So Excited For My Closed Rhino & 2nd BA :) - Australia, AU

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Almost 14 days left til my closed rhinoplasty &...

Almost 14 days left til my closed rhinoplasty & 2nd breast augmentation!! I am just so excited - surgery itself doesn't faze me :) Just hoping im happy with my results (keeping realistic though!)

Any advice/experiences of closed rhinoplasty!?

I have a "high take off" so my surgeon is breaking the bone at the top & making the hole thing smaller, softer & more feminine :) Iv always hated my nose - play ground teasing hasn't helped either! But at 21, I am happy with my body (fit, healthy, slim 5"11") & financially able to upgrade my implants (boobie greed!) & get the nose that really compliments my face - not this manly snout of mine :p


Decided on CCs :)

I am 5'11, 55kg & 21yrs old! I am as flat as a board so im going with 550cc mod plus silicones(mentor)!


all done :)

piece of cake :) - closed bony rhino & breast aug all done :) total breeze & hardly no bruises.. a little blue under one eye & only a tad swollen between my eye brows.. but other than that - just fantastic :)!

post rhino :) still a bit swollen!

2 weeks post op - still a bit of swelling up top & a lot at the tip.. but that's to be expected! sorry about the shit quality .. doesn't do it justice! I'll try get a better snap! :)

he is fantastic in every way! :)

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