22 Years Old, 5'2 107 Pounds - West Palm Beach, FL

I finally met a doctor I liked today. He suggested...

I finally met a doctor I liked today. He suggested 320 high profile saline. I would love if anyone could give me advice because I don't want to be too big. I am 5'2 107 pounds. The last doctor I went to made me try on 250 and 275 and I felt very comfortable with that size. I love this doctor but he keeps telling me women always regret not going bigger. I am currently a 34 b, before my weight loss I was a 34 C.

high profile vs moderate plus

My left breast is a bit bigger and lower than my right. I also don't have a lot of breast tissue. I don't want to look fake. He suggested high profile because I am narrow with not much breast tissue but should I do moderate plus instead?
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