Implant Removal After 18 Years Under Local Anaesthetic - Westborne, Birmingham UK

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So here my breast implant story begins, and thanks...

So here my breast implant story begins, and thanks to reading all your positive blogs, it will hopefully end. Had 320 cc under the muscles 18 years ago, loved them, went from an A to C cup. Loved the attention, made me feel sexy, clothes looked great, all the usual stuff. Decided two years later to make them bigger, had 460 cc replacements. Loved them for about a year, then got back ache, couldn't find sexy bras - bearing in mind I am only 4' 11", petite, but curvy - they were still out of proportion for me. Had them changed after 1 year for 375cc. This size was better. After this time I had two children and my nipples were much lower down the breast so I decided to have a do-nut lift to bring the nipple back to a better position. I was happy with where the nipple was but ended up with really bad scarring around the nipple from this procedure (which I still hope to correct at a later date). The situation now is, I am older (45), wiser, fed up with lugging them around! I feel confident within myself and feel that I don't need these huge balloons to feel sexy anymore. Also want to be valued as a person, not a sex object. Plus I have back ache, shoulder ache, clothes look matronly and I swear they are getting bigger as I am getting older - they seem out of control! So after much deliberating I have decided to get them removed. Be au naturel and see what happens. I doubt very much that I will ever have implants again - I sometimes wonder if they are making ill and the only way to find out if my theory is correct is not have them for some time. I will need some revision work done on my nipple scars. I have a consultation scheduled at the Westborne Centre in Birmingham on 6 Feb where I hope to have them removed under local anaesthetic. I will update you all when I have had this appointment. Now I have taken the photos I can't actually believe how huge and disgustingly ugly they look! I do not regret having them, they were fun etc, but I am soooo over them now - and plus when I did them, not everybody broadcasted it. I can't wait to get rid of them and be a free woman

Implant removal UK - had consultation for removal under local

Hi, thought I would update you gals to let you know what happened at my consultation. I met Fazel Fatah and The Westbourne Centre in Birmingham. He was very helpful, but did point out that the main reason that people get cosmetic surgery carried out is to make an improvement - to look in the mirror, and think "I look great! However, he did explain that if I just went ahead with a removal I would probably not feel that good about myself afterwards. Even though I was a 32A before implants, after examining me he said that I would definitely have more than an A cup after removal. I asked him if my nipples would point to the floor lol....just need to be prepared. He said that he thought that they would point straight ahead, but without much projection. With a little too for measuring the thickness of the skin, he explained to me how much depth and projection I would lose by removing the implant. He said that having a lift at the same time would give a good result. He was not at all pushy or trying to take me in to it, he was letting me know they options available. I said that it was my initial intention to have the implants removed and see what I am left with, and then make a decision further down the line, as to what the next step would be (if any). I am aware that it will cost more for me to go about it this way around, but I really want to get it right. The cost would be £2170 and it would be done under local anaesthetic, and would take about 40 minutes. I am worried about the scars that a lift will leave and don't think that I am ready for major surgery at this moment in my life. I think seeing all you girls on here and how positive and happy you have been with your results is so inspiring. I have good quality skin and no stretch marks. I feel positive about getting them out and would ideally like to have it done before the summer. Any advise from you all would be appreciated.

Booked consultation with Nick Collis for a second opinion

So I'm off for a consultation with Nick Collis at Nuffield Hospital in Newcastle on 15 October. Have read a couple of good reviews about him here, and also his price is quite competitive. Will update to let you know wgat happens. Still can't wait tp get them out....they seem to get huge just before that time of the month and they're so heavy!

Removal of 18 year old implants booked for 13 Mar....eek apologies for going off the radar for some time now. I went for a consultation with Mr Nick Collis back in November and have not updated my profile since then. Partly because I have been undecided - or rather to-ing and fro-ing since then. Very happy with my consultation and everything to do with Mr Collis. I always planned to have the procedure under local and travel up to Newcastle and back to London on the same day. I just keep switching I sure that I really want to do this......and how great I am going to feel afterwards. I am a VERY indecisive person at the best of times and have a tendancy to do things and then wish that I had done the opposite. Anyway I have decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. I don't know how I am going to feel afterwards and am trying to look a fabulous pix of celebrities with smaller busts but always get distracted by these glamorous looking girls with fabulous curves in all the right places etc. Anyway, at the age of 46 I have decided that you have to work with what you have. The reason that I want to explant is because I no longer feel that my implants are part of me. They signify who I was a long time ago and I am hoping that afterwards I will feel happier and lighter. I don't have back ache or any problems, my implants are relatively soft but I do feel that they are affecting my posture. I am not completely ruling out a smaller implant at a later date but for now I feel that this is the right way to go. I found a really cute pic of me pre-explant and will post it up over the weekend. Any moral support would be most appreciated. I am paying for the procedure on Monday.

pic - pre BA

Here's a pic I had taken pre-aug. I was originally a 32a. I hv had 2 children and 2 sets of implants sonce then. I know they wont be anywhere near as perky as this! It's weird, when I look at thos picyurr now I think thethey look perfect!

I did it - now happy to be implant free!

I'll keep it quick as typing from my phone. All went well had the procedure on Saturday. No pain, very straightforward. See pics for yourself & let me know wha you think x
Mr Nick Collis Nuffield Hospital Newcastle

10/10 great staff listened. Mr Collis is fantastic, very highly recommend. Charges £1300.00

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