Removing Ruptured Implants 500cc under the muscle After 20yrs. New York

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I was a A cup 20 yrs ago prior to implants. With...

I was a A cup 20 yrs ago prior to implants. With implants I became a C then after having children and gaining some weight my breast size became a huge D.
2 yrs ago my left breast became firm and had a burning sensation. Went to the doctor said everything was fine. I think that's when my implant ruptured. Then what made me look further into it was I found lumps under my armpit and thought it was cancer thank god it was not. It was silicone leaking from a ruptured implant.
I will removing my implants today after 20yrs.
The Doctor is removing the capsule not stiching my muscle in place and is not removing my lymph nodes will have drains.
I am nervous because I was so small Prior to implants. I have health issues. Tired all the time no energy, weight gain, thyroid issues, autoimmune issues. I have beed living a holistic lifestyle eating healthy mostly organic foods nothing artificial for past 8ys. I am removing implants with no lift and waiting 6 months to heal to if I feel healthier with more energy. Would like to see how different it feels with nothing artificial in my body.
I wanted a lift at the same time but I am so scared of the scars so I will wait on that. If my breast look terrible I will most likely do fat transfer and a donut lift after 6months. With seeing all the before and after pictures on this site gave me the confidence to do this!
I will upload before and after soon.

9 hrs after removing implants.. Feeling good!

Haven't seen what they look like yet. Going to he doc Monday to take drains out.
Doctor was great!

Getting drains taking out tomorrow and bandage off

Took a peak can't take bandage off yet.

Before and after

Went to the doctor today. Scars look good no infection. I was scared to look! I was so small prior I don't know how I have all this breast tissue. Doesn't look that bad. Maybe him taking a wedge from the bottom helped.

Scars look good 6 days later

Scars are not bad

28 days later Left breast is huge and swollen..

not sure why but the left breast became swollen 3 weeks later. It is huge DD right is small C.
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