Tummy Tuck with possible Liposuction Decided against BA. SX-10-16-14. Maintained 100 Lb. Wt Loss for 13 Yrs. - Western Colorado

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I have finally made the decision to do this!...

I have finally made the decision to do this! Originally I thought that I would have the BA first and follow up with the TT in one year. After asking some questions here on RS it makes sense to get them both done and go through the recovery process all at one time. There's not as many of us older gals on here so it's not so easy to match age, height, weight and pre-breast size. I've had two big weight losses, I gained the first one back and then approx. 8 years later lost all that and some. Since then I have maintained for the most part with the exception of gaining and losing 25lbs here and there over the years. I choose to maintain at a higher weight than I really like because my face, neck, and upper body gets very thin. I do 6 days a week one hour a day of cardio with a small bit of dumbbell work.
I have tiny little breasts that don't sag much even with the two weight losses and also breast feeding a baby for over 18 months however, they have lost any fullness in the top and areola's are flat and sunken. I'm about a 34 B but wear a 34C push up...except on me it doesn't push up anything, I fill the little bit of space that's not padded. I look forward to sharing my experience along the way and hope to find some MM buddies to take this journey with!! I hope to schedule surgery for mid-October.

First Consult

It's been a week since my first consult. The PS is fairly new to our area, she relocated from Florida. I was able to find just a few reviews from former patients here on RS.....all good. Hubby came with, he has a great memory and is perfect for remembering all of the small details that I, in my nervousness am likely to forget. Hahaha, although married 33 years, with him sitting in a chair watching it still felt awkward to take clothes off in a brightly lit doctors office, cellulite in full view! I had shopped a discount store for a cheap 34D bra with no padding and brought along that and a tight fitting t-shirt.
PS said that I would not need a lift and that she could do both the Tummy Tuck and the Breast Aug at the same time. She would do surgery in the A.M. at the small hospital there in town, I would stay in the hospital that night and go home the next morning. I used their sports bra and tried on the Allergan Naturelle, mod profile, size 370-somthing first and was stunned, waaaay to big! Tried the 339cc and still felt big, tried the 304cc and felt kind of just right. PS said what I've heard so many times here on RS......Women's #1 complaint is that they wish that they had gone larger, and if between two sizes, pick the larger one. PS left the room and we took some time to go back and forth between the two sizes. Husb reminded me that after the TT I will have a smaller tummy and that will change the look of things as well. Oh Boy, I see it coming.....this perfectionist gal is going to worry, worry, worry and obsess over picking the size!!!

About the Plastic Surgeons office

I'm a very picky person...Professionalism and cleanliness are a really big deal to me! The Surgeons office was very nicely decorated and super clean in every nook and cranny. The Staff is nicely dressed, professional appearance and sooo nice! Willing to answer all questions and never once made me feel rushed. I really want to have her do my surgery! Oh, and she did not charge for the consult. I know that I should get two other consults but here's what I'm thinking; It's been over 6 years but I did have two consults on just the Tummy Tuck by other Plastic Surgeons. One very near the town I live in and the other was in Grand Junction which is over an hour away, and they are both still in practice. I choose the PS that I just had my consult with. I'll post her name and location after I've checked with her to see how she feels about that.

One more note on Plastic Surgeons in Grand Junction, CO

While visiting my Bio-Identical Hormone Doctor in GJ I asked him if he had any suggestions for a referral to a PS. He mentioned the female PS that is new to the area (the one I just had consult with) and another guy in town which he did not personally know but had never heard any negatives about. I knew the one he was talking about because I had left a message with that office a week earlier and never received a call back. (Negative #1) Just to give them the benefit of the doubt I decided to stop into the office and make my consult appointment in person. Long parking lot, up the elevator, down a very long hall. Surroundings along the way are in huge need of an update. I get to the office and I instantly feel THE feeling.....how do I describe it? Not well kept, not professional looking, old and worn out and for me old and worn out feels..........unclean. I'm not saying that it was unclean but It just didn't feel...enough about that. Receptionist was friendly enough but first thing she wanted to know is which of the 2 surgeons I wanted to see and I said that I had no idea, told her what I wanted done and asked which one she would suggest and is it possible to have a consult with each one. I felt attitude coming....Yes, but you need to pay $90.00 per consult at the time you make the appointments. She tells me that if I don't show for consult they keep the money and if I choose the surgeon they will credit that money toward the surgery. I ask the obvious...Can I pay one $90.00 fee, see both surgeons and possibly choose one of them?? After more questions another gal joined into the conversation and tells me that the surgeons use a Surgical Tech and that the Tech will do the all of the stitching. I'm thinking that I am supposed to ask all of the important questions #1 being what??? Is the surgeon a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon....Right? The Surgical Tech does the stitching?? I said thank you for the information and I'll think it over.........I never even got to meet the two surgeons and this is what I already know. Gut feeling.....I will never set foot in that office again. Those two gals could have just thrown $14,000.00 in the trash for that practice. Even if I had met the surgeons I would wonder why they don't manage a more professional staff and I would also wonder why they don't throw just a few dollars toward a cheerful office setting with a clean and professional look? A week after I had made that first call to this practice I got a call returning my message. They had my message for a full week before returning it???? What happens when I have a post surgery question? Would I get the answering machine? No Thank you!

2nd Consult with Plastic Surgeon

I made an appointment for a 2nd consult with the PS that I really liked!! I offered to pay for the consult and J. the PS assistant said that there will be no charge. Also, J. cheerfully answered about a dozen questions. 2nd Consult is Sept. 9th.......I need to get my questions and pictures together. Here is where I could use and welcome all advise from you wonderful RS ladies!

Currently 34B and thinking of 339cc Mod Plus.....What size will I be?

I don't want to be too big. A full C would be perfect, a D acceptable. I'm wearing the rice sizers but don't really think I've measured correctly to simulate 339cc. I used 3/4 cup rice. It feels heavy and huge. Boob size anxiety.......ugh! I hear over and over that a high percentage of women wish that they had gone larger. I wonder if there are many women that wish that they had gone smaller?

Had 2nd consult last week and set surgery date for October 16, 2014

Hello! I went to my 2nd consult with a new list of questions. I split my questions between what I need to know now (in order to determine if I'm going to set my date), and which ones can wait for pre-op. My questions were focused on muscle repair, stitching, incision placement & what the scar line will look like. I had concerns of being allergic to the tape glue and to the stitches themselves. I asked about capsular contraction, double bubble and too much side boob. I wondered if the allergan implants are the cohesive gel, what are the chances that I will lose sensation in my nipple(s), and if she uses Exparel (she does not). I like that she uses a figure 8 stitching method on the muscles. I still don't know how far apart my muscles are and forgot to ask. I didn't know until right before I went that the muscle stitches are permanent. I guess I assumed that they somehow fused the muscles together and that the stitches eventually absorbed. It then became important to me that the stitching was done in a way that it will stay put. I asked if she uses a surgery Tech and how much of the work he does. She said that it is a long surgery and her limit is 5hrs. It's my understanding that at pre-op there will be many authorization papers to sign and some of that will have to do with her using the tech. Again, this is just my understanding....I'll post on that when it happens. She explains that she does all of the surgery and stitching of the muscles and that the tech will either assist or does the stitching down below, to keep the surgery time within the time frame. She said that she had been training him for over a year. She took her time answering all of my questions and did not seem rushed. I really like her! I have decided set the date and pay the down payment.

To do the EKG or not.....That is the question

My PS has not ordered an EKG. She asked if I see my doc once a year and if I had ever had concerns that anything was wrong with my heart. I do see my GYN once a year. It's been 3 years since I've needed to see my primary. I haven't had labs done in 2 years. On RS I asked the question about women over 50 getting an EKG before surgery and received approx. 7 responses. 1 out of the 7 says that it used to be done but that he does not order it if the health grading system (that would be the long list of health questions the you check off at registration) does not indicate a need to. The other 6 or so PS said that they definitely order an EKG for women over 50. I have decided to go ahead and get a Basic EKG. It costs $110.00 and takes 15 minutes. I'll also get a CVC blood panel which is about $65.00. At this point I'm not going to fuss over that amount of money when I'm about to lay down over $13,000.00!!

Oh how I love my rice sizers!!

Thank goodness for rice sizers! At Walmart I purchased a box of knee high stockings for $4.95 and an extra large bag of white rice for about $2.95. I started by using a measurement that (I had read) simulated a 339cc. A fun little thing to do is tie a single knot extra tight and cut it off......hahaha, makes the perfect nipple under your bra! I took them along on my 2nd consult and compared them in size to the 339 silicone's only to find out that my ricey's were significantly smaller.

One more thing about choosing size

~Sigh~ I've been driving myself crazy over choosing the size! I know that it's Allergan mod plus profile and I know that it's under the muscle. I know that I want the inframmammary incision, but SIZE......UGhh the size!!! I have scanned the internet for days looking for my height, my weight, my before size; ha, forget age....rare to find my age, oh and lest I forget....my areola size, which is not tiny and not huge but def good sized. I've made my hubby look at boobs until he's bleary eyed. Speaking of Hubby I have given him free reign to look at all boobs. We look at boobs everywhere we go, we look at boobs in Wal-Mart, at Home Depot, at the restaurant, at the grocery store.....we elbow or nudge each other, psst, 3 o'clock- too big-just right-perfect!! I am sick, sick, sick of looking at boobs and why??? Because it doesn't help me at all. I had to stop and just think this through. I have no flippin idea in this world how I will look in those boobs! All of the before and afters are useless. Here's the deal..... I don't live in Florida or any other warm climate. I live in Colorado. I'm not going to walk around in swimsuit tops or show cleavage in front of my 30-somthing son or 21 yr old grandson...not happening. Heck my son puts his fingers in his ear and sings at the mere mention of my breastfeeding him for his first 2 years! Hubby and I go far away on vacation and yes I will dress up for him (and me) but short of lingerie and vacations how do I really want to look? I want to look good in my every day clothes and yes even sexy is okay too..... I want the darts to actually be filled out in button up shirts, I want to wear pretty matching undies and bra; the kind that have pretty designs and NO padding. Eureka!! so I've stopped looking at other women's boobs and it's time to concentrate on my own!!!!

I have adjusted my rice sizers to (hopefully) the correct size, so lets get this show on the road!!

I have agonized for days and weeks on wondering if the 339's will be too big for my frame. Yes, I'm a plump 140lbs. but it's all below the waist. My chest area is rather boney looking. As before mentioned by looking at naked breast pics, I simply could not wrap my head around how they will look on my chest and if I will regret the size. Soooo, I bought a cheap 34D bra at Ross for Less and every afternoon when I get home I immediately change into that bra and the rice sizers which I think/hope are pretty darn close to the 339cc Allergan silicone implants. I wear them until bedtime. I think it's fun to place my fake nipple right up front in the bra and it's amazing how real they look! I observe the funny ways in which they run into the table when I bend forward to take a bite, how I can no longer cross my arms over my chest, how I need to adjust my walk as they actually bounce, and how it feels when my upper arms touch the side boob while I'm typing, and also the sheer weight (1lb. each) of the things. Last evening I went to my closet and tried every single piece of winter clothing that I own. I tried on dresses, sweaters, button-ups, cardigans, jackets all of it! I modeled every single piece for an exhausted hubby who hahaha, I must say did a great job of making comments and acting enthusiastic despite struggling to keep his eyes open. Funny, but I loved the button-ups the most! They hang in my closet rarely getting worn...They look awesome! Tailored waist, tight on hips and the fake boobs fill them out perfectly without gapping the buttons. Sexy in a modest way, or should I say age appropriate but a head turner?? Yes!! The sweaters which I tend to wear a little on the snug side are.. Wow! The oversized extra thick sweaters with crew neck make me look like uni-boob and fat, Fitted tailored jackets look so great, the boobie part isn't sinking in. I'm a 34B (just tried one on at WM) but I wear a 34C thickly padded at the bottom type bra that is meant to be a push up. I fill in that tiny little space between the padding and the top of the bra with a tiny bit of cleavage. This type of bra gives me a little width and a tiny bit of projection and I think I look decent. I still don't fill in a button up making the darts way low. In my work-out bra there is a small rounded area but no noticeable boob, pretty much flat. With close observation I think it will be very obvious that I've had a boob job because of the width and fullness. For those that haven't seen me in a while, perhaps they will wonder but won't be sure....Honestly, I don't think I will care...hmmmm, I'll report back later on that.

I cannot tell you how freeing it is to give up the boob obsession....Time to concentrate on getting ready for the surgery!

Hi ladies, one more thing about rice sizers. I have found a much more accurate measure and feel confident that it is closer to the volume of the real thing, so here it is:
11/3 cup = 320cc
11/2 cup = 360cc
1 cup = 240cc
1/2 cup = 120cc
1/4 cup =60cc
If you are between 2 numbers, just get close.
Knee high nylon stockings, add rice, lay out on counter to get depth that will look like the real ones from your PS office, (see my picture above) tie one good tight knot leaving a little over 1/4 inch and cut off the remainder of the stocking, and remember that the knot can be worn in front to look like a real nipple. It conforms to your boob inside the bra and you can easily smooth it out to fit correctly. It's not hot & sweaty like a plastic baggie and can be worn for hours if you really wanted to. I've been wearing mine every evening consistently and I can honestly say that I am ready for adjusting to my upcoming bigger boobs and I think that I will be able to avoid the initial size shock. At age 57 I've spent a lot of years with the tiny set that I currently have and although I want a beautiful, fuller set I know that with my personality (extremely sensitive to change) I really need to prepare myself for this! My PS said not to allow for "losing some under the muscle" and she prefers her patients to wear a tight sports bra which fastens up the front when trying on the (real) sizers and maybe that is because they simulate what you will really look like size-wise I don't know. A friend told me that her PS had her buy a bra in the size that she wanted to be and bring it along to the office. They then used a sizer that filled that cup. For me this makes much more sense but each PS seems to have a different take on it. What I think I know is that no matter how I would like for my boobs to turn out........("The dream boob") is that I am starting with my own real boobs. If they are not perfect now they will most likely not be perfect after. I'm okay with that as long as they are not shaped like torpedo's, as high as my collar bone, that my nipple is not pointing south, and that I don't have tremendous side boobage. I fully expect that they may look like headlights as I have a larger areola but I'm okay with that as long as I feel that I am the best that I can be.

One month till surgery!

I am one month out from my surgery date of Thursday, October 16, 2014. Today I will schedule my pro-op appointment and work on getting the gosh darn EKG scheduled. That's another story and not really worth telling. Has to do with who is ordering it. Seems to me like if I am electing to have a very quick and simple procedure such as a Basic EKG and if I'm paying cash for it then why should it require an order from the doctor??........never mind that, my mind is focused on keeping an upbeat positive attitude, eliminating salt, eating healthfully and continually visualizing myself with a much improved body. I will not tell anyone close (emphasis on close) to me that I am having surgery if I think that there is a chance that they will bring negativity......there are a few of those so my plan is to write and email them a short letter the day or day after I've had the surgery.....hmmmm, still thinking about that.

I just ordered a Jockey Fit Kit

Hahaha, I still have a while to wait before I will even have a clue on my bra size, but I ordered this kit to have while waiting. It's $20.00 but you get that amt. credited off of a bra order. It comes with lots of molded plastic looking cups and a tape measure. You can see a video on the Jockey.com. They have approx. 4 styles of bras. This would be the comfy bra that you wear on a more frequent basis when you are wanting support and comfort. They have their own measuring system that is not figured by the typical cup size. I haven't purchased a bra from them but have ordered some undies for myself and hubby. They have a hassle free return policy. The bras run about $60.00 ea so it's definitely one that I will wait 6 mo post op to order. Take a look at Jockey.com and key in: Bra fit kit. Fun!!

I've been wearing bra's for 45 of my 57 yrs. and cannot believe that I did not understand cup sizes until today!!

Lately, I've been studying the bra department in every store that I go into. Today I saw an extremely large bra that literally stopped me in my tracks! I just had to see what size it was and couldn't help but feel sorry for the woman that had to bare the weight of this size of breast. It was a 42DD. I was stunned! I fully expected it to be an F or a G, and call me dense but it finally hits me!! What?? You mean to tell me that as the band size increases so does the cup?? But isn't a B-cup a B-cup, or a D-cup a D-cup?? Now why I didn't realize this before I do not know; it only makes sense right? If her chest is that big around the breasts will be wider. A 34DD is teeny tiny in comparison to say, a 38DD. Me, I've been wearing this ultra padded 34C bra for so long that I can walk into a store, look at the shape and feel the padding of a particular 34C and know that it will fit. I don't have to shop I don't even try them on! Now however....... I slowly cruise the bra isles looking for my size 34 but in a D with no padding. Not easy to find!! I finally find one and head to the fitting room. What?? This is it?? This is what a D looks like? Why have I been so worried?? Yes, I am comfortable with the 339cc. I'm currently a B, I should make it to a full 34C with no padding and maybe a D cup.

I hate stumbling upon the bad results or complications....

From day to day I go back and forth on what scares me the most about my surgery. I don't go looking for the unhappy stories, but when I stumble upon one I read it.......I'm so scared of my incisions not healing well or sutures poking through or having a reaction to them. I'm working hard on remaining positive and not letting the negatives enter my mind but.....darn it!!!!

Let the pre-op shopping begin!

I want a decent variety of shapers on-hand. I believe that I will be wearing the sx compression garment for the first week or two (?) and will then switch to the PS recommended high wasted girdle. I don't know if these qualify as girdle......I'll take them with me to pre-op appointment on Sept. 30th.
So far Walmart seems to be the place with the best selection and lowest prices. Ross for Less is great, but hard to find smaller sizes in shapeware and hit & miss on selection. All of these run from $7.99 to $12.99 ea. The first set I like because it hooks at the top half making them a bit easier to pull on and unhooks at crotch so you don't have to pull up and down each time you use the bathroom. 2nd one is spanx shorts (Inexpensive at Ross), 3rd are 2 corset's which may be too high and too low for both the BA and TT incisions , and last one is high waisted undies w/ no opening in crotch. I'm keeping all tags attached & receipts. I have no idea how they will fit after surgery. Hubby can easily hook me up if help is needed. I'm allowing for muscle tightening and skin removal but accounting for swelling, so my best guess is to get them to fit tightly as I am now. I bought size medium....getting them over my big bottom is tight and then once I have them up they may not be as tight as needed in waist. I don't want to do any shopping until at least week 3. I want to stay out of public and away from my grand kids (this will be so so difficult) for the week before and two weeks after surgery to stay as germ-free as possible.

Jockey bra sizing kit arrived 3 days after ordering...AND, today I went to Victoria Secret to be sized.

I was wrong in saying that they have 3 different bra styles. The kit shows five styles. This is what you get in the kit:
10 plastic cup sizers numbered from 1 to 10, tape measure (not a regular standard measure), booklet on how to use the sizers, $20.00 off coupon (the price of the kit), and a zippered net bag. I will definitely share with family and friends as it can easily be used over and over again. I am a tiny bit bigger than the smallest cup which is a #1 and I measure in the 32 range on the special measuring tape which makes me either a 1/32 or a 2/32 in Jockey sizing. The instructions say that if you are between 2 sizes to choose the larger. On the website they encourage you to order both sizes if you like and return the one you don't want. They say that they are so sure that you will love the fit of their bra that they want you to wear it and wash it twice and if you don't like it you may return at their expense.
I went to Victoria Secret today....I want an official VS pre-measurement to compare to. The "bra expert" was very friendly, said that I didn't need to remove clothing, made her measurement and handed me a 36C bra and said to hook it on the first set of hooks. The 36 was too big in both band and cup size. Turns out that I was a perfectly sized 34B. This is exactly how I sized with an inexpensive little bra that I tried on at Walmart. She explained that both her daughter and herself wore different sizes than they measured at VS and said that it depends on where your breasts have the most tissue. It will be fun and so exciting to go back 6 months after the BA to see what I measure!!

I love you RS ladies!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful positive posts!

Profile pic...Tattoo anyone??

I have a family member who several years ago was in a terrible motorcycle accident. He had scars all over his body. He had each one tattooed making the raised or recessed area's a part of the tattoo. The pictures were all beautiful and colorful. In swim trunks he was like a piece of art!! I've never wanted a tattoo but hmmmmm.....found this on Pinterest.

EKG and CBC Panel today

Surgery is less than a month out. As mentioned the sx didn't order the EKG but I opted to do it anyway. Takes less than 20 min. and Costs $115.00. I'm skipping my 2nd cup of 1/2 calf coffee today. I see my ps for pre-op in 6 days! At that point in time I will have to stop all supplements and that bothers me some. I take 5-HTP for mood and it also removes my carb cravings.
I, like just about everyone else with weight worries has concerns about keeping my weight stable during post op recovery when I'm used to doing 1 hr of cardio daily 6x week and I never consume over 1,200 cal daily.......very slow metabolism. Stay positive!! I'll let you know the results of today's testing.

EKG and CBC blood testing is normal ~and~ Take a look at this illustration

Hello! I just called my PS office to inquire about my EKG & Blood test and Yay!! All appears to be normal! A small boulder hit my windshield on the way to the testing yesterday...I'm sure it raised the blood pressure a bit but hahah, all is well! I'm getting a new windshield but thank goodness the approx 6" break is not in my line of sight.
lol, I've fallen off the wagon and I'm once again looking at boob before and after pic's........More specifically I googled "size 34B and getting 339cc" .........
Hi, my name is xxxx and I just spent 3 hrs looking at boob pic's instead of doing my work, darn it!!
I want to add a very nice illustration which I found during that boob binge. I Will also add a pic of someone else's before, during and after pic to make the point. This it to remind myself that if they seem way to high after surgery DO NOT PANIC!!! I have such a short memory for such things. It's like when I've remodeled my space. 1. I have a vision 2. I begin to implement the vision 3. half way through I panic and wonder what the h*ll was I thinking?? 4. Hubby brings me back to my senses (talks me down) 5. The end result is fabulous! (she says as she allows the horrendous thought to creep into her head..."this is dependent upon the ps doing her part perfectly") Why oh why do I must I be such a perfectionist??????

I think I'm ready (*cringe*) to post my before pic's and wish boobs

Boobs appear bigger in the pictures than they really are. This became apparent when I took my own pic's. I haven't really paid this much attention to my boobs until now.......and why not?? I don't know but I came out of the bathroom last night and told my husband that I didn't realize that I had such enormous nipples! The wise man coming up on 60 just listens as he knows not to comment. Yes the areola is large and I've become quite aware of just how flippin big they are since I've now looked at a zillion boob pic's! I don't remember always having these great big nip's!! To top that off one of them is slightly misshapen. I think it's genetic, my mom had big ones and very large breasts to boot so maybe I got her enormous nipples but got shorted in the big boobs......or did they get this big from breastfeeding a kid for 2 solid years?? That was 30 years ago and for the life of me I don't remember if they were always this size!! Okay, so I've found some boobs that are somewhat like mine, a larger areola like mine, and bigger nipples (although I'm fairly certain mine could win a contest for being THE biggest), I've decided to make this my wish boob. In all honesty my real wish boob is one that has a little pink areola, and smallish nipples that point up slightly. Not my reality so instead I just want to be the very best that I, this person who is me...can be.

Helpful information for the boob-size obsessed

I found this info on a different plastic surgeon's website. It really helps me in thinking that I have my size figured out. Even though my shape is not full and has no volume in the top, I am a full b cup. I look at some of the pic's and wonder how they are figuring sizing because their B cup doesn't look anything like mine, they always seem bigger.......oh well, anyway according to this I should with 339cc end up with a large C to D cup.. If anyone reads this and has input to the contrary, I am so interested in hearing about it!! I'm also curious about something; if I am now a 34B Will I still be a 34-whatever?? It's logical to me that my band size doesn't increase just because my cup size is bigger.....right?? or does it, and if so, please explain!

Copied from a website ( I did not change a word):
150-200 cc of breast implant size equals a cup size in the same bra
-this figure is not an exact figure determined by scientific research but rather an estimate based on anecdotal experience. To increase from an A cup to a B cup will take 200ccof breast implant but a full B cup may take 250cc. If you are a full B cup and want to enlarge your breast two cup sizes to a D cup then you will need at least 300cc-400cc of breast implant size to achieve that enlargement with a natural breast shape. If you want to be unnaturally big breasted then even larger implants will be required.

Pre-op today....Let Project Restoration Commence!

Hubby and I started out on our journey today; a 11/2 hour drive to the PS office for my pre-op appointment. Tomorrow is 14 days before surgery. Today is my last day on supplements. Tomorrow I begin the Bromelain with Quercetin which I purchased at the PS office. It came with Arnica but I think I wait to take that until after the surgery(??) I've used Arnica before but I've always thought that a Homeopathic needs to be used only when the condition exists as opposed say, as a preventative... I'll look into that. Okay, so back to the beginning of the story...We headed out in the pouring rain, hydroplaned and ended up in the median sunk in mud. We attracted the police and a fire truck.....boy oh boy. Darling son made it before the tow truck and pulled us out. I called the PS office and they were able to reschedule for later in the day. The Vehicle had to be washed, tire repaired, Husband had to be washed....hahahah, what a morning! Came back home got a different car and headed out again. I really like my Plastic Surgeon. She is beautiful in looks and in spirit. Her passion is with Breast Cancer patients and I love that about her. She allows a lot of time for answering questions and I just get this feeling from her, a feeling like I just know that I will be safe in her hands and it's even more than that.
She will use the same size implant in both sides. I have one nipple a bit off than the other in the measurement and she reminded me that they are sisters and not twins......I've heard it before but it still made me laugh!! She confirms that my anatomy is my anatomy...i.e. If you start with nipple this way or that way, up or down that is how you will end up, only bigger. I tried the 339cc's on again both in the sports bra that she (PS) likes for you to try, and in a 34D underwire front hook bra that I sometimes use for my rice sizers. Again I compared my rice sizers to the implants and again my sizers came up a bit too small. I asked hubby if he wanted to feel them and hahah, he loved how they felt. I love how they feel. I can't wait to do what I see others do and test the squishiness at the bottom! I asked again to see where she will make my scar line and about dog-ears and about the little bit of Lipo that she always includes in her Tummy Tucks. I asked her if she thinks I will get a good result and even asked if my mons area will be pulled up a bit, to which she explained that it's going the other direction but she often times does a little lipo there. I'll be sure to clarify that on SX day and I'm not real sure what result that yields.
I've included a funny picture. This morning as I was gathering my things to take along I inadvertently grabbed a tote bag. Later on I noticed the writing on the side.......hahahah, is this perfect or what?? I've decided to make this my new mantra.

Change of heart; I am not getting a Breast Augmentation. I have deleted all of my breast pics. Moving forward with my TT

Hello RS Ladies. After much thought I have decided to not have a Breast Aug. I've had a lot of anxiety about the breast aug and I keep chalking it up to nerves about the whole procedure in general and in not being able to choose a size. When I started this adventure I originally wanted a tummy tuck and then possibly a BA one year from now. A PS from this site suggested the MM, having one surgery, one recovery and that made a lot of sense. I got my husband revved up about it and I don't feel so good about that. He's my biggest fan and I honestly believe that he doesn't care about the boobs but I feel bad about it none the less as I know that he must have gotten excited about the fun and new difference that this, hahah, would have undoubtedly added to the bedroom experience. I'll keep the reasons to myself as I don't want to rain on anyone else's parade....That's not what this site is for. I can tell you that since I have made this decision I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted. I'm super excited about moving forward with my Tummy Tuck.
I emailed a letter to my PS today letting her know of my decision and the reasons why I have changed my mind. I have not received a call or response to my email so I'll call tomorrow to confirm that her assistant received my email. I did mention in the letter that if it is a good option for me I am interested in talking about liposuction to my thighs. I have already paid, I'm only 10 days out and have no idea how this is all going to play out but I will keep you posted. Tummy pictures coming soon.
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