32 Yr Old Black Male, Gynecomastia with Abdominal and Flank Liposuction

Greetings, I wanted to do a review that serves as...


I wanted to do a review that serves as a roadmap to my Gynecomastia experience with Dr. Caridi. Brace yourselves as I plan for this to be a very robust review. I want everyone to have a clear picture of me as a person as well as the actual procedure. To that end I am actually starting my review a full two months before the procedure.

Part 1: Who am I?

While I will preserve some degree of anonymity I want to paint a clearly picture of how I got to deciding to move with the procedure mentally speaking. I should start by saying I am a black male hailing from the bible belt by way of Louisiana. While my family was not poor, I know was aware that we weren’t exactly well off. I only mention this to emphasize that I knew at a very early age what a lack of money was. Fast forward to middle school and that is where I became aware that something wasn’t quite right. I had more titty meat than most, but everything is kind of written off as puberty during that middle school to high school phase. It affected me even then as I vividly remember making mental life altering decisions about using one backpack strap or two. How do I hunch my shoulders and bend forward, so that my chest is bit less noticeable. This lead to very poor posture throughout my academic life. Me being chubby (say 10’ish pounds overweight) didn’t exactly help. Combine this with the fact that I’m an INTJ type and naturally introverted and you can imagine that I was no Casanova with the ladies. It pains me to say it but I’ve never like my physical image because of these tits. It take hindsight and growth to recognize and admit that.

Life goes on you live, love, and grow. Like many a person I went to college utilizing student loans and joined the rat race that is work. The student loans bare mentioning because while I am logical my financial education was severely lacking. Suffice it to say I accumulated a lot of student loan debt that I very recently paid off.

I would say it was around 2008 when I discovered what gynecomastia was; however, with my priority on paying off student loans, it really was not an option. I elected to try working out and dieting and even when I achieved great results the tits, they would just sit there.

After almost nine years of being in “pay off student loan debt,” mode I knew it was time to do something for myself. Even at this point I wasn’t set on plastic surgery. You have to understand that I classified plastic surgery in the same category as something like therapy for depression. It’s not something to really consider because I’ve got too much real life s**t to handle. I’m in survival mode. Plastic surgery is for people with well above my financial station in life. (An aside: I’m not knocking people who suffer from depression) The thing was that my mental self (strong and confident) did not align with my physical and it was throwing off my mojo. While you’re laying pipe to an attractive young lady, why in the hell am I thinking about what she thinks about my chest? Seriously that was the worst for me. You’re enjoying the experience of a woman and during one of your strokes you notice your chest bouncing and you realize that you might have more bounce than the female you’re with. I don’t know what kind of mental whatever you classify that as but it messing with my mind no matter how much reassurance was provided.

Part 2: Journey to Caridi and Westlake Plastic Surgery

I begin my gynecomastia exploration. Being in Atlanta, there are A LOT of plastic surgeons; however, their websites don’t really inspire confidence. This combined with the fact that many seem to think of gynecomastia as a secondary or tertiary procedure, left me discoursed. By secondary procedure, I mean to suggest that their site tends to focus on female breast procedures. There are not many before and after pictures to aid in forming an real option about possible outcomes. It very much walked away from their sites with the feeling that to them it was just a bit of lipo, bit of a snip, and you’re done. Is that necessarily the truth? No. If I’m going to bite the bullet and go through with this – it damn well better be done right. So I keep up the google search and start watching YouTube videos as well. This is what I appreciate about the digital age. It allows you to actually see actual procedures. My research lead to me concluding that short of going to India for this procedure, I would have this procedure done by one of three doctors. 1. Dr. Lebowitz (Huntington, NY) 2. Dr. Robert Caridi (Austin, Texas) 3. Dr. Mordcai Blau (White Plains, NY) I know what you’re thinking. Why is Blau on this list? He has no real youtube presence at all. True! But, he has a huge presence in body building forums and gynecomastia forums in general.

Anyway it was YouTube more than anything that started making me comfortable with the idea of Caridi as my choice. I forget how it happened, but somehow I became aware of a webinar that Caridi was holding. It was a yelp video where he explained a lot of the common questions people have. This was invaluable to me because I got to see this doctor in real time. It’s one thing to watch a video, but seeing him, assessing his body language, and the passion with which he speaks about his craft – that is what sold me. I shot off an email with photos (included here) for a free consultation, and that is how the ball started rolling.

Part 3: The Projected Costs

After sending off my photos for a consultation I received a response back stating that Caridi thinks I am an excellent candidate for the operation and the cost would be *drumroll* $5,500 bucks. Very reasonable. I know that each case is different so that’s not a flat rate, but I was pleased all the same. I made the necessary deposit ($500 bucks), and went about reserving my spot. Though the procedure itself costs 5500, since I am coming from out of state (GA – TX), that is another cost to consider. Tack on to that expenditure that you also have to have someone with you to watch over you for the procedure. This means that you might have to pay for flights for two people. While I know everyone has their methods for procuring air travel tickets I found the average cost of a decent flight tickets (i.e. direct flight no lay overs) to be about 130’ish to 170’sih; meaning you have to be ready to pay around 300 bucks for a flight. Then you have to add on a hotel for at least 3 days and 2 nights which comes out to a reasonable 200’ish. This does not include a rental car, but there is an option for Uber/Lyft and Westlake Plastic Surgery is maybe 15 or 20 minutes away from Austin airport.

However, for me the story doesn’t end there. The more money I have saved for the operation the more of a YOLO mood I get into. I start to think, why not add lipo of abdominals and flanks. I send off more photos and am told the additional lipo would add on an additional 5500 bring my total to 11 grand.
Here is my thinking. I’m in pretty good shape. 225 – 230 being my hover weight. I sit at about 18 – 19% body fat. What I found about about fat cells is that they never really go away. Seriously google it. The best you can hope for is that they shrivel up like empty husks. Once you overindulge triggering the need for the body to create fat cells you’re stuff with them. Yes, you can burn off the excess fat saved within the cell but the cell itself doesn’t really ever go away. This goes back to that me being chubby thing. I figure why not hit the reset button. I’m eating healthier now. I’m already getting the chest done. So why not. BAM, sign me up.

Part 4: Pre Procedure Call/Meeting

This is not scheduled until the 23rd of November. Will update after

Part 5: The Procedure

Part 6: Post Op
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Coming after procedure ...

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