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Finally the time is here for me to introduce my...

Finally the time is here for me to introduce my story to everyone here on Real Self! I'm a mother of 2 BOYS ages 12 & 4. Big gap I know. I am 32 years old and am absolutely finished having kids. I like many of you have been silently watching and following everyone else's journey and now feel like the time is right to start my own. I have been saving up my own nickels and dimes for almost 2 years to have this done. I've decided to go with Dr. L.A Vinas in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had my pre op today and made my payments and will be having my surgery on March 25, 2015. My nerves are starting to kick in a little bit but the show must go on. I'm having a tummy tuck, lipo to the flanks, breast lift and augmentation with 350cc silicone implants. Currently I weigh 156 lbs and am 5'7" tall. I work out 4 times a week doing boot camp. I am in pretty good shape and just want to be able to wear a bikini and look good and feel great naked. I am going to try and post some before pictures so stay tuned!

11 Days to go!!

So I went online last night so that I can find the things I will need for post op. I went to Wal-Mart.com for bras and cheap maxi dresses. I was told to wear clothes that I didn't mind getting stained and soiled because for the first few days that is what will happen. I also started taking a One a Day woman multi vitamin and 1000 mg Vitamin C once a day. I am getting excited and nervous at the same time which from what I see on here seems to be a normal thing. Is there anyone else getting their Mommy Makeover around the same time as me? I will be off work for 2 weeks and hope that is enough time to recover. I have Netflix, Show Box and some other entertainment on deck. I think what I will miss most during my recovery time is BOOT CAMP. How long after this procedure do you have to wait before being able to work out? Well I'm going to go right now, my sleep aid is starting to kick in. Good Night! Please be patient with me, as this review is being done on my cell phone.

A few pictures of the truth!

My stats are as follows:

5'7" tall;

156 lbs;

32 years old; and

Still sexy as hell!!

Looking at the pictures and it's not that bad but trust me, I have a vision of what I want to look like. I want my stomach to look like I work out, since I do.

The waiting GAME!

Just hoping that everything goes according to plan. I will have to travel next month for my job and will probably be exactly 1 month post op. Has anyone traveled for work that soon after having a mommy makeover? I just want to get this over with already and be healed and able to enjoy my beautiful body. Well I'm going to bed, getting tired. GOOD NIGHT!

3 Days, and it's SHOW TIME!

Time is creeping up on me slowly. I filled all my prescriptions and bought a few maxi dresses. I'm trying to find someone to do my hair because I don't think that I'll be up for the challenge for post op. My hair is long and very thick so I'm thinking that braids for the next week or two will probably be best. I haven't had my hair braided in years.

On another note, my sister and mom said they are waiting on me and my outcome. They are excited for me. I'm kinda excited too!

I called my doctor's office the other day asking about bras and they told me not to buy anything yet because they are sending me somewhere when I'm post op to be measured and can buy the right type of bra.

I hope that the pain is tolerable, thinking about it scares the crap out of me. It's like being a first time mom going in to have your baby not knowing what to expect, but knowing it's going to hurt like hell because everyone has already warned you about kind of pain. That's what I'm thinking it's going to be.

I just want to be healed and happy already.

Nerves kicking in!

Ok it's getting real right now. This is really emotionally starting to drain me. I'm scared but at the same time kind of excited. I feel like I'm bipolar right now, and like I have multiple personalities because one minute I'm all for it and the next minute I'm like should I be doing this. I love my kids more than anything in this world and am scared. Please everyone PRAY THAT GOD COVERS ME AND EVERYONE ELSE INVOLVED WITH ANY SURGERY HAPPENING ON REALSELF. I just need some reassurance that feeling like this is normal and that I'm not going crazy.


Support System

I have to give it yo the hubster he has been supporting me no matter what. I know he is probably like "just shut up and do it already". My mom, sister in law and husband are going to be at the hospital. I'm getting the house cleaned and ready today. Just wanted to share a little bit with you all.

I made it!

Hi everyone I made it. I'm just sore and uncomfortable. I was freaking out yesterday all the way up until they put me out. I am so happy to be alive. At this point I am not hungry but have forced myself to eat graham crackers and regular crackers. I had about 5 spoon fulls of red pea soup.

About yesterday! My 12 year old woke up crying and begging me not to do it which made me feel horrible and made me cry . I comforted him by letting him know that my doctor is the best and has does these on thousands of women already. I told him that I was coming home to him and not to worry. So we dropped the boys off to their schools and headed to the hospital. I got the hospital and registered and was sent upstairs to my nurse who started watching me and gave me an IV. Iwas in there for about 2.5 hours until my Dr. came in go mark me up. Keep in mind up until that point I kept second guessing having the surgery. Once I was marked up, I knew that it would be show time. Next thing I remember is waking up a little delirious and saying some crazy stuff when my other nurse was asking me questions. I remember telling them that I wanted to get them lunch and that I was so happy to have them for my nurses.

Ok so, I live on the third floor of my building and was worried about getting ALL THE WAY UP. Well I made it up with the hubby's help of course. I didn't get a recliner, instead I turned the corner of my sectional and ottoman into a makeshift one and that where I slept and is my current position right now. My husband just took my son to school so I'm here waiting on him to return. Before he left, I had him to open up a fresh coconut for me to drink and a piece of bread because of my lack of appetite. I have a hivatat (not sure of the word) massage at 11 this morning and a post op appointment. I am all bandaged up so I can't see anything. I do however feel a few aches and pains but it's not unbearable and it may be because of my pain pump that he put in my boobs and tummy. Oh and the pain meds, I'm staying on top of them so that I don't get too uncomfortable. I'm walking like a grandma and probably really annoying right now. I woke up once to go to the bathroom room around 4 in the morning and again when I woke up. This maybe TMI but that time of the month came on yesterday at the hospital.

Well ladies, I will update you later on and hopefully with some pictures. Good LUCK to any and everyone healing and having surgery. Talk to you guys later


I have gas bubbles in my stomach. I don't think that I've seen that on anyone else's page. Currently the pain is tolerable, just don't let those happy pills wear off because then it will be a different story. I'm walking hunched over and still need help getting up. I am using the bathroom alone and still haven't gone number 2. I'm not emptying my drains, the husband is only because it looks too scary. Today I ate fruit salad, piece of chicken and some saltine crackers and have drank fresh coconut water and regular water. I attached a picture from yesterday at the doctor office.

Bye for now ladies!

Leaps and Bounds

This morning was the first time I was able to get up from my makeshift recliner. The main thing that I'm excited about is "PASSING GAS". I have not pooped yet and have hardly been hungry.

My big boy has been amazing. He's been helping me out tremendously. He has really stepped up to the plate. My 4 year old on the other hand is with his dad for the next week and a half. I can't chance him jumping on me, but I miss him.

Hopefully I can get one of my nurse friends to come over and help me shower.

One day at a time.

it's true what they say about it getting better!

Well I had a friend who is a nurse come over to help me out with 2 things.

1st was to pull out my pain pump; and

2nd was to help me shower.

I am walking a little bit more upright and not shuffling my feet as much and am taking real steps.

We have a family get together tomorrow and hopefully I will be up for it because my in laws are Jamaican and cook like no others.

I'm sleepy but wanted everyone to know that the gas I had earlier is no longer kicking my a$$.

Good Night Beautiful people!

Finally did # 2!!!!

I guess my body is right on schedule with this process. I finally went # 2! I was just sitting on the phone with my friend and the urge came and I told her I had to call her back. I screamed out the husband "babe I got to go do# 2" his response was "oh good congratulations". I'm just happy it's out of me.

Anyhow, what's going on with your Sunday?

just a little update!

I've been feeling very regretful the last few days thinking to myself that I really was not prepared mentally and emotionally for this experience. But you truly can't be prepared for something like this if you have never been through it. I'm feeling a lot better about everything but just can't wait for this healing process to be over with. After having the mommy makeover done and having all the time in the world to myself I started thinking that I could have lived with my old body if I knew then what I know now. I don't have a doubt that my results are going to end up being amazing but this has just been a emotionally draining roller coaster ride. I'm sad because I won't be able to hold or pick up my boys because I can't physically right now, my 4 year old has been gone for a week and a half and comes back today and probably won't understand why I can't hold or cuddle with him like we used. I just hope by the time I am able to do all those things he won't have out grown it. I have a doctor's appointment today at 1pm to take out these balls from hell (drains). I am so over them. What I am looking forward to now is standing up completely straight. I am at about 90% now. I hope that my butt doesn't start to cave in from slouching. I can't wait for my thighs to stop aching and my groan too. I know in the next few weeks I'll go back and read all this stuff and think how happy I am to have done the procedure, but for now it is what it is. Hopefully I can get some pictures today to update you on what I look like at this point.

Happy Healing out there to all of you!

Life After The Drains

So as mentioned earlier, I had a doctor's appointment today. Everything went well. He looked me over and said I look good. Of course to me it still looks scary but he's the doctor and if he says I look good then I guess I look good. So just a little advice to you ladies with drains on or on top of your lady part, when you go in to have your drains removed make sure you are wearing a pad. When they pull those drains out some of that fluid comes out too and will make a mess of your panties. I am more than happy to be drain free and so happy I don't have to worry about emptying them out. At my last visit my doctor took the tape off my tummy but left it on my breasts. That hurt like hell and made it bleed some. He told me to put neosporin on it and cover it up with gauze and that is what I have been doing. Today however, he took the tape off my breasts and gave me a serum to put on both the tummy and breasts two times a day instead of the neosprin. I'm feeling super loose after I take my shower and walk straighter and taller then. I just want my normal life back. You really don't appreciate what you have until it's gone. Meaning your complete independence. Well I'm going to go now.

Have a great night everyone.


Hi ladies! Happy Easter/Resurrection Day and for those who don't celebrate, Happy Sunday!!!!

So my latest side effect of this surgery is super PEELING skin. At first I thought it was maybe residue from the tape or some sort of glue. For maybe the last 3 days or so when I'm taking a shower and rubbing my body I kept feeling little rolled up pieces of skin. I didn't know it was skin. Then when I would get out of the shower and dry off and rub my serum and neosporin on I'd still feel those little rolled up balls. Now after all this time, I'm realizing that it is skin. Duh!!!! There can't be that much tape or glue in the world! So this morning I went to the grocery store to do a little bit of shopping and came home to cook breakfast. This was the first time since surgery or before surgery that I have cooked and I was fine to do so. I got on the scale at the grocery store this morning to see how much I weighed and was not surprised to see that I have dropped 3 lbs. I kept telling the husband that my arms and legs look skinny. Keep in mind I love working out and do boot camp at least 3-4 times a week so I know how thick my body is normally. His stupid response was "babe that's the fat and skin he removed from you" I wanted to slap him because I was trying to explain to him how I can look at myself and tell otherwise. To you that work out is this something that you have experienced as well or am I still slightly off mentally? LOL! My breasts are starting to look like they are coming together my tummy is flat but the scar is rippled on the ends which concerns me some. My doctor told me that it will smooth out once the internal sutures split. I understand the concept but why don't any of you guys have the rippling effect? Also I feel 200 times better today than I felt last week. I guess once my healing process is over with the week of hell will be worth it. My lady part is still puffy, will it get normal again, I don't like how fat it is. I see some of you are walking 2&3 miles a day, I'm going to try and walk 1 tomorrow so that I keep my endurance up.

Well GIRLIES, I'm going to bed, good night!

Back to Life, Back to Reality.

So tomorrow is going to be my 1st day back to work. I hope it goes smoothly. I was out all day today and was exhausted by the time I got home. I went to by some other tummy control garment because I've been wearing the one they gave me at the hospital. I called my doctor's office today to see what they recommend and they told me that they just got theirs in. So I went there to see what they had and bought a bra and ordered a one piece garment. It was a good thing I went because I pointed out to them that I had a stitch that was sticking me and hurting so they pulled it out and clipped it. She told me to stop wearing the hospital garment because it is not made for curves, which I have apparently, because it was pushing down on my stitches. In the meantime I bought some spanx to wear until my garment gets here for Friday. I went to the salon to get my hair and eyebrows done and was just all over the place. I got sooooo many compliments all day long even though at times I was bent over walking. Everyone wanted to touch my boobs because they loved the way they looked. So far the results are starting to make me kinda happy.

Well ladies, I hate to cut it short but this sleep aid is kicking in. Good Night !!!!!!

Guess who's Bizzack!!!!

Ok ladies, I'm almost at the point of not regretting or hating the process. I look good! I've been back to work for the last week and won't lie, the first day back was soooo hard. I was exhausted and over it after being there for about 3 hours. As the days went on it has been a lot better. I noticed that if I sit too long that I get stiff and have to make myself stand straighter. I still miss working out but am not in a rush. I have started feeling more energetic too because I've been taking my vitamins on the regular. I do swell in my tummy after work and feel really bloated at the end of the day. I have a post op appointment on Friday but everything seems to be going well. I'm not in pain but my boobs do ache a little bit sometimes. I notice if I over eat now I feel like I'm about to pop, that is the most uncomfortable thing that I have to deal with as of recently. I am not moving as slow as I was last week I'm getting back to normal day by day.

Well that's all folks! Ttyl.

Happy with my results!

So I went to the doctor the other day for a post op appointment. I did the cavitation, which I can't explain but they said I needed it so I did it. My doctor told me I look amazing and that I have a tiny waist. I am getting happier by the day with my results. I got the ok to start working out so next week I'm going to try and ease myself back into working out. I will go back in about 3 weeks for another post op visit. I'm wondering now if I can start some sort of silicone sheets. Does anyone know or recommend them. I'm posting some pictures I took this morning to show you what my progression is looking like.


West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

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