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I was born with pretty small mouth and thin lips....

I was born with pretty small mouth and thin lips. I tried fillers. Definitely wasn't worth it, they are very expensive and painful. The results weren't great either and lasted two months tops. So I am scheduled for a lip implant surgery. I met with Dr. Vinas and we discussed putting the largest implant 5mm in both upper and lower lip. I am really excited! I don't care if I will slightly feel them, I just want them to look good. My surgery is next month. I will write an update afterwards.

I got the lips!!!

I had my lip implant surgery today!! I was able to get it done sooner because I decided to opt out of the surgery center and instead had it done at Dr. Vinas's office. It saved me $1,149!

The procedure itself was way better than I expected. First the nurse gave me multiple numbing shots, which really hardly hurt, then Dr. Vinas came in and we started. I think the surgery itself took about 20 minutes. I didn't feel any pain, just a lot of pulling and pressure.

In about half an hour I started feeling some pain which significantly escalated over the next hour. I would say on the scale from 1 to 10 it is 8. The lower part of my face hurts pretty much everywhere including lower teeth and tongue. Dr. Vinas gave me some prescription painkillers and even with them I am in pretty bad pain. I wonder if I even be able to sleep tonight. I try not to open my mouth too much, but I was able to have some mac&cheese for dinner. So far I am swollen, so it is hard to tell what it will end up looking like. But I am happy already. Dr. Vinas said my lips should get about 150% larger than before. Anything is better than what I had. So I am very excited to see the results. I took a photo of myself so everyone could see the progress.

The next day

So today is the day after the surgery. Pain is so much better. I think there is less swelling too. I cover my lips with vaseline and antibiotic ointment. Posting photo.

Day 5

I feel even better. Lips look okay just bruised. I hope they don't get any smaller. This is the exact size that I wanted. Overall, I am very happy so far. I cannot feel the implant, but the lips are harder than they used to be. I guess there is still might be some swelling. Posting a photo.

Almost a week later

I am doing great. Except for bruising my lips look awesome. I am going to see Dr. Vinas tomorrow for my post op consult. Maybe he will remove the stitches. I forgot to ask if they are the kind that dissolves. Posting today's photos.

Day 9

Posting a new photo. Overall very happy. Saw Dr. Vinas yesterday. Everything is heeling well. Stitches will dissolve themselves. My sensations are coming back.

Day 11

I am still very happy. My upper lip is slightly uneven, but this is not the implant's fault. I think it was uneven before, just not as noticeable since my lips were too small to even notice. I am pretty happy with the size. Of course, if it was possible I would make them even larger, but I went with a 5mm implant. There is no larger one. Overall, extremely happy. Stitches are starting to come out. I think 50% of them are already gone. I have all my sensations back and lips got a bit softer than they were few days ago. Posting a today's photo.

19 days after

So it has been 19 days since my surgery. I am still extremely happy!! I can smile the way I did before. The implant is not restricting any movements. I can eat anything I want and all stitches are gone. I cannot feel the implant with my tongue but the lips do feel harder when I touch them with my finger. Not a problem for me at all. I think they look awesome. Everyone tells me how great I look! No one knows about the implants :))
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vinas has great attitude and he is a very friendly doctor. I love my lip results, and that is all that matters.

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