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It has only been a few days since my procedure.A...

It has only been a few days since my procedure.A friend of mine told me about a special that was going on The price seemed unbelievable and I felt leary.After speaking with the asnetician she put me at ease and I decided to proceed with the clearlift procedure.On all of the reviews i read they all shared that it was no pain and was very comfortable.Well,My experience was a bit uncomfy. I felt heat. I did tell her and she stated that she could turn it down if I wanted her to but that she did not want to and that the level she had it on would be fine.Well,I trusted her knowlege and went along.
I am a 50 year old aArican American with a dark skin tone.Immediately afterwards my face looked swollen.I was told it was the collagen doing it's thing.She put some kind of treatment products on my face and told me to leave on for about 8 hours.The next day i was to resume my normal routine which I have.Today is day 4 and my feelings are very mixed.I regret not having her turn the level down because now I'm stressing over if I'm going to have issues as a result.Plus,darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation from injury to the skin.I read too many reviews to think that the more heat the better.The big deal with this clearlift is that it's non-ablative meaning resuts without injury nor discomfort.My face tingles which of course I wonder now if it is a good sign or a bad sign.It looks primarily the same except I think I'm beginning to see my skin getting darker.I went in ther with a clear pretty skin tone.I was using the procedure as a proactive attempt at fighting the aging process.Of course I want my collagen to be stimulated to increase volume on an on going basis.I wonder now if I made a big mistake.I will keep you all posted weekly.All who believe in prayer send some up for Onnica.Thank you.


Hi All.Today is day #8 after my clearlift procedure.I am still satisfied with all the unexpected extras that have taken place.I remain hopeful that I will have the increase in volume that I desire.My A wanted me to return in 2 weeks but every source of formation that I have read says 3-4 weeks so I plan to make my Appt for 4 weeks.She said I only need one more so I am looking forward to it.She will also do it with a TCA peel which I have read really work well together as bringing forth good results.I believe I am having hyperpigmentation from having the lazer on a higher setting so make sure if you have this Lazer have your A or whomever use the manufacturers recommended setting.Less is sometimes more.The hyperpigmentation could last 4 months!Im just glad it won't be permenant.I am countering the lazer affect by using hydrogen peroxide twice a day for a natural bleaching affect.Im hopin it will not bleach so much as cause progressive hyperpigmentation to cease or not be noticeable.Hope this helps someone.

Still Waiting

Hi All.Not much has changed since my last update.Today is the 9th day.I'm using the peroxide on my face daily hoping it will prevent any more hyperpigmentation caused by the laser.I will go for another appointment in a month.She said I only needed two.I'm really glad i did not tell my husband about the procedure I had done. He would surely believe I threw away my money.The only change he has noticed is the change of color of my facial hairs.I remain hopeful.


Hi all.I am trying to remain calm.I know my face.Every line and every wrinkle that has not arrived will be immediately recognized and attacked upon arrival.Before I had my Clearlift procedure I had one line under my right eye.I did not have any under the left eye.The last few days I thought it was my imagination that my one line appeared to be extending out further.Well,time tells.I have two more fine lines also under my right eye now.There is no doubt in my mind it has to be a result of the procedure.Now if it is a result of the setting being too hot or not there is no way to tell.The maufactures set those settings for optimal effectiveness and safety.These lines are so tiny that they probably won't be noticed by others.The issue with my face changing though is am I going forward instead of backwards in the aging process.I thought I discovered the fountain of youth.LoL Not trying to forge ahead.I'm hoping My E has not caused my collagen to break down instead of being regenerated? I regret that we did not take before and after pictures Even if your E does not do them.Take your own preferably in the same area with the same lighting.I just have to wait and see what happens.Thats scary.I am still pleased with the scars that have ben lightened and healed.The hyperpigmentation on my nose from wearing glasses are fading fast too.All that is fine and I appreciate having those added bonuses but if that E has caused permenant damage to my collagen those issues being addressed are not going to be enough to make me a satisfied client.I wonder if there would be any recourse for me.I did not sign any waivers.I'm not one to sue unless I thought there was malicious intent.Which I do not.Just an over zealousness to get the most bang from that lazer.Today is day number 14.Vanity!I would hate for this good deal to have back fired and cause me to have to spend more money to undue the damage caused.I wonder if damage to collagen can be repaired.Yea,feeling a bit anxious.I hope this helps someone.

Better Now

I am looking forward to seeing my A again.I am making an Appt for July15th.I will have another Clearlift procedure and a PCA facial peel.I'm excited for the second one since I have not noticed any positive changes to my chin area which is my area of concern.So far I do not regret spending my money on the procedure because of the other unexpected improvements.One day soon I hope to tell you all to run and get this done but for now I will tell you that it will improve old scars for sure.That alone is worth the money I paid.Hope this helps someone.

Second Clearlift procedure

Hi All.I had my second Clearlift procedure on yesterday.The experience was pleasent.I find that the comfort levels must differ greatly from person to person.I say this because in all the reviews I have read most say they barely feel anything.It is very hot to me and a bit uncomfy.Not hot enough for numbing cream but almost.Remember,I told you all that my facial hair had turned blond?Well,they are pretty much all gone now so this laser will remove hair.Make sure your provider steers clear of your eyebrows.I'm so glad that I read that in someone elses review.That was the first thing I requested when I had the first appointment.I still do not see any volume increase but It's suppose to be gradual up to between 3-6 months so I won't shoot it down now. I hope I won't have to.My A gave me a TCA peel that is suppose to enhance the effects of the clearlift.I was told my skin will look not so good for about three days so I'm glad it's not too bad today.It feels like it's tight like I used too much drying soap.Of course I don't know if it's from the peel or the laser or a combination of both.I will update again next week after this cooks some more.LOL
I will send pics as soon as I figure out how to do so.Hope this helps someone.Oh,My A recommended a third procedure but I'm not going to do anymore unless I see some results worth what I have already spent.I did'nt spend a lot but if it has'nt worked I still spent too much.Bye All.

Just a follow-up

Hi All.I do not have any further changes to report.You all may not hear from me for a while because I won't get anymore treatments.At least not anytime soon.I will still send pictures when I figure out how to do so.I do send prayers and positive thoughts to all of the realself community. Please look inward to the beauty that is inside of all of you.That is where our Realselves truely are.Peace Out.(smile)

Not pleased!

Hi Everyone. Well, it has been very interesting to say the least. I am not pleased with the overall affect of my Clearlift procedure. Yes, I did get some positive results as far as scars and my skin looked better for a while after I had the procedure but I now credit that to the TCA peel and not the Laser treatment. I was initially told I would only need two treatments. On my last visit I was told perhaps one more would give me the results I was looking for. Well, only problem with that was that I did not have any added volume nor any tightening at all. If results are immediate I should have seen something positive. As stated before I did not even have noticeable wrinkles or lines. I do have slight laugh lines but not a big deal yet. I just wanted to increase collagen production to add another weapon to my anti-aging arsenal. Now however, I have four horizontal lines going across my forehead. They are not very deep but they are definitely new to my face. I also now have fine lines under my eyes that I did not have before. I asked the doctors if used improperly could collagen be damaged. No one answered. My face answered.Yes! I have three more months to see what will happen to my face. I also had hyperpigmentation which the A immediately addressed on my second appointment with the peel. Between that and putting vinegar on my face for twenty minutes a day I no longer have that issue. The A took her own before and after pictures so I know she will not be able to deny the negative affect that laser had on my skin. I will send her pictures in the morning. She really concentrated on the forehead and the area under my eyes and low and behold those are the affected ares now. I do not care what they say about the Clearlift laser. Either it is crap or individual results will vary. They promote it as the latest laser that is safe for all skin types and all skin tones.Not! It definitely should not be used under the eyes. I will not pursue legally because I do not want to get the A in any trouble. I truely believe she was doing what she was taught and that she believes in that machine. I have told her I believe she should use that machine on the manufactured suggested settings. Tomorrow I will send her my three months pictures and let her know how I feel overall. I do not recommend this peel to anyone especially those with darker hues. Blessings. Oh,unless I exprience some extreme changes good or bad this is my last update on the Clearlift. Proceed with caution!


Hi. I am glad to announce that my face has full recovered from the previous complaint I made about the Clearlift procedure. I do not recommend it for darker skin tones based upon my experience but I'm glad to report that no lasting damage has been done to my face.
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