Two Weeks in - Hopeful but Still Not Sure - Austin, TX

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The first time I remember being embarassed by huge...

The first time I remember being embarassed by huge sweat stains on my clothing was when I was 14. I sweat a great deal all over - but the armpit sweat is the most embarassing. And, I sweat when it is hot AND when I'm nervous . . . so it is definitely a year-around issue for me. I typically wear black - especially on days when I know I have to present in meetings (which is common with my job).

I've looked around for options for excessive sweating for years - like others on this site have mentioned, this option looked particularly appealing because it is non-surgical and because it is advertised as a permanent solution. I read the reviews, read the research on the MiraDry site, and scheduled a consultation. After that, I scheduled my first treatment. Got the treatment on a Thursday so I could take Friday off and have the weekend to ice and take it easy. I don't have pictures (sorry) but my experience was similar to many of the folks her and my photos would be too.

A PA did my treatment - set on a four. I also had the many shots under each armpit first for numbing - that hurt more than the treatment. I had one spot on my left armpit where I had a sharp pain - but it was over with quickly. The swelling was horrible and lasted longer than I expected. I iced about 45 minutes of every waking hour for the first two days. Then I iced on and off for the next two days. My swelling creeped as far down as my elbows, so I had funny looking granny elbows. I am still sore (2 weeks out) and still have bumps and a bit of numbness.

The sweating has improved dramatically but is not eliminated. Also, the odor has been reduced. Both by about 60%, I'd estimate. I am keeping my eyes (and nose) on the situation . . . won't have my second treatment until at least mid-November. I'll report back as I continue through my journey - I'm really hoping to be able to wear colors without worry SOON. I'm tired of black!

Four weeks out

At four weeks out, I'm a bit surprised by the amount of pain and swelling. . . especially in my left arm. I am still hesitant to exercise (light weights or other exercises that require upper arms or shoulders) because my left arm will swell up. The numbness has subsided.

So far, the sweat is GREATLY reduced. I haven't had sweat stains on my clothes since I got this done. I still sweat, but not enough to produce stains!!!! I haven't ventured out into colored clothing yet, but I'm getting close!

Still sore and numb under left arm

As mentioned in my reply to Megan's comment, I still haven't scheduled my second procedure because my left arm is still tender and sore if I exercise. I haven't contacted the doctor yet, but if hasn't subsided in one more month, I plan to do so.

Besides that, the sweating AND odor have been reduced dramatically. I wouldn't say I don't sweat under my armpits, but I've had at least a 60% overall reduction - and probably more like 70%.

2nd appointment tomorrow . . . finally

I have my second appointment tomorrow. As mentioned previously, I had a sharp pain on the left side during the first treatment. Well, apparently that was a nerve and the procedure did nerve damage. I am just now ready to get the second treatment. I will likely ask for a lower setting for the second treatment.

As far as sweating, I would still say that it is reduced, but I sweat more than I did when I last reported (I think I reported about a 60% reduction). Now I would say it is more like a 40% reduction. I notice that I sweat when I'm nervous still - which is very annoying. I am hopeful that this second treatment will NOT hit any nerves and WILL reduce my sweating to 60 - 80% permanently. We'll see! Will post pictures this time.

Finally received second treatment

As mentioned above, I was supposed to get my second treatment in June of 2014. Due to various schedule cancellations (by myself and by the provider) I just got my second treatment two days ago!

Second treatment was done at a level '4' just like the first. Around 20 shots in each armpit for numbing . . . no sharp pain this time and so far, healing is going better. Less swelling and less pain afterwards. I'll follow up in a few days.

One year since second treatment

One year since second treatment and 2.5 years since first treatment.

I'm glad I had this procedure done. While I still sweat, this procedure reduced it DRAMATICALLY allowing me to wear colored clothes and to be more confident. My left arm, the one originally nerve-damaged, seems to have healed fine.
Kristie Obranovich

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