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Funny enough, I am not scared. My husband is more...

Funny enough, I am not scared. My husband is more terrified about this than I am. I am excited for the procedure because I feel that after it is all said and done that I will be happier with my body than I am now. I respect my body because it carried four children and nourished and fed them. However, the end result is that I still look five months pregnant and the twins/girls are hanging much too low, LOL!

Less than 12 hours away

Ok, so I am less than 12 hours away from surgery. I cooked and froze six days worth of meals for my husband and the kids. Not that I am afraid that he wont be able to feed them, but his specialty is spaghetti and meatballs and I think that after a few days of eating the same thing that the kids will start a mutiny! I am finally starting to feel some nerves. I guess my fear is that the Breast Reduction will be too small. I know that sounds dumb, but when you have been accustomed to carrying around a 36G/H, I just don't want to end up with a 36B or C and be disappointed. I think that I am going to tell him that I want a small D or a really really really full C. REALLY! LOL. Also my tummy tuck is causing me anxiety. He has already told me that my C-section scar is so low that he might not be able to bring the tummy tuck cut that low. He mentioned something about a vertical scar also. Not sure that I understood what that meant.... I just know that I don't want a scar that is too high that I cant hide in my Victoria Secret string bikinis.
Hopefully all this obsessing right before surgery is completely normal. :)

I made it.

Well, I am home from the hospital. I spent one night and it was rough. My heart rate kept dropping very low because of the morphine pain pump, so that stupid beeping machine kept me up all night. Glad to be home I must say. I have four drains, one in each breast and one in each hip. Hopefully I will get the breast ones out on Friday. I am in a lot of pain, but still getting used to the idea that my boobies got reduced. My belly is swollen and I can't wear a compression garment until the drains come out. I have pics, but it will be a few days before I can put them up.

Ok, I am 3 days P.O.

Well, I am still sleeping a lot but I find that I am walking a lot stronger now when I do get up. I had my first bowel movement this morning and it made me feel so much better, LOL. Who knew?!!! I am still hunched over but making a real effort to straighten up as much as possible when I get up and walk. But it is definitely easier said than done. I am also going a lot longer between pain pills so that is also good. My husband is going to attempt to give me my first sponge shower today. Hopefully it will go well, wish me luck.

Another day down.

Well I had my first shower yesterday, if you can call it that, LOL! I got in the shower and my husband soaped up the important bits and used the hand held attachment to wash off. I have to say it still felt amazing!!! I was still freaking out and threatening him to not let the water get on my drain sites, stitches and belly button. I know, I know, but what can I tell ya, fear is fear.

Finally Pics!

Tummy Tuck Scar

It doesn't look as low as I had hoped but this is what I have now...????

Two Down, two to go.

So I went for my appt yesterday and was so pleased when he took out the two breast drains. He wants me to keep the two hip drains at least another 5 days. Maybe I will get lucky and they will come out next Wednesday.

He is also concerned about that right hip drain that I have been complaining about. He doesn't want it to turn into colitis. Wants me on antibiotics as a preventative. Eeeekk, can you say vaginal yeast infection? I am prone to them if I have to take any antibiotics. What's a girl to do????

9 days Post-Op

Just got back from Dr Office and they removed one of the two belly drains. I had been hoping to get rid of them both, but alas, it was not to be. That was such a creepy feeling when they pulled it out. The only painful part was the stitch removal. Otherwise, the tube was just plain weird when it was pulled out. I go back on Friday and they have assured me that the last one will come out. I can't wait because taking care of the drains is such a pain.

Otherwise, I feel good. I haven't gotten the dreaded depression spell that so many of my fellow ladies seem to experience. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Pain management is also good. I only take meds at night now. I am still walking hunched over especially at night. My skin is super itchy and stretched now. I hope all this stretching on my skin won't screw up my wound healing .

Whoot Whoot!

No more drains! Got my last drain removed yesterday and I feel so much better. I felt so crazy with those things hanging out of my body. I know that they served their purpose but it is such a psychological boost to finally get rid of them.
I am now in one of those super sexy hospital issued abdominal binders. Can you say ITCHY!!!!

Hmmmm, what do you think?

Well it has been a little over two weeks and my healing is slowly coming along. Like everyone else by the end if the day I am a swollen mess and can't wait to get into bed.

I took some pics today and I noticed something. I think that I ordered the wrong shape... All of you lovely ladies on here seem to have ordered the hourglass shape but I somehow must have told my Dr that I wanted the box shape!!!! WTH! Everyone else has these beautiful curves days after surgery and I have this square box in my midsection. How disappointing.

I love my new boobies and I even like the flatness of my stomach from the front and side but this box is not what I was expecting. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Wow, it's been five weeks.

Wow, I can't believe it has been five weeks already. I am still on the mend, but every day I feel so much better. I went for my appoint last Friday and spoke to my Dr about my concerns with the boxy look and he agreed that a little bit of lipo sculpting would help. Of course the downside is that it will have to wait until at least six months because he doesn't do any revisions until then. He wants to wait until the swelling comes down so he can see the final results before going in and fixing anything.

Of course I am completely in LOVE with my boobies! LOL!!! They are so perky and just the right size for my frame. I understand now when my Dr said that a BR surgery has one of the highest satisfaction ratings. Yes my breast still are sore and tender and I get a lot of shooting random pain and let's not even talk about the itchin, OMG, but I am still happy!
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