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It's August 5th and I'm 2 weeks post-op of my...

It's August 5th and I'm 2 weeks post-op of my back, upper buttocks and flanks. I have my upper and lower abdomen and inner thighs left to do, which is scheduled for next week. So far, the swelling has gone down considerably. I'm not nearly as puffy as I was two weeks ago. I think taking ibuprofen has really helped reduce the swelling. I do not have any bruising (thank God), but I am still in considerable pain. It's most pronounced when laying down and getting up from a laying down position. I currently wear my compression garment during the day only and take it off for bed time. I have noticed that I need the support from the garment to mitigate the pain. It provides substantial muscle support and posture assistance.

I am excited about getting my stomach done as this was my initial motivation for getting the procedure. I am 35 years old, married with two children, and I am too young for my stomach to touch the top of my thighs. I have had enough! After years of battling my weight and loosing, I figured this would be the jolt that I needed to get my body in gear. I have already been really committed to increasing my fitness level and eating cleaner. So this procedure was a way to see motivational results. And so good.

I'm 3 days out from having my upper and lower...

I'm 3 days out from having my upper and lower abdomen and inner thighs done. All I can say is that if I had done my front first, I don't think I would have gone back to do my back. It was the most excruciating pain that I have ever felt ( and I had natural childbirth in my home with a midwife - No drugs at all). I think I scared the other patients waiting for their procedures in the facility. For some reason, the anesthesia was not numbing everywhere and I felt everything. I am no cry baby , but that hurt. I just resigned myself to the fact that I was being tortured, and to suck it up. I knew the Dr's needed to know when something was hurting so I made sure to scream, yell, wince, etc whenever it was appropriate so they could either inject more fluid anesthesia or wait a little longer to let it take effect. After everything was done, the nurses came in to squeeze the excess fluid out and that hurt as well. I apologized in advance for cursing, but told them to do what they had to do. One nurse noticed how hard my back and flanks were from the precious procedure and she began to massage those hard spots. Although it too was excruciating, I am so grateful that she did because I couldn't imagine being in pain in the front and the back.

I opted for better pain meds this time and I think they're helping make this recovery more tolerable. Once the 24 hours post-op period had passed, I took off my compression garment and bandages and got my first look at my new belly. It looked like someone had stuck a pin in and deflated that huge ballon that I've been carrying around since my last some was born. My husband was watching me as I showered for the first time and he said that my breasts finally stuck out further than my stomach. I was so happy!!! I know there is still swelling and my skin will need a lot of tightening, but I can see my pubic area without lifting my belly again. My stomach doesn't touch my thighs. I can look straight down and see my feet. These were all reasons that I went through this procedure and my expectations have been met thus far.

I know this is just the beginning of this journey, but I'm looking forward to where I'll be a year from now.
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I had a relative undergo the procedure along with several of her friends. Their results have been AMAZING! So excited and hopeful.

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