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Had a BBL done at the begin of this year and need...

Had a BBL done at the begin of this year and need a a doctor that can correct the deformity I was left with and give me the fullness I was originally looking forward to having. I have been recommended to wait at least a year so I programming to have it done preciously a year after my original BBL which will be for May 2016. I hate to have to wait, but I know and I feel (physically) that I should. This has me extremely depressed and I am obsessed with looking at all the reviews on here. I really wanted to go to DR but I'm afraid to go abroad. I also have seen Dr. Jonathan Fisher's (Miami, FL.) work and I like it a lot, but I have heard and read terrible things about Vanity which he works for. I don't want to put my self thru that. I've been thru enough with my last BBL experience. That I just want and office and a doctor that is going to care about there patient. Please help!

Dr. Fisher It Is!!! BBL Revision!

Well after serious consideration (reading reviews, verifying board certification, checking on disciplinary actions, etc....) I have come to a decision on who will be doing by BBL revision. Like I have said on my initial review, I had gone thru a BBL late March 2015 and it was a disaster (infection, Fat Necrosis and left with deformity) and the previous doctor was not there for me. I was undecided between Dr. Fisher, Dr. Delvecchio and Dr. Salzhauer. After reaching out to Dr. Salzhauer and him booking surgeries in 2017, I figured that was out of the question for me. I wanted to stay in the New England area and had found Dr. Delvecchio and I love his work but after a consultation and having been quoted $9300 or $10,300 (financed) I just don't want to spend that amount of money after already spending $6200 on my first surgery. I know we should never go on price but after viewing and checking all of Dr. Fisher's credentials I feel his is my best chose in all aspects. So, Dr. Fisher it is!!! I called on Saturday and spoke to Anna one of his coordinators and explained to her my ordeal and praying she has some compassion. Anna has answered all my questions so far but at Vanity they are bit straight forward when it comes to payment. She gave me a quote of $4500 with a $1000 to hold my date. After getting a quote from Dr. Delvecchio, I felt $4500 was more than good. Monday, came and Anna texted me in the early morning to ask if I had made my payment. My sister has decided to go with me and so I was waiting for her to get her quote because I was fronting her deposit as well. After texting back and forward with Anna my sister got her quote for a TT and so I made the $2000 money transfer for our deposits, but it wasn't till late in the afternoon. Anna has been good about texting and following up. Let's see how it goes after my deposit is received seeing Vanity has fame for just dumping you once they get what they want. I hope that will not be the case. My biggest fear is not Dr. Fisher it's the office but I pray things work out for the best seeing I am traveling to Miami just for this procedure just as many of you have. I did try to emphasize to Anna that I have an extremely demanding job and was taking 2 weeks out just for this procedure and can't afford to have any mishaps. I couldn't of been more clear on that. I hope she follows thru all we discussed (on my knees praying)! I think I am more scared now then I was the 1st time. I really pray everything goes well and I don't have any surgical complications. My date for surgery will be March 18, 2016 (only 6 months away, awwww!) Please keep my sister and I in your prayers. Now I need to find a hotel and a private nurse to take care of my sister and I. Any suggestions Fisher/Vanity dolls???? Please!?

So Far, So Good! Hopefully it continues.

So as of now everything is going smoothly. I have started shopping for the things my sister and I need for our upcoming surgeries in March 2016. I'm so thankful for Real Self and the great ladies on here that share there experience and information help us with their reviews in finding everything we need. Due to this website and all you girls I'm very happy to say that I was able to find Amy for our after care. After talking to her on the phone I feel we have made a wise decision in hiring her. Now I'm looking for a place to stay at searching in Homeaway and Airbnb. Hopefully I find something soon. Just want to have everything done and not have to worry about it, since I'm such a worry freak.

Feeling Prepared!

Well I'm 4 months away. Seems like so long but it's not. This year has flown by us and before you know it, it will be my time to get what I've always wanted "A Nice Shape Butty!" LOL So far I'm on the right track. Flight is scheduled, made another deposit at Vanity, paid a deposit on the condo I rented from the website Homeaway, found Amy who has agreed to take care of my sister and myself for the week and have must of the things needed for my surgery. So I'm feeling prepared and confident. Nervous and anxious but I guess it's to be expected. Thank you for listening, chao!

More Information!

Well everything is almost all in place. I thank all the girls on Real Self for sharing there experience because it has made the process much easier. I have contracted the Amy the caretacker and I feel I have made a great choice. Amy is very informative. She seems to know most of the physcians in the area. She tells me Dr. Fisher is very strict with what his patient use. She informed me that I should wait to buy my garment because I should really buy it directly from Vanity because Dr. Fisher like a particular one that will be best for the BBL (not to tight and of a breathable material) this should prevent any skin burns and will prevent circulatory problems, which I think that's why my 1st BBL was a disaster. I had a very tight garment and I'm told it's not good in a Fat transfer because it does not allow enough blood flow and could result in the fat dying and causing Fat Necrosis. Which happened to me! Also I was told that Dr. Fisher does like the BBL Pillow because again in slow blood flow which is what truly helps when you have a BBL. So I plan to not sit for a few weeks. This is so informative and what ever I can do to help with my healing process I will do!!! Good Luck to all you girls Fisher Dolls and all!

My Before Pics; After my 1st failed BBL

Well this is what I was left with after my 1st BBL. Horrible Results. He even messed up my stomach which now I'm going to have to get a TT after I do my BBL. my stomach was not bad at all but now fur get it! It makes me want to cry when I see this pictures. I hope Dr. Fisher can help me! I can only pray!!!

Feelind Anxious and Scared!!! 2 Months.

Well it's been a while but the pass few months have just flown by. I can't believe in 2 months I will be getting my revision. I feel prepared but I'm more scared then the 1st time. When I had the first surgery I said I would never do this again and here I am doing it again!! But because of the major disappointment and the deformity I was left with "I must do it". I'm so scared right now but I'm trying to stay positive and pray the Dr. Fisher will be the doctor to fix my situation.

Mixed feelings! Happy but depressed at the same time.

Well ladies, feeling a little down today. I'm only 50 days from my surgery, but today I woke up looking in the mirror and I hate that I have had to gain weight. I have always been insecure about my body and I was overweight for a long time. My life revolved around raiding son. Once he was older I decided to take control of my weight. Decided it was time to feel better about myself. Started kickboxing and I fell in love with it. At 4'11 and weighing 150 , it was not good, but with kickboxing I went down to 109lbs and boy was I happy. Took me years but I did it. Then I decided to get a butt augmentation and that was a disaster. Now that I'm going to get a revision Dr. Fisher wants me to gain weight. I have done what he asked and it's depressing. I worked so hard to maintain myself between 110lbs-115lbs but I just weighed myself and I'm 135. Ahhhhhh. I feel terrible. I just want to cry. I don't want to be this weight. I hope I have a good outcome and all this will be worth it.

Disaster.... Dr. Fisher rescheduled on me!

I got the call on Monday and what I was hoping did not happened, happened! Vanity (Dr. Fisher) has rescheduled my surgery cause he will be away. I can not believe this. I've read stories on here how his done this before. I'm not upset with my coordinator, I'm more upset with him. He needs to have more consideration specially when you have people that have book flights, booked a hotel/houses, booked nurse and have done so much to get prepared for such a big event. I work for a doctor and we would never do this. If your going to a conference you should have that blocked on your schedule months in advance. I can't believe this, but I guess I just have to be patient and wait till April 4th now. I have been able to reschedule my flight and was lucky to still have the nurse available for that date, but I might have to find a new property. Won't know till today. Please pray for me and that he doesn't reschedule again.

Question for Former Fisher Dolls

Fisher dolls when you had you BBL's did anyone remove there gel nails?

One week left before surgery!

Oh my lord!!! I can't believe I'm a week away from surgery. I have been waiting for this way to long. I'm scared, nervous, anxious and just feeling all the emotions as like many of you Real Self members have faced already!! I pray everything goes well. I don't think I can take another disappointment.

Finally ! So very Happy!

Well ladies first I would like to thank God for helping get thru this a second time around. Seeing that my first BBL was s complete disaster. I want to also give a huge thanks to the kindness and sweetest Doctor (Dr. Fisher) who is by far one of the smartest and knowledge plastic surgeon I have met. Dr. Fisher is phenomenal. Wish I had gone to him from the beginning. He is worth every penny. Dr. Fisher knows what's his doing and is an expert at what he does. His team at vanity are awesome, from his personal assistant (Yuliet, who is a sweetheart) to his anesthesiologist!! Had my surgery a few days earlier (originally scheduled for Monday April 4th) seeing I got into Miami on a Thursday the doctor saw me on Friday and since I had all my blood work done prior to seeing him. He indicated he had a cancellation on April 1st , he asked if I want to have it done I was scared but said yes seeing it would allow me more time to recover before I flew back to home. The first 4 days where by far the hardest, but thank God for Amy my caretaker. She was the BEST!!! She was there for me 100%. The apartment
My sister and I rented was perfect we each had our own room and bathroom and Amy had the sofa bed. The apartment was perfect and it was literally 10 minutes to vanity. I can't begin to emphasize how great everything went. It's now 3 months and I'm starting to feel my normal self. Still soar but doing much better every day. I would also like to thank real self and every one that forms part of this forum. Thank you and I wish you all the best of luck! If you have any questions I'm here to answer them for you.
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