53 Yr Old, Laser Hair Removal from the Buttocks and Brazilian Including Perianal, Penis and Testicles. Weston, FL

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Let me start by saying I have been a fan of the...

Let me start by saying I have been a fan of the hairless form for many years. I started shaving my male anatomy probably in my mid 30's and fell in love with the clean feeling. That said I have over the last few years begun a waxing routine on my back and buttocks, still just shaving my frontal area. I recently tried a full male Brazilian waxing, biggest mistake of my life. The pain, though bearable was somewhat agonizing but the after effects were the real down side. I broke out all over my pubic region with white heads and then ingrown hairs, never had a problem with that in all my years of shaving. I never got the result and look I wanted as it took over a month to clear up and then had to deal with the ingrown hairs. This is why I decided to try Laser hair removal. I purchased two Groupons both with a 20% discount on the already reduced price which came to around $200 for each pkg, these were for a large area hair removal at two different locations in Weston, Biovital Med Spa and Weston Laser. Both establishments were professional and provided a consultation first and then provided the first session right after. I decided to try a full buttocks hair removal (Biovital) and a Full Brazilian (Weston).

The first session was for hair removal from the buttocks, and after discussing what area the hair would be removed from (basically the depth in the butt crack she would go) the procedure went very well with little discomfort. I have just recently completed my second treatment and all went well, no adverse reaction or discoloring to the treated area. My Technician was awesome and put me at ease and by the second appointemnt it was like disrobing for your doctor, no big deal. Highly recommended and the price could not be beat.

My next treatment was for the Brazilian, it was explained by the consultant that the Groupon did not cover treatment of the perianal area (deep butt crack) and the penis or testicles. In for penny in for a pound as the old saying goes. I shelled out an additional $550 to have those areas treated as well bringing my cost to $750. A little more that what I wanted to pay but to be clean and free from shaving I thought it might be worth it. The Technician which was different from the person I did the consultation with was once again very professional and put me at ease very quickly. She was a joy to chat with while doing the procedure and once again the session was done with very little discomfort. I wanted to note it was a new machine so my results may be a little skewed until they get the feel for the machine. I feel she did no go as deep into the areas that I paid extra for but it was only the first session, so I will reserve judgement for later on the extra costs.

The results on my buttocks from the first treatment were satisfactory but still with hair growth and areas needing to be shaved prior to going in for the 2nd treatment. I was not as impressed with the first treatement on my Brazilian as I still have plenty of hair growth prior to my second visit which is still a few weeks away. My penis and testicles still have quite a bit of hair on them, considering I am not an overly hairy person I was expecting more. I understand that hair grows in cycles so I am not judging the results yet but will continue to report my progress.

If anyone has any questions about my experinece please feel free to ask.

Getting closer to 2nd treatment Brozilian.

A lot of the hair has fallen out and just a quick shave to reduce the new hair growing in. I will have the technician focus a little more on the shaft of the penis and testicles on my next appointment. Just to let everyone know the laser I ma using for this area is the Candela Gentle Pro Max Laser and for my buttocks is the Candela Laser. The Gentle Pro Max is more of a warming to hot sensation for hair removal and the Candela crackles a little when it hits a hair in the follicle. Both lasers are very low on the pain scale, have not needed numbing cream or anything so far.

My continuing Saga of Laser Hair Removal. Butt, Perianal, Penis and Brozilian.

So I have recently completed my 2nd treatment for the Brozilain, anus, cock and balls and my 3rd treatment for the buttocks. Let me correct some info that I had previously stated. The laser they are using on my butt is the Candela Gentle Pro Max and for the Brozilian is a Diode machine. I don't know what type because the technician did not know the name and the website for the company claim they use a Candela. So not sure anymore as to the machine at Weston.

Let's talk about treatment, the 2nd treatment for the crotch, anus, cock and balls went fairly well. I still have patches where the hair had regrown near my penis shaft and groin area. While the first treatment seemed relatively pain free, this changed slightly and varied on my pain scale from about a 4 in some area and reaching about a 6 in other areas. No numbing cream was applied. The pain was not continuous and varied when hitting spots that still had hair growth. I still have four more treatments on my Groupon and have noticed that I still have a slight amount of hair coming in on the groin, shaft of my penis, anus and other areas. Over all I am happy with the amount of hair removal so far but not so keen on the new pain thing though.

My 3rd treatment for my buttocks went very well also. Almost no hair left but my technician said that they are required to do all 6 treatments. There were a few spots that registered on the pain meter at about a 3 or 4 out of 10, once again from painless to a few spots making me jump, she explained that the level of the machine is increased slightly at each visit. My bum is very smooth though I don't think I will need to shave before my next treatment.

Just wanted to finish off by saying that both the Weston and Biovital technicians that I have are great. I understand the discomfort level doing sensitive areas as well as the need to get in there sometimes and move stuff around may make the patient as well as the technician uncomfortable. With that said, I think my Weston Tech will have her work cut out for her and my pain scale will still be registering while we try to hit those awkward areas and try to come to terms with holding my junk for her and moving things out of the way to get at those hard to reach areas. I will update as my adventure continues.

My apologies to anyone who jumped in for laser hair removal on my remarks of being pain free early on. It is not that bad but there are times that you want to let out a little scream to say the least.

Wee Into the Process

Just to let those know who are following my Laser Hair Removal Adventure, I am still undergoing treatments on my back, butt, and frontal area including the perianal and testicles. I am probably 80-90% hair free in most areas but still have several more appointments as part of the package. I had a different technician work my Brozilian treatment today and wow was she thorough, this was the most discomfort I have felt but she was pointing out areas the other technician wasn't getting too. Once I am finished all my treatments I will post final pics for those interested.

Finished all Laser treatments packages.

The first question is are you satisfied with your results? I would say yes, mostly. Here is the low down on my results. My butt is almost completely hairless Bio Vital Med Spa, was great, the technician was polite and friendly and did a fantastic job. My results for Weston Laser, were good but the extra I paid for the Perianal, penis and testicles did not really reach my satisfaction as I still have hair in all those areas (just less hair). The technicians that worked on me were professional, friendly and courteous, I guess they just needed to probe a little deeper into the areas which might have made them feel uncomfortable with me being a man. Of course all these places suggest to come back for touchups in about 6 months or to continue treatment with additional costs. There is something to be said for the business that offers continuous treatments until you are satisfied with their the hair removal process. The final business who did my back and earlobes as part of the package was a dismal failure, I don't know if it was the machine or technician but as it grew back in from shaving you could not tell the difference. Of course they recommended more treatments for an additional cost but after thinking about it, I declined. This business is out of a medical office in Pembroke Pines called Touch of Life Med Spa. I am sorry but the results were just not there, the technician herself was very friendly and was on time for most appointments but in the end it was just not worth it. I was going to post end result pictures but they pretty well match the ones already posted. This is it for my posts on this matter, I hope I was able to help some people with my experience.
Biovital Med Spa and Weston Laser

Professional Technicians that put you at ease and make you very comfortable. Consultations were clear and educational as what to expect in both results and process.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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