redish spot on my right boob, I'm a bit concerned but I'm going to wait and ask at my appt oct 7th. Not sure if it's a stretch mark, hematoma, bruise....it's random.

Pic didn't post

More pictures

I've been taking more pictures lately and realizing how much my girls have continued to change. It's definitely for the better. They look more and more natural, my right is starting to have a natural slope but my left is still sitting up a bit. It'll get there though! In bras especially I've noticed how different they look now. They are way more soft and moveable so they look even better in push ups! That's about it for now. Going to rob zombie concert/haunted house tonight and feel 100% confident in a sports bra. It's such a nice feeling.

Time to talk about the perks of small boobs!

Alright so despite the fact that I absolutely LOVE my new girls, I can't deny there are a few things I miss about my small boobs. I would never go back, but want to mention these for anyone who is considering surgery. 1. So much less sweat. Let me elaborate, before my implants, I almost never sweat under my arms. Not unless I was running a friggen marathon. Now, I sweat under my arms because my boobs now touch my arms causing friction, under my boobs, And between my boobs, so gross! Not a reason to go back for me, but certainly a nuisance. 2. The ability to jump onto my bed chest first. Now, my boobs hit the mattress first, hurt, and remain uncomfortable no matter how I adjust. I don't think any amount of time will change this, they're in the way! Don't mind too much since I never sleep on my stomach, but someone else might. 3. Being able to basically "take off" my boobs when I got home. See, here's what ironic, before surgery I never took off my bra, it was never uncomfortable, and I despised my chest when I didn't have a bra on. Now, I can't wait to rip my bra off as soon as I get home (wireless or not!) I never understood why women did that, but now I do! When your boobs are small, the bra barely touches them, let alone has to hold them up! And when I did take it off Tada magic! No boobs! No extra weight in front! It's crazy taking my bra off and going huh, they're still there. It's amazing, don't get me wrong, but I can now see why having small boobs can be kinda nice sometimes, I had the option to basically make them go away and not bounce when I run up the stairs bra less! Haha

Anywho, onto my boob updates! My appt with my PS has been pushed back again. He's stuck in surgery tomorrow and I was looking forward to just getting the normal run down and having him confirm that indeed everything is healing as it should be. Ah well, with any luck Monday. I definite developed an annoying stretch mark on my right breast that I'm massaging lotion into daily. Just be aware that they can show up after 3 months! I had no idea that was possible, especially when my implants are on the small side. It's possible it's from constantly picking up my 13 month old nephew, I do carry him primarily on my right side. Other then that things are settling nicely and I'm finally at the point where I enjoy wearing low cut shirts and showing them off. They feel very natural looking to me, but whether they do to others or not doesn't bother me, I think they look good. My left is still falling behind, catches up and then falls behind again. Crazy how they're still changing. My left does still occasionally hurt near the bottom, totally random but not really painful. I started taking vitamin e to help soften them and my gosh does it make a huge difference!! My bf noticed within 2 days and keeps jokingly yelling at me if I forget to take it! So, all in all, things are great in boobville! I feel great about myself, never dread getting dressed, enjoy the extra male attention, and still constantly look at my boobs throughout the day!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing experience! Dr. Marschall and his staff are very friendly and have been able to answer any and all questions I have. It's obvious that Dr. Marschall knows what he is doing. He was able to tell me what size implant was right for me without measuring or having me try on sizers, and he was 100% right. He made me feel at ease on the day of my surgery and has been available to answer my questions every time I've called. He's always quick but thorough during my appts which is exactly what I want. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have natural looking implants.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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