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I've always neglected going to the dentist because...

I've always neglected going to the dentist because of a bad experience. I found this really good dentist who said I either get 8 teeth pulled or invisalign because my teeth are really crooked. I wanted invisalign because I wanna feel better about myself. I really hate how my teeth are so this is for me!

I'm so happy!

I've been using invisalign for 3 weeks and I can't stop smiling! My best friend can even tell I'm not self concious anymore.

Set 3!

I started tray 3 today and can't believe it's a month since I started! I'm starting to feel really good about myself and I can't stop smiling!

I'm so happy!

I can't stop smiling and I feel better about myself! I'm only 10 weeks in invisalign and it changed my self esteem.

18 weeks!

Okay so my bottoms look the same but my top teeth are looking really good! I feel more confident and can't wait to see the final results! More pictures coming soon!

My bottoms.

I hate my bottom teeth. Yuck and I hare how they look.

I'm so happy!

I finally am getting the smile I've always wanted! Been recommending Invisalign to people and they want it! I feel more confident and can't believe I'm doing this!

I'm so happy!

Okay so 32 weeks ago, I made the decision to get invisalign! I'm so happy with the results!

Set 21!

I can't believe I'm 42 weeks in! I feel so much more confident and before I would hide my smile. Now, I'm not afraid. My bottoms are still crooked but I'm getting the buttons on the bottom soon to make them straight. I have straight teeth on top and it feels amazing!!!!!!

I can't believe it!

Okay so I feel so much more confident and can't stop smiling!

Set 25!

OK so I can't believe it. My top teeth are pretty straight in my bottoms are getting there. I can't stop smiling and I know it's weird but I hated my teeth before.

Almost at 1 year!

I'm almost at a year with Invisalign! I can't believe it! My teeth are getting straighter and my friends see that I'm more confident. I can't stop smiling and my self confidence is over the roof! They're still kinda crooked but now it's like I'm not embarrassed anymore. Before I would fake smile and now I smile for real! I love it!

One year today!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it's been one year since I got Invisalign!!!!!!! My self esteem has risen and I can't stop smiling! I get complimented a lot and it feels good! Before I would hide my smile but now it's like I'm proud to show them off! If anyone doesn't think it'll work it does! My teeth were bad before and almost straight now!!!! I recommend it to anyone and it has seriously changed my life forever. I still have a lot more to go but so far I feel really confident and i'm not afraid to show it off anymore. A lot of people ask me what changed and I tell them invisalign has seriously changed my life.

Almost done!!!!!!!

I can't believe it! I'm almost done!!!!!!!! My teeth are almost straight and loving it!!!!! I had an orthodontist appointment last week and she said I could be done in 4 months!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!

On set 31!

So I have 9 more sets to go and so incredibly happy! People ask me all the time why am I so happy and confident and I tell them Invisalign and they want it! I've had like 6 people ask me if they qualify!

I'm almost done!!!!!!!

hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Been battling a cold so now I'm feeling better. I'm on aligner 34 and so excited to show off the new smile! My top teeth are straight! My bottoms are almost there! I can't believe that just a year and 3 months ago I got Invisalign. Smiling more everyday and my best friend even told me I've always been beautiful to him. That just made me want to feel it. So I promised you more pictures and here's one more and I'm so happy! Since day one, I knew I wanted this.

I'm almost on refinements!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone! So I'm on aligner 38/40 and in 8 weeks I get refinements! I'm so happy and still can't stop smiling! I love my teeth now!

Can't believe it!

Going on aligner 40 then refinements! My teeth are straighter and can't stop smiling!

Next week is refinements!

I'm so excited! Next week I get refinements! My teeth are straight and still can't stop smiling! I remember the first day getting them and it drastically changed my life. I love how I look now.

I got refinements!

I have 20 refinements plus rubber bands. Has anyone had the bands? Too me it feels so weird. The refinements are 5 months but my teeth are super straight! I'm so happy!

4 more months!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been online lately. I've been going through a lot of stress right now and I wanted to give you an update. I feel more confident knowing that my teeth are finally straight and I still can't stop smiling. I get people who ask me all the time if I really have braces and I said yes. They want it. I'm on refinement number six right now and every week I switch because I haven't acceldent so I switched yesterday and the trays were tight but today they're not. I'm supposed to wear rubber bands but they cut my lip so my orthodontist that I don't have too.

I can't believe I'm almost done.

hey everyone! So I have like 4 1/2 more months to go and my self-confidence has gotten skyhigh to the point that I'm not self-conscious anymore and I'm smiling a lot more. I have been super happy with the results that this has changed my life forever! I have friends that beg for Invisalign now because they see a huge difference.

Halfway Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi everyone! So today I switched to aligner 10 on refinements! I have 20 refinements and so far I'm not feeling any pressure. I can't wait till I'm done! My self confidence is super high and still can't stop smiling.

Big news!

Hey everyone! So I had an orthodontist appointment today and I just found out I have seven more weeks! I am so excited for this to be over and can't wait to see the end results! My teeth are straight! My self-confidence is still so high and I am not embarrassed anymore of how I look. I can't stop smiling still and a lot of my friends noticed that before I could barely smile but now I can't stop because this has really changed my life!

The first of many pictures.

OK so I forgot this picture but here's 7 weeks before I'm done!
Weston Orthodontist

I was referred to her by my dentist and I was kinda scared because I thought it was too late to fix it. But she said I will have the gorgeous smile I've always wanted.

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