Skin Ruined by Resurfx. Western Australia, AU

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I had a few brown pigmentation/age spots and...

I had a few brown pigmentation/age spots and decided to have a consultation at a clinic in October 2014 that had been highly recommended by several people. She recommended Resurfx which is an IPL treatment followed by a fractional laser. She said my skin looked dull and this would get rid of the pigmentation and firm and plump my skin. This was a preventive treatment as I got older. I was supposed to have three treatments but after the first my skin was totally destroyed. I've been through lots of different stages over the last eleven months and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

Firstly my face was inflamed, I broke out in big pimples, my face dropped as if it had lost all muscle tone, the pigmentation became worse and my once normal skin became extremely sensitive and dry with holes.

When I returned to the clinic she said my skin looked fine but it was obvious it wasn't and I had previously sent her all the photographs. We argued, she said I had signed a waiver so there was nothing I could do and basically threw me out. I asked for advice as my face felt like it was constantly burning and she just laughed. I was refunded for the other two treatments.

My skin was really dry and dehydrated and I tried so many products but they all irritated my face. People always used to compliment me on my nice complexion and I had always looked after it. I cannot believe I was so stupid to have this done but I trusted her when she said I was a good candidate etc. My skin felt and looked like sandpaper and I had the small holes all over my face from the laser.

I finally managed to get an appointment with a dermatologist after four months. She said my skin couldn't repair itself while it was so inflamed. She recommended Emulsifying Ointment. This is how she treats people with irritant dermatitis. This was a turning point for me as the ointment acted like a barrier which enabled me to Use other products without too much irritation and it reduced the inflammation. I returned after six weeks and while it was slightly better she was surprised it hadn't improved more. I continued using it and tried lots of products recommended by RealSelf members including emu oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, Neova Night Therapy and Macademia oil which I still use now on my cheeks. I also went to a natural health practitioner so have been taking lots of supplements.

The muscle tone slowly improved but I had lost a lot of fat. The pigmentation was terrible, my skin was dry and sensitive, and it wouldn't hold any moisture.

At about the seven month mark the fat loss became much worse and I had a consultation for fillers. She recommended a course of nine Omnilux LED red and white light treatments to heal and strengthen, and to help produce collagen. I started on two a week but my skin felt too inflamed so I just had one a week. It started to feel better but after the sixth session I really noticed a difference. My skin felt stronger, the texture improved and it didn't seem so dehydrated. My makeup started going on easier so this has been a massive turning point for me. I also started introducing a few more products. I bought DMK Beta Gel and Elizabeth Arden Pro Barrier Repair. Prior to the Resurfx I used to use lots of active products with no side effects so I'm hoping to gradually introduce more but it will be a slow process as it's still sensitive. I am also taking collagen boosters and eating lots of fruit and veggies.

The hyper pigmentation looks a bit better but I'm concerned about how it will react during the summer. I always wear sunblock but I know I need to be careful. It is difficult to cover it with makeup but I'll try and address that later. The texture has improved and the lines and holes aren't as bad but parts still look like sandpaper.

I am still considering fillers but I'm really worried how my skin will react. I have good and bad days but I'm having more good ones. I know it will never go back to how it was and just wish I could turn back the clock but I just have to make the best of it now unfortunately!

I am adding photos but they aren't appearing in the correct order. Hopefully the captions will explain the timeline.

If anyone has any advice on how to correct fat loss, hyper pigmentation, sandpaper texture, and can suggest products for sensitive skin I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

August 2015

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Cannot give name Awful woman who obviously cares more about money than her clients.

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