Breast Reduction Definitely Worth It!

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I had been considering the Breast Reduction...

I had been considering the Breast Reduction Surgery for 3 years. Every time I went to my GYN, it was after my Mammogram and my breast were bruised.

I am 61 yrs old, my breast somehow grew bigger and were so heavy that I was in constant spasm in my neck and shoulders.

I finally decided after out growing my 36DD to a 36 G, I needed to do something that was the best decision for me. I began my quest for the best cosmetic surgeon to perform my breast reduction.

I was approved by my Insurance company by a Doctor in my Network, but I didn't feel 100% good about him. A friend of mine used him, but I wasn't comfortable.

I found an AMAZING Doctor that came with rave reviews over the years. I have also seen his work from friends that had Breast Augmentations. He is a Master at his craft. I was very scared about the surgery, but I knew I had the best Doctor, actually one of the best Plastic Surgeons in the U.S.A. His name is Dr. Charles Messa in Weston Florida.

Unfortunately, he was out of Network & it was going to cost me a lot more money, which I still might not get any $ reimbursed.
When it came to my life in his hands, my husband & I decided he was the Doctor that would preform my surgery.

Here is my experience: My surgery was on Friday @ 1:00 P.M., as you know you cannot eat or drink. I was getting a headache. My husband told the Surgical nurse & she hooked me up to an IV to hydrate me immediately. I spoke with the Anesthesiologist, then Dr. Messa came in and drew lines and circles and next thing I know I went into surgery and woke up feeling great. We were home a few hours after surgery. I only took 1 pain pill the first night just in case so I could get some sleep. I never needed another one. I was wrapped in a bandage. I had to go back to his office the next day to be fitted into a sports bra. We live 1 hour from Dr. Messa's office. I felt so good, my husband and I went to lunch. No pain. Friends would stop over to bring goodies and didn't expect me to be up & moving around. Their jaws dropped in Amazement & even asked me if I had the surgery done.

I followed every instruction he gave me to get me ready for the surgery. I stopped all medications that was on the list & began taking the Bromelin & Arnica a few days before the surgery to get my tissue ready for Trauma & minimize bruising.

My experience was fantastic!! I believe it is because I had the best Surgeon & his team work on me. Oh and his Operating room was impeccably clean. My breasts look so good, they are a great shape & even. I feel 30 lbs lighter. I did have some bruising but not bad.
The only thing is you have to be elevated for at least a week, either by sitting in a recliner or prop up pillows.

I am following his instruction of not lifting or certain movement to the letter. I don't want to mess anything up. I felt so good I was wanting to go on my treadmill within days, but no I didn't. 1 week after surgery I saw Dr. Messa, he asked me how I was doing? I asked him, how am I doing? He laughed & said you are doing great. He has a great bedside manner, he is a soft spoken man.

He said I can walk slowly, but don't exert. I am so happy & I still have some healing ahead of me. I would only recommend Dr. Messa to anyone looking to have this procedure done. I am truly amazed and thankful for my gentle healing!

Mammogram after Breast Reduction

I wanted to update on since I had my 1st Mammogram since my Breast Reduction surgery. I was expecting something to pop up since my breast were dramatically changed. I was notified that I needed further imaging. My doctor prescribed another mammogram & Ultrasound as they noticed a spot on my right breast. Of course I was scared. I called my Plastic Surgeons office and they said don't panic. Your breasts have changed, so please call us with results, it will be fine. They were right, after 2 Mammograms & an ultrasound, what they found was maybe scar tissue or a small cyst, but all is well. Thank our good Lord.
So for those of you going through this, I wanted to ease your mind a little. Oh by the way my first Mammogram, I paid extra for a 3D, my Gyno order a regular Mammogram.
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