2 weeks post op- all is well!

Well I put down my deposit today and booked my...

Well I put down my deposit today and booked my full TT and BA today for Friday, Jan. 4th- no turning back now! My story: I have two kids ages 4 and 2 and my belly never went back to normal after birth. My belly button stuck out, flabby pouch, a 3 finger width diastasis the whole way down my stomach, and deflated flat pancake boobs. Total bummer. I'm 5'5" 130 lbs and pretty fit in general but no amount of diet and exercise will change the look of my belly.

I am really nervous about going under general anesthesia and about pain management afterward. I don't even like to take over the counter meds. I got really ill after both of my cesareans and even had preventative antinausea meds before the second one that was planned but still got ill, and those were just with an epidural and spinal. Even after both cesareans I refused the percocets because I was so afraid I might get ill and it would hurt my stomach muscles even more. Meeting with the nurse Thursday to discuss medication options and then meeting with my PS again on Dec. 4 to go over any more details and pay in full. Did anyone show their PS pics of belly buttons they liked and didn't like? I have found that they tend to vary in after pics that I have seen in the internet and I prefer the look of some over others. I like the ones on my PS' website but feel like if I am paying a ton of money I should be very specific. Is that overkill or rude?

This site has been invaluable to me in deciding whether or not to actually go through with this procedure- thank you to everyone who have posted their stories, tips, and tricks. This seems to be such a supportive community and I am glad to be joining as I prepare for the big day.

Well kind of a bummer tonight- the plan was for me...

Well kind of a bummer tonight- the plan was for me to stay with my parents for a few days and have my husband take care of the kids (ages 2&4) so my mom could help with with the initial recovery and not worry about the kids wanting to see me/jump on me/etc. well tonight my mom is saying she is really worried about what all she will need to do to care for me after surgery with the drains, pain meds, helping me to the bathroom, etc.

Can anyone please share candidly with me exactly how much help you needed after your surgery and for how long? I have been reading your posts and they are helpful but I am wondering if I could just tell her, here are what the other women say is needed in the first couple days/week. Perhaps that would help to either reassure her she is capable of helping me or let me know that I need to work out another plan. Thank you!

Trying to patiently wait for the big day, a little...

Trying to patiently wait for the big day, a little over a month away. I try not to think about it but it's constantly on my mind. At work, in the car, making meals, showering, trying to go to sleep...I can't get my mind to stop. I'm mostly just really really really nervous for the actual surgery and the first few days of recovery.

Some things I think about that don't help my nerves:
What if I throw up after the surgery
What if the anti nausea meds don't work
What if the painkillers make me sick
How much it will hurt if I'm heaving after BA & TT
What if my mom freaks out about having to empty the drains and can't do it
What if the scar is higher than the doc says it will be- she told me she can do it below my cesarean scar
What if the belly button she makes for me is huge or ugly
What if I got boobs that are too big/too small

Hahaha what a worry wart!

Things I think of that keep me positive:
I will look KICK ASS in a bikini this summer!
Can't wait to test drive the new girls in the bedroom with the hubby
Pants will fit better
Won't be afraid to get another hernia at the gym- can do lots of sit ups and hopefully get a nice stomach
Buy gorgeous Victoria's Secret bras and actually not have flat droopy pancakes inside
Having cleavage!
Feeling more confident overall in any clothing, bathing suit, or NAKED
Wondering if I'll love my body enough to walk around naked in front of my HB or leave the lights on :)

I am so thankful for everyone's posts. Nobody really gets it like you all do.
Love you guys.

Well I went back to the PS yesterday to check out...

Well I went back to the PS yesterday to check out implants again and pay in full. My right is slightly larger than the left so I am thinking 339 CC left and 304 right? Somewhere between that and the next size up. I'm basically a chest of flat pancakes now so I think that will look natural and not like porno boobs for my frame (although I'm pretty sure the hubby wouldn't mind porno boobs). Had tons of questions for the PS, nurses, and the PA and they were so patient and gave lots of info. I am so nervous about throwing up after the surgery or from taking percocet so I may try one before hand to see if it makes me sick or not. Then I will know if I need to continue taking antinausea meds during the narcotics.

The really great thing about this appointment is that I am so much more excited than nervous now. I suppose gaining more knowledge and getting to speak with the nurse and PA about every aspect of pre-op, surgery, and post-op made me more comfortable. I'm a bit of a control freak in that I want to know exactly what the plan is and then I can rest assured it will be okay.

Best of luck to all those going in and continued healing for those on the flat side!

Well ladies I did it! I went in at 6am yesterday,...

Well ladies I did it! I went in at 6am yesterday, surgery at 7:30, it took 4 hours for BA & FTT. However, I was the last one to leave the hospital because I couldn't stay awake in recovery and the pain was horrible. I thought I had prepared myself for horrible pain but holy crap. I was like "oh yeah, I've had 2 cesareans I will be okay. It will just be a bit worse than that". Oh no, it was way worse. I had trouble peeing after surgery and they wouldn't let me leave until I did.

My ps came in during recovery and I told her how much it hurt and she smiles and says, "oh yes, I made you VERY tight!" Which is a good thing but just hurt so bad yesterday,

The good news is theat I peed a lot last night, took all my meds as directed and so far today is not so bad. Everything is just super sore now but no major pain like yesterday. I keep burping- the nurses said that is normal after this surgery. They gave me every anti nausea medication out there and it worked! I took the emend at 6am, they injected Zofran, and some other stuff but I was loopy by then. and I have an antinausea pill I am taking now too.

I am so excited for the days and weeks ahead to see what I look like. Thanks everyone for your support on here, it helped me make my decision to do this surgery. With 98% of all of you saying it was worth it I knew I wouldn't be disappointed,
Okay, pretty sleepy Percocet and muscle relaxant kicking in....

We increased my Percocet last night and that...

We increased my Percocet last night and that seemed to really help. I'm walking around more a little more comfortably. Just sleeping a lot and really tired from Percocet and muscle relaxant. Surgery was Friday and the drains are already not bright yellow anymore, but more yellowish pinkish. Is that normal to change that quickly? Breasts are looking good from what I can see way up here- haven't unwrapped anything yet, we'll see how it goes with the pain. I am allowed to shower tomorrow but everything is still so sore I cannot imagine cramming myself back into this compression garment after. How long did everyone stay on the narcotics?

Oh I meant to say they aren't bright red anymore,...

Oh I meant to say they aren't bright red anymore, just yellowish and pinkish now.

I got my CG off and all bandages with help today...

I got my CG off and all bandages with help today to rinse off in the shower. I was disappointed looking at my belly because I thought it would look less "monster-y" (yes I am going to make up that word). It looks so disfigured and I know it will heal and change but I was hoping for that "wow!" Moment when I took everything off. Did anyone else feel like that? It is so painful wearing the other stage 1 CG because I had the other stretched a little. This is like starting from scratch again with it being so tight, I have a lot of burping and gas- did anyone take gas x or something similar? Talked to the doc's pa today and she advised me to resume the Percocet for almost the entire first week because I had so much surgery. She was shocked that I had switched to Tylenol so quickly. So, back on the Percocet and back to being sleepy all the time. Hey, it's better than being in pain! Drains have really slowed down, we haven't even dumped them since this morning. It does look like one might be collecting a bit more than the other so I will call the doc again in the morning, I am scheduled for a post op visit on Wednesday morning.

Well the other CG was so tight that I woke my...

Well the other CG was so tight that I woke my hubby last night (he slept here and my mother in law kept the kids) at 2am to put the original one back on me. This is no joke folks, this shit hurts, I upped my Percocet from one every four hours to one and a half. The bottle says I can take up to two every four hours but I am trying not to do that. Drains we only emptied once today right before bedtime, right is at 10cc and left is 7.5cc. Each day they have a little less, I am scheduled to see the doc tomorrow morning and potentially get one drain out, I can't wait until the pain lessens. Very much excited for that, very teary today and probably tomorrow I assume. I remember reading that on others' posts. I got teary after both cesareans too, must be something about surgery and what it does to your body and hormones, thank you for writing and your words of encouragement, it really helps to know someone else understands how this feels and all the crazy emotions that go with it, okay off to bed!

Well today (post op day 5) was such a better day!...

Well today (post op day 5) was such a better day! I went to bed last night tearing up but today the pain was a little better. I went to my follow up this morning and got the left drain taken out. I was so nervous because I had heard such a range of stories about what it feels like to get it out but it was nothing! She cut the stitches first which felt like nothing and then told me when she was going to pull the drain out, I laid down just in case I would pass out. She said it might feel like a little worm (weird) and it kind of did. It was just for a second and it didn't hurt at all, just a weird feeling. So I may be able to get the right drain out Tuesday if all goes well.. I think she said it needs to drain less than 20ccs for two consecutive days. Both of mine have been about 10 or less. My boobs look awesome! Granted, they are still very swollen but they look really great. Hard to tell anything in the stomach since it it so early. Will try to be patient about that. Hope everyone else had a great day and best of luck to those going in!

Well one week ago I was just coming home after...

Well one week ago I was just coming home after surgery, and tonight I am resting semi-comfortably in my borrowed recliner waiting to take my next dose of Percocet. Truly the doses that combine the Percocet and muscle relaxer are the best times, when things/muscles stop twitching inside my belly and there is little to no pain. Everything feels stretched and uncomfortable and I just keep telling myself that every day will become a little easier. And it truly does. A little less pain, a little less stiff, a little more comfortable. I return home tomorrow to my husband and children. I have been resting this first week at my parents house, my wonderful mother waiting on me hand and foot. It's been like a weeklong vacation that you're just really physically uncomfortable on. Nothing to do, sleep when you want, eat when you want you're just in lots of pain. So it's not all good and it's not all bad. But I do miss my little ones. I'm thinking if strapping a pillow pet to my belly to remind them they can't run and tackle me or roughhouse around my belly. Hoping to get off the Percocet this weekend- how long was everyone on that? What about the muscle relaxers? I go back to the ps on Tuesday to hopefully get the other drain out. What happens to that fluid after the drain comes out? There is hardly anything there now but does it just stay in my body and I absorb it somehow? Hope that's not a dumb question.

I am loving the boobs but assume they will deflate a little since they are still swollen? I am so disgusted my the incision on my belly, my stomach turned tonight when I put the cream on it. It's hard and raised and so gross. It is hard to imagine that it will become a tiny line someday. I feel like Frankenstein. My belly is really hard and numb. Where the belly button is it's all raised and puffy around it and my stomach below that is creased like a butt it's so swollen. I am really freaking out about how it looks and questioning how it could possibly turn out looking nice someday. I try to just believe that it will but I am thinking my old stomach didn't look all that bad compared to this mess I'm staring at now. It is only 1 week post op and that's what I am trying to remember.

Keep healing to all you ladies and best of luck to those who are going in!

Wow today was an awesome day. I went to my second...

Wow today was an awesome day. I went to my second follow up appt and got my second drain out. Surprisingly, this one hurt coming out! The first one was a breeze last week, although I was pretty heavily medicated, and today it tugged and burned coming out. No biggie, it was quick and it was over. I had lots of questions because I have been so upset about the scar from the TT. The PA for the PS, who I love and was in on the surgery, explained that I can absolutely not gauge anything based on what it looks like right now. She explained that the thicker puckered skin in the front, even the skin between my new belly button and the scar that is puckered like a butt, is like that because as I heal and stand taller and the skin stops swelling and relaxes it needs some give. She swears it will flatten out and said there are many patients who would love to have my result, so that made me feel better. I really didn't feel like it was a line, I do trust her. And she checked out my belly button and did suggest putting a marble in there to keep it open/open it a little wider. Well, I had in my purse my son's Hungry Hungry Hippo marble that I was going to ask her about. My husband thought I was joking but I have read a lot about people doing that. So we'll try the little marble thing for a while and see what happens. It feels so great having the drains out! She showed me how to do the breast massage so I will start that tonight I guess. Just feeling way better about everything once I got to see her, ask my questions, and get some answers. And HB feels better cause he keeps fielding my crying every night :) also checked out the new Victoria's Secret catalog today with the bathing suits and found some great ones! So excited that I will have boobs to fill out and hold up a bathing suit! And a belly I will be proud baring to the world (well, a some beach or at the pool anyway)! Yay, what a great feeling today :)

Well what a difference 2 weeks makes! Once the...

Well what a difference 2 weeks makes! Once the second drain came out last Tuesday I started to feel more human again and was able to move more easily. Last night was the first night that I slept all the way through the night and felt completely rested when I woke up. However, my belly button is bleeding a little, which is weird. I have a disinfected tiny pearl from a bracelet wrapped in xeroform and bacitracin resting in there and it just looked funky in there and now is a little bloody. I am going back to the doc tomorrow and will have it checked out then. The scar looks better every day. Once the swelling started to go down it made a huge difference. How long was it until your belly wasn't swollen around the scar and it all blend seamlessly together? Mine is still puffy but again, it's only been two weeks. Trying to remember to go easy on myself emotionally and physically. Back at work and put in a long day today. Feeling pretty good though overall! The breasts are looking great too. I'm supposed to do breast massage 3 times a day but is it ever harmful to do it more frequently? When I do it it helps to make them less sore. Healing well!

Super Satisfied with Results

I have had several women contact me asking about the surgeon I chose and also about why I had never posted photos either befores or afters. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Wooten's practice. When I met her I knew that's who I wanted and I'm so glad I made that decision. I am posting photos today that hopefully will be helpful to others along the way. Post-childbirth I had several hernias and about a 3" diastasis. I had a full abdominoplasty and a breast augmentation.

Some things that I think could be helpful nuggets of information for those going into this surgery:
1. Expect to be in a fog for several days so have someone that is able to take care of you, get your meds in order and give them to you at the right times.
2. If you have small children, make sure you either A. stay at someone else's home for several days to a week or B. have someone in your home who can take care of them full-time while you are resting. The last thing you need is to have little ones trying to climb up on your lap when you can hardly even adjust yourself in your chair.
3. Sleep in a recliner for the first few days. You will need help even going from sitting to standing at first and vice versa.
4. Get lots of large gauze bandages from the drug store or your doctor. Use them as padding between your legs inside your garment instead of underwear. Just unhook your garment in the crotch and move your pad to use the restroom. Note: someone will probably have to unhook your crotch for you for the first day or so. Right after surgery my garment was tight around my hips too, so I used the gauze there as padding and it helped me feel more comfortable.
5. Set really low expectations for yourself. I mean really low. Don't judge what anything looks like until at least several months later. And you may feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster in the first few weeks post surgery. Totally normal. Let yourself cry and feel crazy without judgement. Just whatever you do, don't be hard on yourself. There is truly a healing period and you need to let yourself have that time.

The women on this site were so helpful to me when I was in need of support before surgery and in the first few weeks afterward, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Thank you.
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Internet searching in my area- she was close and highly rated and after meeting her I iknew she was the right doc for me,

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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