What the Heck Did I Get Myself into ?

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After months of research, I decided to go for...

After months of research, I decided to go for Mesotherapy instead of SmartLipo. The thought of a surgical procedure was just a bit too much, even though most of what I've heard regarding the procedure has been good. My entire life I have been dealing with larger arms. I'm very fit, workout 4-6 times per week, am 5'7" around 140lbs. I was a gymnast which started my arms off growing at a young age. A lot of it is also genetics, my mother and both sisters are blessed with large arms too. Uggh.

Area of focus - Arms, Bra area (both front and back)

Day One
- I really am thankful that the Clinic I attended was supervised by both Doctors and RN's. I had an RN administer the treatment which began around 10am. After a very very thorough consultation, I decided to go for it. We took photographs to document the change and then she prepared the special "cocktail" as they like to call it. I had approx 30cc injected. Although I did take several Advil about one hour before, the injections did not hurt at all. The anticaption is much more painful ! Within 30 minutes following the procedure, my body started to react. Firmness, tender, itching, red and splotchy, and swollen. It's not comfortable but it's manageable. I took 2 Tylenol prior to bed and then another around 5am. The pain did not keep me awake, if anything, I was trying to prevent the inevitable.

Day Two
- They're definitely swollen, red and tender to the touch. The swelling seems to have migrated several inches away from the injection sites. Ouch and Ughly is what I have to say. I won't be wearing a tank-top today ! I've taken a few Tylenol but all in all, the pain is OK. I'm more fearful of the swelling than anything else. The doctor did tell me this was all part of the process. I'm looking forward to each day getting better.

You'll have to wait till tomorrow for my progress.

Day Three - It's been around 56 hours since the...

Day Three - It's been around 56 hours since the procedure and i'm finally able to deal with the discomfort without taking Tylenol. Although I'm definitely still swollen, splotchy and tender to the touch, i'm OK. Verdict is still out if i'll be happy with my decision to go forward with Meso !
VanderVeer Center, Portland, Oregon

Very professional. Very clean and clinical, like. Only Dr's and RN's administer Mesotherapy

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