29 Yrs Old. Mommy of 1. Tall (5'11"). What Size?! - Weston, FL

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I'm a tall woman. I weight about 162lbs. I tried...

I'm a tall woman. I weight about 162lbs. I tried on the sizers and i felt comfy with the 450cc silicone. i was happy with 450cc... until the surgeon said 500cc would be better because I'm tall and i have a wide back. I heard to go a little bigger, too, from other people because the implant will look smaller once it's inside of me (and under the muscle). I want to look "natural" and full but not like a stripper. I'm a big A / small B. I'm looking for a full C (and i won't be mad with a small D). Anyone else going (or went through) going bigger on the real thing than the sizers? LET ME KNOW! Replies WELCOME!!!

20 Days Till Breast Aug

20 days away!!! I'm excited and very thankful for the tips [on the rice sizers]. I've been using them at home. It's fun and my bf gets a kick out of it. Lol. I'm sticking with the 500cc. Like i've said... I'm TALL (5'11"). I don't want to get the 450cc and then regret not getting them bigger. My surgeon said that if i want the 450cc look, then go with the 500cc. He's the expert. :) wish me luck. I'll be posting pics soon. Any encouragment or experience stories WELCOME! I'm not as anxious... but still am. :)

Decided on 500cc! 15 days till BA!

So after reading and talking to other women who've gotten BA... I decided to go with the 500cc. Moderate profile, too. I'm a [small] B cup and i would've be upset if i end up with big Ds. I figured... I'm paying for a difference in my breasts.... And the surgeon said if i wanted the "450 look" to go with the 500cc. I trust his work. I'm super excited! Been playing around with the rice sizers at home (2cups each sizer = +/- 500cc) and they look huge... But they're not inside of me nor under my muscle. 15 days and counting. I'll be posting pics soon.

Mod or High profile. When is it necessary?

My date of my breast on mentation is getting closer. I just want to know what's the difference between moderate plus and high-profile. Like I previously said on the small size B cup. I was wondering how the doctor determines which one is better for my body type. I have an appointment this coming Saturday to play with the sizes. I'll ask him then, but I was wondering if anybody that has had a breast augmentation went through the same question as I am now. Which one to pick?!

Finally! BA went SUPER!

Got my under muscle, mod+, 500cc mentor silicone. I am
BEYOND happy with the results and can't wait for the months to pass and let them settle in. :) I felt the most discomfort yesterday (same day of surgery)... I'm a little sore, but i'm taking my pain meds as prescribed. Post op appt today and doc said everything is looking GREAT! Happy happy happy!
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