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I choose this clinic because I wanted this...

I choose this clinic because I wanted this particular procedure. I wanted the dermapen anyways, so I thought why not combine 2 great procedures in body also has a inappropriate response to most stress, so lasers, and hi frequency were not an option for me. I have consulted for a facelift, but decided to wait until fall, and work on improving my skin as a facelift doesn't address your skin, only laxity. There was lots of clinics offering injections of PRP, but I wanted even distribution of the serum, so I went with this clinic. What I learned is that if I was to repeat this procedure, I would advise the person doing dermapen to do my eyes, nose, and mouth first, then do the rest. My numbing cream wore off in the time, she left my eyes for last, and I couldn't handle any of it, so my eyes didn't get micro needling, which is unfortunate as this was my problem area. Sorry it seams as though all my pictures are upside down? I took pics of 2 products I used to prep my face for weeks before the procedure. The first is the fungasoap, which I LOVE! I have told all my friends about this. I use it from my face to my feet, this stuff will naturally get rid of any organisms not meant to be there. I also used Monistat cream on my face for 3 days and nights, and it made my skin bump free and totally smooth. Use the fungasoap on any breakouts or lesions and you will see them heal overnight. You can Buy these products over the counter in your pharmacy. The funga soap is in the foot section, and the Monistat is in women's care. You don't see results for weeks for this procedure so I will post updated pictures as time goes on. BTW I have been lurking here for a year, I appreciate everyone who posts their experience with pictures, I learned so much.

Next day, found out I did not get SELPHYL!!!!

I feel a bit confused and a bit angry too. There are several brands or types of PRP and the one I chose and researched was SELPHYL. The clinic has this on their website and I confirmed when I booked. However today I looked at videos and my procedure looked drastically different than SELPHYL. So I called the office and asked point blank, and the person who answered the phone said no, it was Harvest! Then the Dr. Came on and explained that Harvest was superior ....I complained that I booked for SELPHYL. i told she needs to change her website and she agreed. But then....I got a follow up email from the clinic that is automatic and not personal and they state SELPHYL twice in the email. Thanks for booking SELPHYL and when you are ready to rebook SELPHYL give us call. That made me upset. The doctor was trying to appease me and made an offer to re do in SELPHYL. I asked the real self doctors what their opinion is and then I will decide what I am going to do about this. Bummer, seems like no matter how much research and questions I always get duped!

Day 2 peeling

Here is pictures I am starting to peel quite a bit.

Day 3 more peeling

I also feel like this has plumped my face so I look like I'd did when I was 10 lbs heavier. Time will tell if this is swelling or plumper face. No way I can put on makeup and look normal yet.....I have been using la Roche thermal spring water spray which instantly hydrates my skin then I add a layer of extra virgin olive oil. I am picker so it is very hard to let my skin shed whiteout my help. My usual routine is to use a washcloth morning and night, but I tried yesterday, bad idea. It was the same as picking it off, it left some pink marks where the cloth took off skin. When my skin shed naturally it was flesh tone underneath.

Here is before picture

This is me a couple days before procedure with makeup.

Complained to manager today about several things

I got to vent today. She handled herself perfectly and I felt good at the end of conversation. Backstory.....What you guys should know is I actually made an appointment at a clinic that was run by a naturopathic doctor who focussed on estheics, that was only 10 minutes away. Until I checked his licence and found he was fined 10,000.00 ans suspended late 2015 for buying counterfeit Botox and jeuvaderm from China and injecting into patients. The next clinic I choose was another N D who claimed that they were the first clinic in Canada to offer PRP, their website was very slick and I almost booked until I checked his license ans saw he was suspended too for unethical practices. So I decided on this clinic as she is. Medical Doctor, who wins awards and does television, and had fairly good reviews and a clean license. When I found out they switched the PRP to another brand I felt angry. I also wasn't happy the girl who did my dermapen focussed on areas that were not my concern. So I called the manager and told her the backstory and why I was not satisfied. I felt that was unethical. She offered to redo the procedure in 6 weeks with SELPHYL at no charge, with another technician, and agreed to correct her website and email. The Dr. Really cares about her reputation so they want to fix their mistakes. I will post a picture tomorrow before and after makeup. What is funny though is she said more than a few times, "clients Are never this educated about their procedures" I finally told her I learned everything from Real Self (so this is no fooling me, ha! )

Clarification Harvest vs. SELPHYL

I should explain this better I think. There are to my knowledge several, maybe 10 brands of PRP out there. When I did research in Vancouver all them were advertising SELPHYL with their marketing. I didn't see other options. What clued me in was the doctor said your serum isn't yellow because there is red platelets in there. I said ok. Then when I sent home I looked up the marketing and you tube vids on SELPHYL and it is 99 percent free of white and red blood cells, and they discard the red plasma so you don't actually get the blood on face like you see in my photo. That is when I phoned asked what they used and they said Harvest. From what I can tell Harvest is good for healing after surgery and such, but SELPHYL is a totally different approach and technology. I am not saying one is better than the other for this procedure, but if you don't get the red vampire face and only the gel like yellow serum then you are getting SELPHYL. I found out today my doctor does Harvest from one location and SELPHYL from her other clinic. They draw different amounts of blood, if you see pics in my original post there is a pic of 2 syringes. One with PRP and the other my separated blood. Both made my face super tight and sting for the first minute, I had to keep re applying and alternating until I ran out, which was later that evening. Hope this info helps others considering this procedure. (Sorry for all grammar errors my autospell on my iPad is super annoying.)

Photo of forehead Sunday

Procedure was Thursday, I am mess here, I kept using olive oil to hydrate so my hair looks uber greasy here...

Day 6 update pictures

I am still flaking a bit and peeling at hairline. Just showered and exfoliated and took these pics with no makeup. My forehead is itchy so I am sure that means it is healing. My redness is very reduced now and my texture seems better. I like to wear as little makeup as possible so I just bought a tinted spf 30 from organic store to try instead of foundation. Tried taking pics in my bathroom and by window as that is the same locations I have been taking since beginning.

Definite progress

Pictures are worth a thousand words, the before pictures are from March 7 th, and I took the after pics today March 26th , my procedure was March 17th. Honestly I am shocked in how much improvement I see in just a week....they say it takes 5 to 6 weeks to see any improvement, but clearly there is improvement in wrinkles and laxity

Face on comparison 2 weeks apart

before picture is March 7, after pic is March 26 th , procedure March 17th. The only way I could mask my flaws in pictures is to do a wide smile, these are no smile to show the laxity and wrinkles in the jaw and chin, mouth, face on.

I already started a review under micro needling,...

I already started a review under micro needling, and decided to post here as well as this category is more appropriate. My before pictures that I am posting was taken on March 7th, my procedure was March 17th, and after pics are March 26th. I will post pics day of procedure below and explain Harvest vs SELPHYL PRP.

My procedure called vampire facial

moved this thread from micro needling to here, as this is correct category. As you can imagine I currently feel this is worth it,! My chin area was really bothering me and I had a hard time looking in a mirror, the sagging and deep wrinkles were so aging. I am going for round 2 in 4weeks, same place using the Harvest again, instead of the SELPHYL. I am really glad I have been taking photos, as it helps to make a genuine comparison as we all can get distorted with our faults.

2weeks post

I wear only sunscreen with tinted moisturizer now instead of foundation.

-almost 3 weeks post

would recommend this for anyone having lower jaw laxity and deep wrinkles. I feel so more confident than I did before. Not saying I am perfect, bit happy with the plumping or hydrating effect that no cream, serum, peel, would give me. Also staring bio identical hormones on the 8th as I am low in DHEA, low in Estridol, low in progesterone, and high in cortisol. Had recent saliva test. Hormones should help assist my collagen, will take pics along the way. Avoiding facelift at all costs.......

Start micro needling tonight

I am going to roll my eyes and possibly my face tonight, will start a review under micro needling. Bought .5 mm and 1.5 mm. Will use numbing cream and oil afterwards. Will use the .5mm for the eyes, and around the lips, 1.5 mm for my chin area and try my neck too!

April 6th

Pics today, used tinted spf, no foundation, but bronzer, blush. I surmise that the plumping effect I got on my laxity in lower face is not collagen, as that benefit is still to reveal itself, but has to be the immediate effect of the Havest PRP. I suggest if you get injections of SELPHYL you will not get the results I did. Only because I had holes all over my face and the PRP was applied all night by me until midnight. Also Dr withdrew 30 ml of blood, and I got the serum, and the blood, with SELPHYL they only draw less than 10 ml , centrifuge and only use the serum portion which is yellow, so you get way less product. I never mentioned this but refrigerated some of my blood and serum and put one additional coat in the morning to induce more of a healing reaction. No one, including the doctor advised this, it was just me being creative....

More before pictures taken Feb 26 th....

these are very difficult to post, but seeing is believing. I am glad I started taking pictures, so I could compare. This is a particular bad day....I look so dehydrated and wrinkled and saggy....arghhhh.

Did .5 mm on lower and upper lids

As you can see in my pics my eyes never got treated, so I am trying to play catch up as my second PRP is at the end of this month. I took pics of my needle, the dental tablets for cleaning and my after oil. The oil is anti microbial which is why I choose it over rose hip oil. It has vitamin a e f , and omega 3 6 9, it comes from Africa. I got it at the organic store for 15 dollars Canadian.

Someone asked to see me without makeup

any pics you have post is me using tinted moisturizer with blush, and sometimes highlighter on my face. Before procedure I would use full foundation, and primers. My skin looked very dull before, I don't have deep acne scars but a LoT of surface scars. I got a bit of filler in my upper lip yesterday, I took a pic with no make up with numbing cream on. The other pics are from a week post, wiith no make up only moisturizer.

Side by side

might be easier to see before and after side by side, both no make up and moisturizer. My before pic would have also had vit c, serums, etc.

Botox for eyes, and small amount filler in upper lip yesterday

i brought my iPad and showed the doctor my before and after. He was super surprised. Said he had harvest PRP, and dermapen, but he likes to inject harvest and combine hi frequency with micro needling. I told him I didn't want the injections that why I drove so far to get procedure done. He went into his sales pitch of his procedure, but then admitted he has no patients that have dramatic improvement. I saw this doctor a year ago and he offered me his procedure, but then said I would be better off with facelift. Yesterday he said that he didn't think I could get those results....I tried to gently tell him that was the whole reason I wanted the combo of dermapen and PRP. So they offered to do my second treatment, same way my first treatment, but I think I will drive the extra distance and go to original doctor. They asked how long my dermapen took, I said 1.25 hours, but my eyes or neck didn't get done. Technician said " wow, they were generous with time". So take no chances. I mention this because this Dr. Doesn't advertise Harvest either, so if you are seeking you may have to phone around and not rely on their website.

Picture Taken April 12, 9 am

i just woke up, had a rough few days starting hormones, was so bloated, and foot swelled up last night. Having intense food craving too, used all my will power yesterday to make it through the day. Here is what I have done about appointment number 2. I booked with my original doctor, and asked them to treat my neck, under my chin as well, as I have loose skin there. I also booked with the skin clinic I told you about named Avora that is close to me. They do 1.5 hours dermapen, including my neck, with growth serums before and after, and a follow up next day with led light, for 250.00.
Now I have to decide if I should space out my vampire facials and do this clinic in between? Or do I do the recommended 3 treatments 6 weeks apart? And use this clinic to maintain and build. With no PRP I probably won't heal as fast, and I will only get collagen benefits that show up later. I posed this question to RS doctors but no one has answered. I don't think there is enough shared knowledge on this so everyone will have their own opinion, or go with default setting. I will let you guys what I decide and why.

I look rough in picture, no moisturizer, blah blah,

Pictures of products used to clean my face before and after

I realized just now that pictures are not in my original post. The funga soap, is awesome for all bacteria, fungus, bumps, candida or other types of yeast or any organisms living on or unde your skin. I bought this is in the foot section of the pharmacy, and when I got a lesion a few months ago on my chin after I got a BBL treatment on my back, I used this and could actually see this sore healing in days rather than weeks, and prevented other outbreaks. The monistat cream is from the yeast cream used for yeast infections. I prepped my skin for 3 days using this cream so I wouldn't get any white bumps from the micro needling. I've atta he'd pictures of both. Look at ingredients of fungasoap, all essential oils,

Pictures taken today April 15th

took these this morning, I was at gym parking lot, wearing no makeup as you can tell. I also took a picture of my neck area under my chin where I have loose skin, and those dreaded bands. They were not treated yet, but I am going to include that area in my next treatment. My neck is great other than that area. I have decided on a plan. My second vampire facial isThursday April 21st at my original place I went to. 6 weeks later I will do my 3rd treatment. After that I will follow up with dermapen only at 6 week intervals, to a different clinic that follows up with led light next day for 250.00 per treatment. If I do 3 facials @975.00 and 4 treatments of dermapen @ 250.00 that would be a total of 3925.00 Canadian, which would be comparible to thermage or Ultherapy. This experience will be a total of 10 months from start to finish. I will not attempt any other treatments including laser, high frequency, radio waves, or anything of that nature. I may or may not get Botox around my forehead again?, but will let you know if I do. I will post pics along the way, weekly so you see my results.

More pics taken day of procedure and next morning

was looking at my pictures, thought I would post picture of 1 hour after procedure with only one coat of PRP, I probably did another 10 coats alternating between serum, and red blood cells. Pictures next morning of how swollen I was.....

One more photo day of procedure

taken one hour after, that is how long it took to drive home, this is one coat of PRP serum Dr put on me.

Round 2 coming up in 4 days.

i decided today since I am treating this somewhat like an experiment that I would visit my local shoppers drug mart every Wednesday to see what hydration I have measured in my skin. Last I checked it was a dreaded 23 percent. They have a machine that measures your moisture or hydration level. I will measure in the same spot every time starting this Wednesday the day before round 2. I think you are supposed to ideally be 40 percent but I will check that number. I haven't checked since my first procedure but it dawned on me today that would be a good idea. Also I am going to investigate if I can reserve some PRP . Last time I refrigeratorated some so I could use the next morning. I get quite a bit as she drew 30 ml of blood, with selphyl you only draw about 10 ml.

make your own face lifting creams

Demetria here is photos of DMAE and MSM powders, explanation is in my reply to your question

Before and after picture me bent over 90 degrees

my before picture is so hideous I debated to post this. I have noticed, especially since yesterday that when I bend over my face doesn't feel like it falling. I notice this in my cheek area the most. It was so annoying showering as I would bend over to shave my legs and I could feel my cheeks lift off my face and hang. Yesterday I was thinking it seemed different so I started to check, and my checks stay put Shen I bend over. You can see in after picture from this morning, my ceiling light in background. This may be getting a bit personal but I would never have sex on top as I knew my face would look horrid , so I made excuses about my cervix being tilted so I couldn't do that position. I think I wouldn't be self conscious now of leaning someone which is nice....

More before pictures leaning over

as you can tell by the background my iPad is on coffee table and I am leaning over but not quite 90 degrees just enough to show laxity when not upright and tall. These pictures are very embarrassing but I hope if someone sees themselves in me, and feels hopeless, this may cheer you up...

5 weeks post update pictures

here is pics from this morning. I tried to smile partially and fully so you can see the fullness in my cheeks, I may be seeing things, but my apple of my cheeks seem way more full when I do a wide smile. I don't have any wide smile before shots to compare as all my before pictures were of me not smiling to show my features in a relaxed state. I think the PRP is wearing offa bit, I can see a dimple in my chin, and my upper lip wrinkles. I think with round 2 next week the Dermapen focussed on my lines and bad spots will make a difference, only time and pictures will tell....

Plastic surgeon quote for work needed

this is from November 2015 consultation. This is all the work he suggested I needed. As you can see he added a cheek lift as he said my pads had fallen below my apples. It feels very lifted now, and much tighter, just been noticing over the past few days. If I had surgery in January like I was supposed to I would have done this, but is very risky as they go in through your bottom lid, and you can get complications of your eyelid separating from your eyeball. He convinced me that I should do this if I were to get a facelift or my results wouldn't be satisfactory. Right now I feel very fortunate that I listened to my gut and went in a different direction. Also very grateful to Real Self, no doubt I would have had surgery without finding an alternative.

My skin care since procedure

another user commented that she was confused to what I have been doing since procedure so I thought I would post pictures. I am so over expensive creams, so I watched you tube videos on how to make your own powerful creams. In the morning I wash my face and soak it with a hot washcloth. Then I use about 1/4 vit c capsule dissolved in vit c serum add a few drops of vit e and baobab oil . That penetrates really quickly with no greasy feeling. After about 5 minutes I added a homemade cream using a full capsule of DMAE dissolved in 3/4 teaspoon water. Then I add it to a mixture of the creams I show in the picture all from the pharmacy section of drugstore. Until I get a nice light consistently then I add it to my face and my whole body focussing on areas that could use tightening. Then I use tinted moisturizer with spy 30 and conceal my under eye circles with eye brightened, blush, bronzer. At night I wash my face, soak it again in hot cloth, then do the MSM powder added to water, then add to creams together a thicker consistently. The picture with the hydraplenish is the only supplement I added about a week ago, look at ingredients, I liked this so much I just bought more. I take 3 a day spaced out. I also bought a warm mist humidifier and that has brought up moisture in the air. I will have to buy a cool mist one soon for hotter weather. I am not saying you have to do or try anything, I just want to post anything that may affect my long term results along the way. My skin is looking better than it has in I would say at least 15 years. I also started bio identical hormones and added DHEA since April 8th, so I am sleeping a full night sleep for the first time in years. The water spray has minerals in it I like the way this feels on my skin. With my humidifier I haven't used it much lately.

Round 2 same doctor, same technician, some differences

Decided to go back to same clinic, as round one was successful. Today I noticed a few differences. The technician did exactly as I asked and worked on my trouble spots, and went aggressive again. The pictures showing the serum is a bit different this time. Here is how it came out of the centrifuge. One compartment that looked like red water was discarded and the other chamber had yellow serum with some plasma settled on the bottom. She took the yellow syringe and drew the serum. Then she took the red syringe and shook the remaking yellow serum with the actual PRP and drew that for the second syringe, which is called the Buffy layer. This time my yellow serum was not contaminated with the plasma and when I put it on it didn't sting. But after about 5 seconds my face tightened and my face pulsed with the rhythm of my heart beat. When I applied the PRP that one stings for about 15 seconds and then tightens. When I got home I rolled a portion of my neck with 1.5 roller and added serum. I am hoping the PRP will tighten some of the laxity under my chin. Right now I wished she had Dermapen my neck, but she already spent 1.5 hours on my face.. I think that is way more time than typical clinic, but I. May be wrong? I already booked my 3rd session for 6 weeks from now.

Feels tight

i notice that my face looks different this time if you compare to last photos from 7 weeks ago....I don't have the heavy creasing in my skin and no folds, just tightness everywhere.

Day 2

as you can see I could not injure my neck with my roller. I tried but adding any pain just wasn't feasible. I also took no pain killers or Advil, last time or this time. I didn't want to interfere with the inflammation process. You really do t need it, but in bed last night the itchy or minor stabbing feeling doesn't get a restful nights sleep. My forehead barely worked, my eyes were barely done, I think she was scared to do my eyes. My mouth went as deep as 2.5 mm the deepest Dermapen goes, my upper lip was only 1 or 1.5 I couldn't take more than that.

Day 2 ........24 hours post

I went out today, as I will peel day 2 and 3 fairly badly so won't be going out much, if at all. No pain or discomfort today. Did I mention that I slept in my PRP both times.? Didn't stain my sheets as the blood is dry and flakes off face.

Day 3

just like first time, I woke up to my face starting to peel, I put some vit e first aid cream on, as I need to go out today for my dogs sake, otherwise I wouldn't do it. I have to be careful not to get sun on my face, and it is clear sunny I am going to be more emberassed than yesterday. Today I look like I may have contagious condition, and not a cosmetic one. Oh well, what we do for beauty. Oh and just like last time the clinician called to check up on me. I appreciate that. Unfortunately I cannot change my ratings or worth it in this review, which I would do if I could. The after care is 5 stars based on last time, how many times I called the clinic to complain, the doctor called me back several times, and tried to offer free services to make me happy. I would recommend this clinic for anyone living here. If you were working I would do the procedure 2 days before you get 2 days off in a row. So you get 4 days to heal before returning to work.

Wow major peeling

my mouth started to peel first this time. My cheeks , temples, forehead, and my 11's have not yet. This time was more aggressive than the first I am sure of that. I know she did 2.5 mm depth around most of chin, except near my lips which was only 1mm I believe. Thinking today I may go to skin clinic in 4 weeks to do mild Dermapen with red light therapy and do next vampire facial 4 weeks later. The skin clinic will do my neck and eyes which will need to catch up to the rest of face....that cost is 250.00 including red light next day.

Extra virgin olive oil

not sure if I mentioned this in my first round, but it seems important to mention now. Last time and this time, on the second day after procedure and after I started to peel, I slathered on extra virgin olive oil mask, and leave that on all day until bedtime. Today I am still a mess and not leaving my house so will slather on oil mask after I excercise. What this does is super hydrate my skin and makes the old dead skin slough off easier. It has the omega 6 fats which are good for hydrate and healing. I thought of this because of watching some videos of a guy that is esnitician to the stars, who said the best thing you can do find r your skin is put on olive oil nightly for 10 minutes, it will transform your skin. After what I witnessed yesterday I will do this as much as possible and not just when my skin is peeling. It was quite magical to see my skin go from dry and parched to baby smooth. My forehead and temples started to peel today.

My elevens are gone

woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and my elevens are gone! They were static wrinkles so Botox didn't work on them. It is fairly red still but I can tell they are dramatically reduced.

Yeast infection

not sure how to start this update. If you notice in my first review I had fungasoap and monistat cream profiled in my review. I believe, and doctors do not, regular or naturopathic, that I have yeast on my face since 2003. Back then I was put on accutane for " breakouts". Ididmt question it, it dried up my sebum, but didn't solve my problem either. I know what acne looks like and feels like, I've had maybe 5 breakouts since teenager, what I experience is NOT bacterial. But no one believes me. For many years now I can have " clear " skin, but under certain light, especially sunlight you can see small bumps under skin. I've tried every acne solution, and they only make the problem worse. Only in the past year did I think this yeast related. So I experimented with the funga soap and monistat, and to my surprise I healed so quickly if I started to show bumps, or lesions. I was very concerned that Dermapen would transplant the yeast all over my face, but in reality it was all over my face except my forehead. I was a terrible skin picker, and used tweezers, and such and feel I planted yeast where it wasn't in the first place. When I tell this to any doctor they automatically assume I am crazy, or peruse the Internet. This is a gut feeling from within. No one told me this, this is what I feel is going on with my skin. As you can see in photos I am having a FLARE up, and this is yeast related. It was on the most aggressive part of the Dermapen. I am using the funga soap, and the bargain or no name version of the yeast cream, and it is improving. The yeast cream is very soothing to my face and seems to be winning.....will post pictures tomorrow of progress. Yesterday I found a blog of a German girl who figured her " acne" was yeast related and must have been for 15 years which only got worse after birth of her child. She used grapefruit seed extract on her face and then an anti fungal, like monistat, everyday morning and night. Her skin transformed. She was young and talked about yeast destroy collagen, and how she was grotesque because she looked young and old at the same time. Her skin deflated. Anyways, I connected with what she said, so I bought grapefruit seed extract and used one drop per area of my face, so 4 drops total, and followed with anti yeast cream. Please note I did not say grape seed extract, totally different remedy.....interesting enough my ND gave me the pill form, so it makes sense to add the liquid topically. It has 540 mg of vit c per mg topically, has the consistency of thick oil. I hope than someone can benefit from me disclosing my personal struggles with my skin. I can us sure you that what I have is NOT bacterial infection.

blog on yeast related skin disorder

This is the blog that shows her struggle, story, and simple protocol to fix. With pictures which helps.

Much healed overnight

The topical grapefruit seed extract and monistat cream worked. Healing nicely.

1 week post 2nd round vampir facial

these pictures are taken this morning, in my car, in different lighting. You can see I healed nicely from that flare up a couple days ago. I really like in between my eyebrows, feels like I can grow out my bangs now. I think I look more friendly.....I am still a little red in some areas, and I peeled in a few more spots this morning. Considering how much skin came off, I am going to have to be more vigilant in exfoliating. I have a mini trampoline at home, and when I jumped up and down today noticed a huge improvement in my skin laxity all over my face. It pretty much stayed put. Now if I could just get my body to the same now.....

2 weeks post round 2

My real self app isn't working, it is stuck so I can't navigate, trying to do this logging in thru the internet but is a pain this way. My face has healed nicely. I still have a bit of redness on my cheek that was inflamed and between my brows. I took this. Pics in my car today with no foundation so you could see the redness left to heal. My skin feels very smooth right now and soft. I am going to get a prescription for retain a and use once a week based on how much skin peeled off this round. I need to turn over my skin cells better than exfoliating alone. Skin is very hydrated and holding creams and potions very well.

My morning skin routine now

Wash my face with either gentle cleanser. Min the palm of my hand I squeeze about half teaspoon of vit c serum, add 4 drops of vit e oil, add 4 drops of bob ab oil, add 4 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Mix with other finger and dab on my face and neck. The GSE has consistently of castor oil, so thick, and loaded with vit c, and this addition seems to keep my face plump and hydrated and stop any flakes of skin from forming during the day. It also looks a bit dewy, instead of dry and parched. After this had 15 minutes to soak in I add a very little of homemade face cream with the DMAE added. Then my tinted sunscreen and that is it. I go very minimal on make up, sometimes wearing none. Cheers guys.

2 weeks post treatment

Pictures from this morning. I am smiling in one picture to show the fullness in my cheek pad. The swelling is all gone. Slight redness remains in 2 spots.

3 weeks post round 2

I really notice this time how improved the lines in between my eyebrows. Now I just have to work on my neck and eyes, think in will go for micro needling next week cause the clinic will do my neck and chest too, and my eyes. They follow up next day with led red light therapy, as I won't be getting PRP. If I go this route will do round 3 four weeks later......

Photos from today

6 weeks post round 2, and 3.5 months from first vampire facial. Please ignore the bad cut and hair colour. Yesterday my hair was ash green, so I marinated it in lemon juice and hair conditioner this morning. I hate hair stylists. I always get bad or mediocre results. I do better when I do myself....I noticed that my forehead is improving now. When I got the first bad haircut a week ago I actually wear my bangs and hair off my face and I got away with it....I haven't worn bangs off my head for years now. The harsh lines between my brows are much improved as well. I look way less scouly, softer I'd say. My skin texture seems normal to me, not dry or dehydrated anymore. But I am taking care of my skin now. I had given up before, wasn't even bothering with creams or serums as they seemed to do nothing but sit on top of my skin. I have decided to just do a mild dermapen from a skin clinic near my house next week. She follows up with red light therapy next day. She goes very conservative though only .3 mm in some spots. At least she won't damage my skin. I feel aggressive dermapen was ok in my case because of the PRP added to induce swift healing. Based on my experience I would never do aggrresive micro needling with PRP. Some surgeons use PRP with a facelift to accelerate healing which I think is brilliant. I put a very small amount of retin a on my skin around my eyes and upper lips 2 days ago, but I have no peeling, or redness so I think I didn't use enough or I don't react badly to retin a . I am going to do that once a week for a month, then keep increasing if tolerated. Realized from my dermapen experiences that my cells don't turn over like they should because I peeled tons of skin, even on round 2 which was 8 weeks after round 1. I peeled like someone who had chemical or laser peel I am sure.....doing the dermapen next week as I want my eyes and neck to catch up a bit now, as both did not get treated with my vampire facial.

Compare before and after

before picture was March 14th , 3 days before first VC. After pic is from today June 28th

6 months update

I have only had 2 vampire facials, no other dermapen like I was planning. Decided to take summer off so I could enjoy the sun and beach. My before picture is from March 7 2016. My first session was March 17th and my 2nd one was in May. Once you feel you look " normal". You stop obsessing with what is wrong,,,,that has been my biggest blessing is I don't even think about my face. I feel like a normal 49 year old. My skin never looks dehydrated anymore, and I am happy to see my reflection when I get up in the morning. I am still considering a neck and facelift as I have lost 100lbs so I will never be able to reverse that laxity without surgery....but if and when I choose to surgery I have a much improved canvas to start from. This has really improved all aspects of my skin. I will still go for round 3 in the next few weeks, and then consider surgery around Christmas. I know I was doing everything to avoid, but I think I would get better results while my skin and health are in excellent condition. I had my breasts reduced and lifted in 2009 and have zero regrets. So if you can get PRP done with needling using technology that is used in tissue regeneration for example, sports medicine clinics, like "harvest smart prep 2" I would highly recommend as a entire facial improvement, rather than a selective area. Since my procedure I have noticed that all of the places that offer injections to heal tissues and joints, and hair restorations, all use "Harvest smart prep 2".

Before and after morning picture

This is what I looked like when I got up in the morning before washing my face, and this is what I look like today when I get up in the morning, before washing my face. You can see how dehydrated my skin was before, and now I don't even look twice in the mirror when I get up.

Picture today in car

I have choices of where and who is going to do round 3. I want to try a new place for my 3 Rd round. Both places have the harvest centrifuge. One choice can do injections and dermapen so I get the best of both worlds, except I believe they will not perform aggressive dermapen, they do 6 passes all over face. The other place I am considering is a sports medicine clinic. He is injection specialist and does them all day. Both are around the same price of 1000.00

Pictures 7 month post

Took pictures today, my skin continues to look better to me, very hydrated, and moist. I get compliments on my skin, and sometimes I tell them what I looked like before and I don't think they believe me, or think I am exaggerating. Thank goodness I have been taking photos, before, during and after. Doing a workout this morning, I was leaning over 90 degrees for some time, and I noticed my face doesn't fall like it did before. It was scary how distorted my face would get leaning but now I feel quite normal for 49.

7 months today from treatment 1

Have decided on my third treatment. I am going to new Dr. That has Harvest, will do injections plus dermapen for just over 1000.00. Canadian. This Dr is also great at filler so I MAY decide to fill that dimple in my chin and fill in that dip where my jewels meet my chin. I saw another Dr do that to blur the line. If I do go that route I will just get some kind of temporary, so I can dissolve if I hate it. Everyday I change my mind on facelift. Even though I don't have issues like before, I have the time to do this now.

8 month pictures update

I haven't had anything done since my 2 vampire facials in March and May. I could not do hand needling on my own, I just bought a machine which I will use going forward. I have decided for my third treatment to go with another doctor and clinic. He does Harvest smart prep 2, but also I can get injections and dermapen, and take my leftovers home to apply all night. I want injections in my chine area. This will cost just over a thousand dollars, so almost same as other clinic. He wants to combine with Arafat but I said no way to that.

Round 3 this Saturday

So I decided on a hybrid treatment with Prp using harvest technology, but I am going to a new doctor and trying something new. I am getting the pixel laser erbium from Alma, not the Co 2 , done first on the mildest setting, to replace the needling. Then I will get Prp injected in my bad areas around my chin, and take the rest of the PrP home to apply all night just like I did before. This will cost 780.00 Canadian. I realize I said I would never get laser, but I am not getting anything heavy duty. I will get on
Y mild sunburn, but will make micro holes all over my face to accept the PrP.

PRP cancelled by doctor

So I went to my appointment with new doctor Saturday. I had just my cut and coloured Friday night which turned out to be disaster, the hair shop was only blocks from Dr so I went in early sat am to get my hair " fixed". They made it worse. I now have hair that reads old grandma Gary hair. I asked and showed pictures of me golden.blonde. Anyways I ended up crying and felt actually depressed first time in years. Left with wet hair in freezing rain and went to PRP appointment feeling down .

Miracle cream

This review at times has been much more than a review PRP, so I'm that note I will share a discovery I made this summer after I was bitten several times on my upper back from a spider this summer. I am sharing this info because of the nature of this site. Many people have skin issues from procedures and I think this cream will help many people heal. I had 10 bites on my upper back and shoulder area. I used hydrocortisone, polysporin triple anti biotic, and a cream prescribed by my doctor. M

Update photos

Just wanted to update photos, still only had the 2 vampire facials in March and May, nothing since then. My skin is still looking nice and hydrated. Seeing my jowls again, but not as bad as before procedure. Still think it was worth the money to get what I got out of it.

Need another vampire lift

I took a picture this morning to show that although my skin is still good, my chin needs some restoration again. On a whim I bought a groupon for clinic for 2 vampire facials with microneedling, I paid only 200 each, so I won't care if it's selphyl. I pay almost 1000.0. For one treatment, which I think is way overpriced. The place caters to the Asian community here in Vancouver, and their doctors have great credentials, and use the latest techniques available. I am taking a chance but feel the affordable cost is worth trying a new place. I will post a detailed review once I get my treatment which should be soon, I have no upcoming plans.

Wow did I score bigtime

I just booked my vampire facial at Everyoung in Port Coquitlam which is very close to where I live. It was a groupon special, so I bought 2 for 409.00 with my discount. Just talked to Yvonne at the place and I am super impressed already. The doctors that purchased this business is only 2 months old, and they are getting a new client base through groupon among other means. They do the microneedling, with harvest and add peptides, vitamins, and some other ingredients to the plasma. They have the numbing cream made at the pharmacy so she said I won't feel anything. They have great reviews on Demand Force so I am super excited to try this new place. I am just wondering if I should start a new review or continue on this thread? My appointment is beginning of next week. Any ideas on that?

One month post round 3

Another clinic this time. I already wrote about it, just updating photos. I never did write a separate review, sorry, been busy.

I month post round 3

So it has been a year since my first vampire facial. I feel happy again to look in mirror when I get up in morning. I am very happy with results from Ever young, very affordable, and I seem to look better daily. I have another one with same clinic. I am going to book for in a couple of weeks which is a few days after my period starts. My body is best equipped to deal with trauma during this time of cycle.

Monistat cream

I have a feeling this cream did/does more than prevention. I have told members who have private messages me, but after this round I do feel like this cream used only one box post procedure really did change my skin texture. I have a 15 magnification mirror and I see white matter in my pores in my nose, around my nose, and on my chin, and a bit around mouth. I bought the Walmart brand equate as it is identical to Monistat, purchased in pharmacy over the counter. It says anti fungal. You get 3 cream filled sacks that are the size of a really big fish oil. You are meant to plunge these deep inside your vag. I puncture the vial and use the cream as a face cream post procedure, along with olive oil masks. It has zero smell, it feels extremely nourishing, it hydrates the skin, and the white matter disappears from its use. Plus if I had any bumps on skin they vanish. You get a small tube of cream as well meant to put on the outer part of vag. I use a small amount every few days now on my trouble spots to keep my pores clean before I put on any moisturizers once a day. This small tube should last months. We all have different issues, but as I've stated true acne was never an issue for me, so I don't have bacterial or sebum issues. I have had my fare share of skin troubles that looks like acne at points in my life. Just wanted to point out that some things that may seem insignificant, may actually make a difference in outcome. It may seem weird to use these products on face, but to me the vials of cream feel like a several hundred dollar face cream as far as hydrating and healing the skin with zero irritation. Think about where that cream is meant for... They can't use perfumes, dyes, or harsh irritants, it is meant to smooth and calm, and it does just that. Cheers people...

Model for clinic 2 procedures

Ever young aesthetics asked me to model for a live demonstration of vampire facial and dermashine . My friend took pictures of both so I will post here . The dermatologist shine is a automatic 9 head needling device they set to 2 mm deep and injected a combination of haulauronic acid amino acids, copper peptides, vitamins and whatever cocktail the Dr makes. Unfortunately yesterday was day one of my period so I was sensitive even though they numbed me with 23 percent numbing cream for 40 minutes. I could feel every time the needles went in. So instead of doing entire face I only got my lower face done as seen in photos attached. Right after I got a vampire facial where they impregnated the yellow serum using a 9 needle needling device which felt like a cake walk in comparison to the first one. She concentrated on my wrinkles in between my brows, lower face and crows feet. I took the leftover yellow and red serum home and applied this last night. In the past I went to bed with dried blood, but I had to wash off as I had a dramatic headache but didn't want to take Advil, as I don't want to interrupt the inflammatory response to heal my face. So I used some ice packs and eventually went to sleep. I had leftover red serum, I put in fridge and started using again this morning. My blood is comically red and concentrated so I look like a horror film victim. These procedures were free, but would have cost 650.00 for vampire and around 600.00 for dermashine. My birthday is next week so this came just perfect timing.

Pictures of dermashine

Day 2

I healed well overnight. My headache went away. But doing this on day one of period is difficult. I layered the last of the red serum, will keep on for a couple hours then wash off and will start to use olive oil masks to hydrate.

Blood washed off pictures 20 hours post procedure

I couldn't stand the blood mask anymore. I had to wash off. I am irritated and constipated from taking a Tylenol pre procedure yesterday. Tylenol does not have anti inflammatory properties but does combat pain. I haven't taken anything today except some arnica for bruising and swelling. Here is pics showing I look a bit like a pin cushion and sunburnt looking. My face feels hot.

Day 3 just woke up

All the redness is gone, swelling has gone down. You can see the pin prick marks from needles, uneven skin tone, can't wait for shedding phase now.

Day 4

I used regular table sugar added to olive oil and put on my face this morning and gently rubbed. It was great at dissolving peeling skin, it worked so good I am able to wear makeup right now.

Day 6

Still peeling a bit, used the table sugar and olive again to dissolve the flaking skin.

1week post

I am happy with results. I didn't peel a lot, just shed like if I was sunburned. Just in time for my birthday.

1 Month post

Pics from today. So I had 2 last year this time, and this is my second one this year.
Vancouver Physician

Dr. Was nice, she had lots of patients waiting for her. This area of Vancouver is one of the wealthiest in Vancouver, and so there is no shortage of clients. I think one of the housewives of Vancouver have got the same procedure as I did, it is on Ambelside Dermedics website.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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