19 Yrs. Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. Great Results with Dr. Steven A. Goldman - Westlake, OH

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For as long as I can remember I was unhappy with...

For as long as I can remember I was unhappy with my nose. I would try to hide the profile of my face around other people because I was horribly ashamed of the hump on my nose that I got after an injury in grade school that made me feel like a witch. I knew for a long time that changing my nose was something I wanted to do. I went to a few Rhinoplasty Consultations and was never happy with how I felt they wanted to pressureme into a major surgery, dropping major cash. Being only 19 I still wasnt ready for a permanent change. When I came across Steven A. Goldman, M.D. on Realself I saw he offered a Non surgical way to change my nose that he specialized in. I was really excited to get a consult. By going through Realself.com I also got a discount on my consultation. My consultation was yesterday afternoon, I arrived and filled out paperwork and within 20 minutes I was with the doctor discussing the procedure. They applied numbing cream all over my nose just in case I decided to have it done that day. I was very surprised that they were ready but didn't push me into anything. He explained the risks, how it would go, and how long it would last. It lasts about a year and he used a filler called Radiesse. I agreed to have it done right then. He first put the filler in the top of my nose between my eyebrow area about two injections. These did not hurt at all but felt like very heavy pressure being put on my nose. Then he moved down to my tip to raise it and help it look more feminine. He did two injections here, the first did not hurt there was a slight pinch, the second went a little deeper into the tip and that was the one that hurt the most. But everything was immediate with no downtime. I was handed a mirror and in no less than 5 minutes I was given a new nose. It turned out exactly how I wanted and I could not be happier with it. I have no bruising, swelling or discoloration. I still feel slight pressure and soreness at times but it has only been 24 hours. The staff is excellent, friendly and very confident in what they do. Dr. Goldman exceeded my expectations and made me feel beautiful and confident. He really is the best Plastic Surgeon in the North Ohio Region with a great comforting personality. If your not sure if a full surgical Rhinoplasty is for you, and your nose looked like mine, I totally recommend a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Dr. Steven A. Goldman

3 week update

It's been 3 weeks since my non-surgical rhinoplasty appointment. I went in for a follow up and touch up. The touch up was for anything that swelling disguised and went down. I had a 3 more injections of the rest of the extra filler in my tip and above where the bumb was. I was more swollen now than the first time. But I am very happy with the overall outcome!! If your considering, go for it.
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

Steven A. Goldman, M.D. is a great Plastic surgeon. He made me feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. He has a wonderful personality that I immedietly felt confident in my choice. The staff at his Westlake office are excellent. Will definitely be a long time patient.

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