Deep 2nd Degree Burn on Chest After 3rd IPL- Severe Hypopigmentaion. Westlake Village, CA

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Here is my nightmare... I had 3 IPL treatments on...

Here is my nightmare... I had 3 IPL treatments on my face without incident and 2 on my chest with great results. The last IPL done in Sept. by the Doctor as the nurse got another job was horrific.
2 appointments were changed as I was told the machine was broken,,,,then after being "fixed" I had my 3rd treatment. The same settings were supposedly used, but the pain during the procedure was bad, in the past I never had any pain and used no numbing cream, and went out right after all treatments. I wrote that pain off to a different type of ice pack used prior to treatment (not the balloons as before) Anyway.... see the photos.... I was treated at a burn center for 2 weeks....Now 6 weeks later I still have railroad tracks and hypo pigmentation...
I'm using vitamin e cream now, and will follow up with burn center in 3 months.
Any ideas on treatments??

Photo update 10 weeks post treatment nightmare

It has now been 10 weeks since I had my nightmare IPL, I am currently using Environs enhanced body oil combined with derma-lac lotion twice a day. I tried a dermaroller twice but didn't like that.
In another month I will follow up with the Grossman Burn Center and see how they recommend treatment on my hypopigmentation scarring.
It his been such a bummer not being able to wear what I want or take advantage of living at the beach, as fall is the best time here :(

4 months later

While my blisters have healed I am left with pigmentation scarring :( I have been using environs for the last 3 months my skin feels good, but still looks awful.
The Med Spa where I had the procedure done closed in December, but the doctor still practices...
I have a follow up appointment with the Grossman Burn Clinic this month to see what my treatment options are.
Dr. Nina Levy

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