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Dr Estimation: 9 trays/ 5 months I thought the...

Dr Estimation: 9 trays/ 5 months
I thought the price was great

I have had braces as a kid and did not wear my retainer so there was some shifting. For some reason my teeth want to be buck. I made the decision to go ahead with this, the Dr. is nice, price was lower than I heard it was. Then an additional plus is I only need to wear them for about 6 months.

Before Photos

My mouth has some crowding in the front, not severely buck but a hit of it. Also my two front teeth are large so that will be less noticeable if they are all straight. Dr also said after treatment she can file the two down a little. I am adding my before photos now.
Also my mouth is slightly crooked which bothers me.

Prep and Day One

MY appointment got pushed back, as I needed my last of 3 payments in-full. I am going to get my Insvisalign this evening. The Dr. also mentioned I will need buttons. I think she said 4, but I will find out later for sure. (Since the will be on my teeth, lol)
I prepared this weekend. I got more floss, a new spin brush, mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, denture cleaner and plenty of altoids for oral care. ( I will use my old toothbrush to brush the aligner)
For food, since I do not take mouth pressure well, I got baby food and yogurt, pudding, etc. to eat. I had braces a long time ago and I remember the mouth pain being unbearable. Those were metal braces though and my teeth were very crooked at the time.
I get my aligners at 6. I am going to make sure I have eaten dinner and my teeth are the cleanest they can be. I hear when you take out the aligner after a new tray is in that when the pain starts so I am going to keep them in all night well into the morning. Wish me luck! I will keep you posted.

My First Full Day Wearing Aligners

Well, I got my aligners yesterday evening. I had to eat dinner a few hours later and I left the orho with them on. I was a little worried because I heard horror stories about getting them to come off; things like it took 2 hours. I was lucky though, maybe mine are not as tight. I have 4 buttons on top, 3 on the bottom. It took my 5 minutes to get them out and left them to soak in denture cleaner during dinner.

I was able to get them in ok after I brushed and flossed. The time to get them in was no more than 5 minutes.

I do prefer to have the aligners on and to not be eating either because my top canine button pokes into my cheek (it is sharp) and the bottom one scrapes my bottom inner cheek when I chew. Maybe I will eat less because it is annoying. The scraping is annoying as well as the cleaning every time you take them out.

There is no pain, just pressure luckily. I was able to sleep just fine. The only thing is the bottom teeth/ back, the aligner scrapes my tongue. I am hoping this goes away. Next time I take my aligners out I will wash my mouth with Listerine. I am still getting used to having foreign objects in my mouth but it is really not that bad.

I drank my coffee this morning while I was getting ready and my aligners were soaking in denture cleaner. However I did have another cup of lukewarm coffee with milk while I was out but when I came home I soaked them and brushed my teeth again. I also had a cigarette with them in last night but I am not going to make a habit of it. My ortho says smoking in them will make them icky really fast, of course.

3rd Day

I am getting used to the discomfort. There is no pain but the best way to describe it is I feel like I have jolly ranchers on my teeth.

I talk on the phone for work so I am fighting the lisp and trying to sound normal.

I like to drink coffee all day and now I cannot do that. Yesterday I left them off for too long. I would say I wore them for 15 hours. I had them off for a few hours during morning coffees and last night when I got to restaurant while eating until after I could get home to brush my teeth and put them back on.

I am not going to let it get to me. I will just try to wear them for 23 hours for the next week or so to make up for it. One day at a time....

First 2 weeks coming to an end, Time to change to a new aligner tomorrow

Well, I felt like the aligners were uncomfortable more than anything else. My lisp is pretty much gone. I was worried about my lisp because I talk on the phone for work all day. Second, the maintenance of cleaning teeth and aligners and flossing quickly after eating and putting them back on was kind of annoying, but at least they did not hurt like when I had braces.

I found since I drink things all day, coffee, etc, I was not wearing the aligners enough. Since I cannot give up drinks all day, and I want Invisalign to work I have been drinking with them in. ( I am drinking pink lemonade right now with them in) I just wash them really well, rinse in denture cleaner and then electric toothbrush them with water everytime I take them out. They are pretty clean/clear still. Plus since I change them every two weeks they will not get too bad. I get to change to new aligners tomorrow. :)

I started making sure I was wearing them 22 hours, and decided to not take them out even though I was drinking because I really wanted them to work. 1. They cost a lot and 2. I believe in them now that I am seeing results. I see new spaces in between my bottom teeth where there is crowding. It is easier to floss and I really am liking it. I am a believer and want to have the best possible results so I will leave them in more and just clean them better. PS. I am always thirsty but do not like water :(

Great Orthodontist with Saturday hours

I am starting on tray # 4 on Monday. I only need a total of 9 trays for my Invisalign Express. So far the experience has been great! I was a little worried because I have read some horror stories about trays not fitting, extreme pain,and filing of trays due to trays causing mouth sores. I have never had any of these things happen fortunately. Maybe my orthodontist does a really great job of taking the impressions which would be important. Also, I paid a great price, Only about $3,300 because I got it on special. My Ortho runs many specials. Right now It is $500 off, low payments and a take home whitening kit Tuesday July 23rd 4-7 PM on Invisalign night.
Invisalign had been very convenient. I do a check up once a month and leave with two sets of trays. When I come in to get my next two, the ortho checks the progress to see if I am where I need to be. She answers all of my questions, has flexible hours, even Saturday hours and sometimes she even answers the phone herself. I am very fortunate I chose the correct ortho.

Modern Dental Dare, East Windsor, NJ.So far so great!

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