390 mentor anatomical implants under muscle with periareola lift

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I'm a 44 year old mum to 4 kids from 14-24 years...

I'm a 44 year old mum to 4 kids from 14-24 years old. I breast fed all of them with no regrets but it took its toll on my what were, pert young boobs! I have uneven , sagging breasts with stretched aerolas which I hate !!! I'm having a lift with anchor incisions with 350cc anatomical implants. I've had my initial consultation with my PS and am just waiting for the offical quote so I can then book in for my second consultation where my PS has 3D imaging.

Second consultation booked

Have booked my second consultation with PS for 19th may , the fun part where I can try out different implant shapes and sizes ! My PS has the 3D imaging so I can get a good idea what I will look like .

Second consultation

Trying on session ! Decided to go for Mentor 390 high profile anatomical implants . Tried on the 350 again and looked and felt OK but PS suggested trying on an extra 50cc. Not too much bigger but felt right and looked better in me . I know a lot of people wished they had gone bigger after so this was my ' boob greed' moment! Fortunately before my op . I think this size / shape will work for me and give me the look I want . Super excited ! Only downfall is my hospital fees are increasing the 1st July and I'm booked in for 12th, tried to get in before the increase but can't , and also the implants I've chosen are the most expensive! But then if I'm going to be putting them in my body I want top quality and good guarantee which is what Mentor offer . Only hoping now the anesthetist fees come in at the lower quote as already I'm looking at $1500 over my quote!

Surgery date changed to 6th July

5 weeks and counting down ! Excited and nervous !

Just paid for my implants !!

So it's becoming a bit more real , just paid for my implants ! So deposit to surgeon and implants paid for now , I suppose there's no backing off nod hey ????!!!!!!

5 days to go !

Paid for surgeon and anesthetist today so no way I'm backing out now after parting with that amount of money ! You'd think being a nurse I'd get a discount lol ! Started on arnica this week and getting post op bra tomorrow ( have a cheap one from target but think it might do for a spare as not the best quality) made my list for Wednesday , top of the list 'remove nail polish ' arrrggghhhh!!! Love my nails ! I'm praying I will get the result I'm after , after seeing so many great results on here I'm hoping I have that luck . Fingers and toes crossed :)

D day tomorrow

Well that crept up pretty dam quick!
Can't believe it's tomorrow I get new boobs ! So so excited and only nervous about over sleeping in the morning and having to rush to get to the hospital !
I think I'm all prepared :)

Day one

Well surgery went fine , took from 13.30-17.30( apparently I took a while to come round , maybe I was taking advantage of sleeping as I work night shift !
I cant remember going back to my room or anything except seeing my wonderful husbands face grinning at me !
I felt really groggy and nauseated after, more than I thought I would . Itmeas like the biggest hangover feeling ever but without the fun part before !
I managed to take sips of water and a few little bites if a sandwich and then after an hour the nurse helped me into the bathroom to have a wee,I felt wobbly and a bit dizzy but made it there and back
As for my new ' bad boys'. They were just there , right in front of I me standing to perfect attention like they've never been before !! They felt tight , swollen and hard and sore but nothing too unbearable until I moved . Someone said pushing yourself back in the bed hurt , I tried it and see was right! So I wiggled back instead !
I managed to avoid an overnight stay , all vital signs were good and my surgeon and anesthetist came to see me and said they were delighted with the surgery / results and I could go home if I wanted to. I so wanted to! Journey home was ok , kept my eyes shut and held onto a vomit bag just in case! Got home felt really nauseous but retched in the bathroom and felt tons better after ! Got freshened up with face wipes and baby wipes for 'never never regions '! Lol ! And then got into bed with my new V shaped pillow to prop me up on me my pillows and a hot water bottle for comfort ( it's winter here in Perth and bloody cold at night )
I took a zopiclone and melatonin to be on safe side ( I'm a chronic insomniac that works 3 nights a week but sleeps well on my nights off when I'm at work but on leave I'm terrible with sleeping !!!!)
But they didn't do the trick ! Ive been buzzing most of the night thinking about me new boobs and how they will look like
I've Managed about an hour and listened to my hypnotherapy on my phone but to no success . It also hasn't helped my husband has snored and breathed really heavy all night ! He did offer to go to spare room but I don't like him to do I just let him do it , he's been so lovely to me , even bought me lucozade to drinks ( a long standing joke for anyone whose sick )
I'm still in bed but gonna get up soon
I have Celebrex ,Targin and bruprenorphine , I've never took anything stronger then 1 codeine so let's see how it ties with these !!! Of course I'm carrying on with my arnica , vitamin C and B for post surgery healing . Pain at the moment , probably around 3 when lying still and breathing in is sore , still feeling right across chest and feels like something heavy sat on me !!
I will post some pics later off before and after , my surgeon even snap chatted my surgery so super excited to see that !!!!!
Hope everyone in the world if new boobs are doing just fine today :))))

Day one

Just been to see PS and had some of the dressings took of around areola , won't get all dressings off till next week .
Areolas looking great and no vertical incision which I'm super chuffed with !
Pain manageable , took Targin this morning along with Celebrex and Panadol
Just feel tight and swollen and sore under my armpits !

More pics

Slept like a dog last nights!

As I can't lay on my side for a while , I wanted to get into a comfy position not on my back . So my husband positioned the pillow so I could just slightly snuggle into them on my right . With hot water bottle and fleecy blanket , pain meds and a sleeper , I spelt for nearly 9 hours !!!! Boy that was needed !!:))

Day 3

5 days post op

Still sore under the armpits, worse in the morning though and eases a bit once I'm up and about using my arms . My right boob feels like a burning pain deep inside it occasionally, and i did have a few shouting pains through it a couple of evenings ago . They still feel tight and swollen but not quite so much today'. Hoping when I get the dressings off Thursday I can start moisturising them
Bruising is minimal ,some light green colour under my right armpit , some around the areola outside the dressings and that's about it , I'm just wanting to see what they look like within all this dressing on !! I bought a good post surgical bra which is awesome and really gives good support $53 , but I also picked up a couple of zip up ones from Kmart for $20 pack of 2 which are really nice , good support but not quite as good as the proper post op one but good to wear in between washes

6 days and feeling sooooo much better this morning !

Feeling pretty human this morning ! Morning boob still there but a lot less this morning ! It's wired waking up to these 2 bigs mounds on my chest that don't move anywhere lol!! So used to my floppy old ones , usually with one fallen out of my top or something ! Pics are from last night after my shower , I took some of the fixamol dressing off as it was being to irritate me ( not physically but had enough of it on !) will also post a pic of me pre op !!!!! If I'm brave enough , but I suppose it has to be done!!!!

Old and new :)

Changing already

8 days and off to 2nd post op appointment

Feeling pretty normal again now , off all meds apart from vitamins and arnica
Still feeling a bit tight across the top and I feel it if I do too much still, But life is pretty normal , been out for lunches , coffees and shopping since day 1 but felt pretty tired in the first few days if I did pretty much anything ! Been sleeping slightly on my side at night and ' morning boob ' gets easier every day . Driving is ok but I've only done a few short trips in the last few days and it was ok . Glad I'm off work for another 2 weeks as stretching arms out is still a bit sore to do, I may even try a gentle yoga class tomorrow if my PS gives me permission . But on the whole , feeling good , happy with my new additions and worth every dollar :)

Having some fun :)

Treated my hubby to a few pics today :)
I can't believe these are my boobs !

20 days post op

Left still feeling tight and although not swollen , still feels a bit bigger than my right which is feeling great .
Still got tape on ( these are my home made ones though as took old ones off )
Hopefully can keep them off when I see my PS Thursday ????

3 weeks post op

3 week check up and all going well
Left still feeling a bit tight but it's still early days . Feeling a lot better in myself too and back to work tomorrow night .

45 Year Old Mumma 4 Children , Breast Lift with Implants

From my first meeting with Sam and his staff , to my surgery and to my recent 3 week post op appointment, Ive been 100% happy with everything! I would recommend this procedure to anyone. it's given me my femininity back and breasts I could only dream off ! All thanks to Dr Sam and his amazing team :)

4 weeks tomorrow !

Left is feeling a lot better , still a little tight and a higher / bigger than the right but I'm hoping this will continue to improve over the next few weeks . Using bio oil and silicone tape on my scars now . loving them more each day :)

5 weeks post op

Loving how they are changing every week , getting softer and more natural feeling
My left is still a little tight in the pec area but this is improving every week and hopefully will even out soon
Using bio oil every day and silicone tape around the Areolas , Puckering has improved as was awful in the first few weeks but tape is helping . I can still feel the sutures under the Aerolas but this is getting softer too and hoping will disappear altogether over the next few months . Haven't been measured or bra shopping just yet, still wearing post op bra some days ( when I'm at work mainly as work all night ) and my other crop bras on other days just for extra support . Loving my new look and so glad I did it :)

6 weeks and loving my boobs :)

6 weeks and loving my new boobs :)

Nearly 7 weeks softer and squishy

I still feel the left is a little tight but they are definitely getting softer and more normal feeling by the day . I still get a few nerve twinges now and again and still a little sore round the areola sutures . I'm putting on bio oil and silicone sheets daily. . nipples are not quite as sensitive as they were a few weeks ago , god they were hyper sensitive ! I'm still wearing crop tops/sports bra had an underwired fur when I go out for the evening , but I make sure I wear a crop top underneath for comfort and protect my incisions under neath .

2 months

So much softer and swishy! Using silicone tape to try and reduce the puckering around the Areolas ( it looks worse in the pics as the tape was puckered !) still think my left needs to drop a little and I still feel a little different in that boob but it's not as tight as it was . I have days when I don't like them and then other days I love them so much ! But overall I'm pleased with the way they are healing and so glad I had this done :)

10 weeks

Bra shopping:)

10 week appointment today with PS who recommended scar massage to Areolas ,
What I thought was the suture I can feel all round them is in fact scar tissue . So he demonstrated massage to help break it down , ouch he was rough ! I had to tell him so too! So will working on that daily .
Treated myself to some bras today , measured at 10 or 12DD/E. These are all 12DD :)

Bikini time !

4 months

4 months on and feel 99% that these boobs are part of me , still get the odd twinge in my left boob and still massaging the Areolas to break down scar tissue
I love how they look from the front , in bras and in clothes but sometimes see a 'boxy' look from certain side angles
Has it been worth it , I would say definitely but I think I under estimated the recovery period as it was harder than I thought

Summer fun :)

6 months

Well it's been 6 months now and I feel like they are completely part of me and they feel so natural . I get the odd twinge now and again especially in my left and my scar tissue around my areolas are improving with massage . I have total sensation in all areas but I find my nipples don't get as erect as they used to before surgery . I've had a few insecurities about them recently and some days I absolutely love them and other days I'm over critical . I visited my PS this week for a check up and told him I was worried about sagging and maybe needing to convert to a more aggressive lift . He told me he was happy with the result and that I should think very carefully about doing this as in his words 'if you took your bra off in a bar , no one would think you've had surgery ' I kinda agree with him , unless you get up close you can't see that I've had surgery and they do look pretty natural with the anatomical implant and the peri areola lift . Would I want extra scarring ? And what would I be gaining by doing so ? A slightly better lift I suppose . But gaining more aggressive scarring . It's something I'm going to think about over the next 6 months which is when I see him again and he's offered to do any extra work free of charge. I think on the whole I am happy with my results and have to focus on the good points about them of which out weigh the bad points :)
Perth Plastic Surgeon

I can't speak more highly of Sam. His professionalism is second to none and he made me feel at ease right from our first meeting . He answered my questions honestly and gave me advice on what was best for me . I wanted fabulous boobs and that's what he has given me ! Dr Sam, you are a star :)

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