41 Yo Mom of 3, 5'6" 105lbs Want Small Implants and TT. Westlake Village, CA

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I have always been petite with large breasts 34-D...

I have always been petite with large breasts 34-D to DD. Yet after my third c section I lose weight in my breasts and I am barely a C. I like how small I am they are just deflated. I'm hoping for small C lift and implants with a mini tummy tuck. I have scheduled my appointment for surgery and now I'm looking for breast examples to show my surgeon.

Pre surgery

These are the pre op photos. I have an umbilical hernia and the separation of the diastis recti.
My breasts have shrunk but I'm concerned the lift and implants will make them too big.

Pre op appointment -2 weeks away

Today I met with the DR for my pre op appointment. We discussed size. I must be one of the few that wants to be smaller. I would be happy with a small c. I tried on 125cc and while my left breast is already larger than the other the 125cc made it look too big. So he said he would be taking out some tissue and then filling it with the implant so I may end up with 200cc in one and 175 in the other.
I just don't want them too big. My whole life I was a big chested girl so I am happy to be small firm and petite now.
The tummy tuck sounds like it will be easy. It's a mini with a hernia repair. He said to bring in the skimpiest bathing suit bottom and he will use that to hide the scar
Guess I have to get a cheap one as I don't want to buy a bikini yet when I don't know what my top size will be.
That's all for now.
Oh - and I was disappointed that I have to quit using my protein shakes for the next two weeks. :( I drink one a day - but I guess I can make the sacrifice. ;)

2 weeks before surgery photos

Here are some shots. I am excited but very very worried I am going to be too large chested. As you see in these photos I am about a 34 small c basically I have no fullness up top. So technically I want to stay the same cup size. He has said he needs to take some Tissue out and then fill with the implant. I think we decided on the 175 or 125. Can't remember.

Three days and counting

Here are some more before pictures. I can't wait for the after. My mom is coming into town. I have my kids schedules all set. I've got my prescriptions. I have a step stool by the bed to help get in it.
I've gained 4 lbs since he told me to not use my protein shakes. It's been hard because I only drink protein shakes in the am and then that helps me through the day not be so hungry except for meals. Being a vegetarian I don't meat as a protein option so sadly I've been snacking too much. But after surgery j can get back on my plan.

Three days before pre op

It all goes to crap with gravity

Post op day 1

Came home after surgery yesterday and just slept. I had a catheter. The amazing thing about This surgeon is he does not use drains. It's so great.
Said my hernia was small but that the separation of my stomach muscles were wide.
I think I have smaller boobies. Just like k wanted.

Photos post op day 2

Still in pain but sleeping - 2 days post

Been taking the pain meds as directed. It's great not having any drains. Feel mostly a tugging sensation on my belly button and a stabbing pain in my sternum. Swelling under my armpits. Haven't looked at my tummy except for a minute when he showed me yesterday at my post op appointment. Been sleeping a lot which is a dream. After years of nursing babies and getting up in the night with toddlers to just sleep all day is amazing. More worth it Han the new boobs. Ha!

Post op 3 day

Not sure the stretch marks are going to disappear. I'm pretty swollen but I got to take a shower. Binder is back on. I'm happy with the scar and can't wait for all the puffiness to go away.

When does swelling go down ?

Not sure if anyone reads my posts but I'm trying to figure out when the swelling goes away. My stomach and waist look so bloated. It's been 4 days post op so am sure it will come down soon but it scares me. I felt thinner and fitter before surgery with exception of the loose skin so j just hope the swelling goes away to reveal a tighter tummy.

5 days post op - boobs seem softer

So the sharp stabbing pain in my sternum is gone and most of the swelling under my armpits are gone too. The boobs feel a little bit softer. Until now they seemed so hard. I ended up having Sientra Round Textured 195cc implants. I've gone back and forth thinking they were too small to too big and now I think they'll settle just perfectly. It's so odd having breasts that don't move. I was so used to having my boobs disappear in my armpits when I would lay down. Sleeping on my back hasn't been so bad.

Note to self - take more colace

So yesterday post op day 5 I emailed the nurse saying my binder wasn't staying put that it would slide up as I was laying in bed. She said if I had spanks I could put those on. I did. Around afternoon I noted I had a hard time breathing while standing. By late evening when my hubby came home I told it it was very uncomfortable to breath. He made me call the DR. The DR said I needed to go to the ER as it could be a sign of a blood clot. Ugh. So at 9:30pm we went to the ER. They did chest x ray, EKG, vitals, blood draw, oxygen levels and as I continued to wait I started to feel better (I had taken the Spanks off before going to ER and just had binder on).
Well finally the ER Doctor said she wanted to do a ct scan to rule out blood clot in my lungs. But I was already feeling fine. So against her orders I left. Really all my other signs were fine the CT scan would just be a CYA for the hospital - but I knew it has to be the spanks.
When I came home I had a BM. Now - I have been taking one colace a day since prior to surgery. On day 4 I had a small BM - not a lot of relief - but something. Yesterday morning I had another. But coming home from the ER made something go haywire and my experience in the bathroom was good as I felt emptied and no longer bloated or pressure but it's left me with A heinous hemorrhoid .
So my note to self would have to taken more than one colace a day and maybe eat a lot of lighter foods. Being vegetarian I do protein shakes but also a lot of Ruffage which might have backed things up.
Needless to say I am thrilled I didn't have a blood clot and the upside is I have hardly any pain with the exception of the big hemorrhoid.
One week post op will be tomorrow.

One week post pics

Just showing with and without tape. This is 3m micropore tape my surgeon swears by. He says no need for any other scar remedy. So I had it on for a week post surgery then nurse took it off. Said one day no tape and then put on today which I did. Then she will remove next Wednesday so one week. Then she will tell me how often to keep on and change.
I've also noticed he does a no drain approach. So I came out with no drains for my boobs or stomach and maybe this is a reason for the scars staying closes. I don't know since I don't know how drains are attached.

5 days and one week no tape breasts.

By the way these are Sientra Round gel silicone and textured. 195cc so I have come out an almost full c or a 32 D.

One week full body pic

My first ever string bikini. I've never been able to wear a top like this because my boobs used to be so heavy that the string would be like a noose around my neck and after kids j really didn't wear bikinis because of the poochy stomach -
I am really swollen in this pic - but im hoping the results will be amazing.

Here is the one week post body pick

Day 9 ????

I know it's going to get better but I just can't get over this swelling. I feel like I am back before I lost my weight. I know it's not the case but taking off the binder and seeing a bloated belly makes me
Really sad. I guess this is the post surgery blues. Hoping I can see some reduction in swelling by ar least week two

10 days post op

Here is my ten days post op. I have a lot more mobility and very little pain except for a twinge pain ar the incision on the TT. Breasts are much softer. Nipples are painful a bit but ok to deal with. Yes I am still bitching about the bloating. Below my BB is the worst. So I get it that it's the surgery but I feel like my hips are bigger too and I had no lipo or any work there so not sure what that's about. I'm also posting a pre surgery photo. My complaints was the loose skin on my tummy and my boobs living on my Bb. I know eventfully this will be behind me and I'll be happy but I'm very impatient person. lol.

Before and 9 days after

2 week post op appointment tomorrow

I am scheduled to see the nurse but may ask to see the DR as it sorta seems my belly button is off centered. It could still be the swelling which has decreased a lot ... But maybe it is making one side pulled over.
Decided to be 'brave' (insert : stupid) and completely go off of Advil today. Dumb idea. By no means am I in excruciating pain - I am still functioning- driving and taking the kids to their summer activities. But my TT incision stings, my bb hurts and my nipples feel on fire. So my BFF who did this surgery exactly a year ago says "are you kidding?" Why aren't you taking the Advil - the pain can slow your healing!
So now I'm back in bed - legs up and will take Advil to sleep.
Still anxious to be out of the sausage spanx and have no more swelling - oh and it's a real joy to deal with Aunt flow and said sausage spanx. No you can't fit a pad inside. I tried. And it ended up a wadded ball in my butt by the middle of the night. So tonight I'm
Using my diva cup at night. Hate sleeping with something inside but can't deal with a pad. Ok tmi - but you got to think of these things !

2 week boobies

Pretty good. I have to swear this tape is amazing. You can barely see the scar around the nipple. Nurse says as the scars heal and breasts fill out the scars will smooth. I am wearing 3m micropore tape for one week then a day off and then re tape. Guess I'm to do that until I see them again at week 6.

Breast incision bothering me

I am post surgery two weeks. My nurse made me get or highly recommended the spanx bras and Calvin Klein no underwire. But my under Breast incisions feel so uncomfortable and I wish could not wear anything.
She said the right kind of bra for the first six months is important --- and that I have to be wearing one 24/7.
Anyone have any other recommendations ?

3 weeks and doing great

Swelling has gone down. Now it is just above my TT incision. My breasts are still sore - but the scars are looking good. I'll post pictures in a few weeks as there is no real difference than what I posted last week.
Wearing the CG 12 hrs a day now and that is great although I probably wear it more than that as I like the feeling it gives of being supported.
Wearing Jessica Simpson soft bra in the evenings as I was tired of the spanx bra and the Calvin Klein bras I bought post surgery.

3 week post photo

Actually I am surprised at the reduced swelling - just FYI I have been using Arnica gel on the tummy and breasts as well as my own essential oil concoction for edema/swelling - it may not have contributed to the reduction of swelling but it can't hurt.

4 week update

Took tape off again today (i take it off each Wednesday and put back on each Thursday). I can't believe how it heals the scar so well. The pictures don't do the scars justice but they look great.
1. Boobs- they are becoming softer each day. Almost freaked me out as I thought maybe it was collapsing but t was just my imagination-
2. TT - I still have like a tire of swelling just above my scar. It looks odd in pants but I am down to wearing my CG 12 hours so I am sure it will go down even more later.
3. Skin - last week I was nervous that it seems like the skin over my belly button is still loose and crepe looking. And I was worried thinking how can the skin tighten on its own. However the nurse has assured me that I am not done healing and it will all smooth out. I did have a mini tummy tuck but with full abdominal repair and scar hip to hip - he said the only diff between my TT and a full
Is that he didn't give me a new belly button - so I do hope the skin smooths out and isn't still loose when I am done healing.

Week nine post op

Majority of the swelling has gone down. I still feel numb below my belly button and there is still some swelling there - I think only noticeable to me.
My breasts feel good although I have purchased so many bras as I get tired of wearing one 24 hrs a day
I rarely wear the CG now unless I am exercising. I started back at ballroom dancing and I don't wear it for that.
Still no Ab exercises allowed like Pilates or yoga. Three more weeks until I can do that.
I have been lax in my eating and have gained a few pounds which has bummed me out but I know I will lose it once I can work out fully. I wore a bikini in Vegas and it was awesome. I had tiny regrets that I didn't get a full tummy tuck as I still have stretch marks but my DR said I didn't have enough skin for a full.

3.5 months post op

Hi all. It's been a fast recovery. I'll say the first few days and weeks felt slow but now time seems to be going by fast. I started Dancing (ballroom) again in August so about 7 weeks post. Only now in October I have added more of specific abdominal work. I have not done Pilates or yoga yet. And I do notice I'm still a bit bloated below my belly button after a long day. But the scars are healing nicely and I can't wait until 6 months Po or even a year to see how flat I am. I had a mini tummy tuck and my old belly button and stretch marks still bother me but apparently I didn't have enough skin to do a full TT. So I think when the swelling is completely gone I will feel 100 awesome. Photos tomorrow.

6 month post op

All Is well. Love almost everything. Still a bit concerned that my stomach is bloated but DR says that it can take up to 18 mo for the swelling to go down. It's not horrible but definitely not as flat as I had wanted. But scars almost fully gone and I feel great fitting into clothes.
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