37 Yr Old 2 Kids Breast Fed and in Extreme Pain Now. Current Size 36 G - Westwood, CA

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My goal is to reduce from 36G to 36 C and lift the...

My goal is to reduce from 36G to 36 C and lift the excess skin and tissue as a result from the reduction. And! To have insurance cover the procedure. I have horribly intense headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and upper back pain. It's impossible to find clothes that fit and I am held back with physical limitations due to the size of my chest. I can only wear a bra so many hrs a day otherwise I'm locked up in my house bra-less.

A couple more before pictures.

Pre-Surgery & Post Details

I went in yesterday, (10/10/16) for my reduction, lift & lipo. Everything went perfectly! The surgery was just over 4 hrs. I spent the night in the surgery center and surprisingly it's been nice and quiet. They have left me alone except for when I have needed them for help.

Pain: My boobs are generally not in pain. However the cuts under, in the crease and the lipo done on my sides BURNS pretty bad!

Pictures of the reduction.

Day 1 post op

Day 6 Post Op

I used pain meds and Valium for 3 days. The most uncomfortable thing for me was the itching. Apparently it's very common for the histamine to rise in your body after surgery. Also the tightness under my breasts, (where an underwire bra would rest) was really uncomfortable. So, Valium and Benadryl was my friend for a few days.

Also I have to say, any dr that tells you any kind of sports bra will work just fine is wrong, wrong, wrong!!! There is a reason why surgical bras are made and there is no comparison to how well they are made and compress you vs a sports bra. I'm using the Marena Post-Surgery Recovery Seamless Molded Cup Bra model B01G. I highly recommend this bra. It is comfortable, fully adjustable and is able to be machine washed and dried!!! This bra is truly a necessity for BR surgery. It has helped my swelling tremendously and kept the oozing to a minimum. (While I was washing these bras I put on the highly recommended fruit of the loom front closing sports bra. The bra was so poor at supporting me I was oozing and in so much pain after an hr of wear.)

The other item that has been a necessity in my healing has been a wedge pillow. Just get one. It has kept me nice and elevated and supported my back.

I have my 1st follow-up appt with my surgeon tomorrow, I expect he will be happy with how things are progressing.
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