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This is something I have always wanted to do. I...

This is something I have always wanted to do. I think I started noticing how unhappy I was with my nose since middle school when one of my friends pointed out my "bump." Ever since then I knew that someday I would like to make it better. I knew I wasn't an ugly girl but I hated the feeling of people looking at me from the side. I hated being stuck at a red light and feeling like the driver in the car next to me would be looking at my nose. My nose wasn't terrible but I knew it can look way better. I always told myself that before I turned 25 I would treat myself to a Rhinoplasty. I just turned 23 in August and I made an appointment to see Dr. Ciardullo. He was the FIRST surgeon I had a consultation with. I am EXTREMELY picky and thought that like other people I would visit atleast 3 before making a choice. The minute I walked out of his office I didn't feel like I had to look any further. If anything I came home and started searching on real self and convinced myself even more after seeing before and after pictures of his patients. I immediately called his office back and scheduled my appointment for September 19th, 2013. I was so excited that I was finally doing this for myself! The day of surgery I was not nervous AT ALL and if anything I was confident that my nose would certainly look BETTER and never did I feel any doubt. I just couldn't wait to wake up in the recovery room with a beautiful nose! I can say that I have no regret whatsoever in having made this choice. Dr. Ciardullo will make your current nose a better nose and he makes it look good on your face! A good surgeon doesn't make your nose stand out, they make your nose look natural and fit in with the rest of your face. I feel so bad for other people who have had to get revisions! I WISH they would have found Dr. C first!

1 month photo

This photo was taken on October 19th.

Currently I still have swelling on the tip of my nose and will keep updating with pictures.

A little shy of 3 months.

Here is how my nose is looking at almost 3 months post-op..

3 Months!!

I can't believe it has been 3 months already. I am still swollen inside and out. I have 9 months to go for final result. Here are up-to-date pix; side view and frontal.

Almost 4 months.

So it's about to be 4 months since surgery in 5 more days. I took these photos during the holidays and one of them last night and thought I upload to show you guys how things are looking. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me by the way.

5 months

I try to update every month so that we can see the progress. Here I am at 5 months ;)

7 months

I can't believe it has been 7 months since I had surgery. Only 5 months left for complete results. I only feel SLIGHT swelling on the tip of my nose and only if i press on it. I still feel stuffy from my left nostril... I have way better airflow from the right so we'll see how that improves... Here are a few pix :)

8 months

Time flies by! I can't believe I am doing an 8month update. I guess I have 4 months for a "final result." It is very true that swelling persists for months. My tip is STILL swollen and sensitive to the touch. I am wondering if i should get a steroid injection? So far i haven't called the Dr asking for one but it's a thought.

1 YEAR update!

Its officially been over a year since surgery! Rhinoplasty was the best personal decision I ever made. I recommend it to anyone who has ever considered this procedure! It is definitely risky especially if you don't go with the right doctor but trust me that it is worth it in the end. It has been a long journey of healing but overall I'm happy with the results. If anything, I look back at old photos and can't believe I went that long with my OLD nose!
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